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Top Cyber Friends Quotes

Cyber Friends Quotes By Ted Cruz

Over the last years we've seen the consequences of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy. Leading from behind is a disaster. We have abandoned and alienated our friends and allies, and our enemies are stronger. Radical Islam is on the rise, Iran's on the verge of acquiring a nuclear weapon, China is waging cyber warfare against America. — Ted Cruz

Cyber Friends Quotes By David Chiles

Show your netiquette, to become cyber friends with those you have met, on the internet. — David Chiles

Cyber Friends Quotes By Ingrid Michaelson

Kids can be cruel enough as it is, but cyber bullying or you're on Instagram and see your friends are all somewhere and you're not there. Then it's like, "Why am I not there?" Girls are using apps to change the way their faces look so the look quote-unquote perfect and beautiful. I feel like kids these days, it's gotta be just a big ball of anxiety. — Ingrid Michaelson

Cyber Friends Quotes By Ashley Jackson

Its funny when I'm cyber bullied(anonymously) because when people do it to me,I don't think of how much I want to hurt them or punch them in the face like my friends do ... but I go on this site and write a quote to them back, hoping to kill them with kindness. — Ashley Jackson