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Top Cute Young Love Quotes

Cute Young Love Quotes By Diana Wynne Jones

If you must know, I-I had never in my life kissed a young lady, and you are far too beautiful to me to want to get it wrong! — Diana Wynne Jones

Cute Young Love Quotes By A.J. Young

Frowning I playfully blow a fresh handful of bubbles at him as we walks back out, laughing over his shoulder at me. — A.J. Young

Cute Young Love Quotes By James Jones

All right, he thought, okay; if thats the way it is; a savagery of anger in him now at the picture. They call them "pin-up girls" and think its cute how "our boys," now that they're drafted, love to hang them in their wall lockers. And then close up all the whorehouses, every place they can, so our young men will not be contaminated. — James Jones

Cute Young Love Quotes By Jennifer E. Smith

They were just so different, and she kept wondering if he'd realize this was a mistake at some point; if, once she stopped being the novelty, the random American, he would recognize who she really was -- a nerdy bookworm, a happy loner -- and move on. — Jennifer E. Smith

Cute Young Love Quotes By Moira Young

You look at me with them eyes of yers, an I look at yer lips ... an all I can think about is what it'ud be like to kiss you. — Moira Young

Cute Young Love Quotes By Moira Young

You got no idea, do you? You got no idea how beautiful you are. — Moira Young

Cute Young Love Quotes By Katherine Pine

Great. Men affectionately attacked me with sticks to show their admiration. — Katherine Pine

Cute Young Love Quotes By Kathryn James

So, we're not enemies anymore?" She said.
"I never said I wanted to be, believe me. When I saw you sitting in your own, eating lunch, all I wanted to do was fool around and make you smile." He shot her a shy glance. — Kathryn James

Cute Young Love Quotes By Richelle Mead

Wow," said Adrian. He sat down on the bed and tested its bounciness, giving it a nod of approval. "This is amazing. What do you think, buttercup?"
"I have no words," I said honestly.
He patted the spot beside him. "Want to try it out? — Richelle Mead

Cute Young Love Quotes By Jonathan Franzen

You can all supply your own favorite, most nauseating examples of the commodification of love. Mine include the wedding industry, TV ads that feature cute young children or the giving of automobiles as Christmas presents, and the particularly grotesque equation of diamond jewelry with everlasting devotion. The message, in each case, is that if you love somebody you should buy stuff. A related phenomenon is the ongoing transformation, courtesy of Facebook, of the verb 'to like' from a state of mind to an action that you perform with your computer mouse: from a feeling to an assertion of consumer choice. And liking, in general, is commercial culture's substitution for loving. — Jonathan Franzen