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Top Cubism Quotes

Cubism Quotes By Leon Trotsky

City of prose and fantasy, of capitalist automation, its streets a triumph of cubism, its moral philosophy that of the dollar. New York impressed me tremendously because, more than any other city, it is the fullest expression of our modern age. — Leon Trotsky

Cubism Quotes By Jacques Lipchitz

Cubism is like standing at a certain point on a mountain and looking around. If you go higher, things will look different; if you go lower, again they will look different. It is a point of view. — Jacques Lipchitz

Cubism Quotes By Anna Quindlen

Raising a child is a little like Picasso's work; in the beginning he did very conventional representational things. Cubism came after he had the rules down pat. — Anna Quindlen

Cubism Quotes By Pablo Picasso

When we discovered cubism, we did not have the aim of discovering cubism. We only wanted to express what was in us. — Pablo Picasso

Cubism Quotes By J.G. Ballard

The surrealists, and the modern movement in painting as a whole, seemed to offer a key to the strange postwar world with its threat of nuclear war. The dislocations and ambiguities, in cubism and abstract art as well as the surrealists, reminded me of my childhood in Shanghai. — J.G. Ballard

Cubism Quotes By Leonard Lauder

I happen to like Precisionism. It talks to me because I collect Cubism. — Leonard Lauder

Cubism Quotes By Pablo Picasso

Cubism is not a reality you can take in your hand. It's more like a perfume, in front of you, behind you, to the sides, the scent is everywhere but you don't quite know where it comes from. — Pablo Picasso

Cubism Quotes By Mary Rakow

Maybe Cubism started this way. Memory re-arranging a face. — Mary Rakow

Cubism Quotes By Willem De Kooning

Every so often, a painter has to destroy painting. Cezanne did it, Picasso did it with Cubism. Then Pollock did it. He busted our idea of a picture all to hell. Then there could be new paintings again. — Willem De Kooning

Cubism Quotes By Alfred H. Barr Jr.

As a movement Cubism had consistently stopped short of complete abstraction. Heretics such as Delaunay had painted pure abstractions but in so doing had deserted Cubism. — Alfred H. Barr Jr.

Cubism Quotes By Alfred H. Barr Jr.

The non-geometric biomorphic forms of Arp and Miro and Moore are definitely in the ascendant. The formal tradition of Gauguin, Fauvism and Expressionism will probably dominate for some time to come the tradition of Cezanne and Cubism. — Alfred H. Barr Jr.

Cubism Quotes By Marcel Duchamp

When cubism began to take a social form, Metzinger was especially talked about. He explained cubism, while Picasso never explained anything. It took a few years to see that not talking was better than talking too much. — Marcel Duchamp

Cubism Quotes By Georges Braque

What greatly attracted me - and it was the main line of advance of Cubism - was how to give material expression to this new space of which I had an inkling. So I began to paint chiefly still lifes, because in nature there is a tactile, I would almost say a manual space ... that was the earliest Cubist painting - the quest for space. — Georges Braque

Cubism Quotes By Jasper Johns

Cubism is an anatomical chart of a way of seeing external objects. But I want to confuse the meaning of the act of looking. — Jasper Johns

Cubism Quotes By Mark Tobey

There has been 32 isms since the advent of cubism, yet after all there are essentially the same two old strings, the Romantic and the Classical. We've just be confused by the storm. Science and psychology have played a great part to say nothing of sex. — Mark Tobey

Cubism Quotes By Pablo Picasso

The goal I proposed myself in making cubism? To paint and nothing more ... with a method linked only to my thought ... Neither the good nor the true; neither the useful nor the useless. — Pablo Picasso

Cubism Quotes By Paul Cezanne

Art is a harmony parallel with nature — Paul Cezanne

Cubism Quotes By Marc Chagall

No academy could have given me all I discovered by getting my teeth into the exhibitions, the shop windows, and the museums of Paris . Beginning with the market - where, for lack of money, I bought only a piece of a long cucumber - the workman in his blue overall, the most ardent followers of Cubism , everything showed a definite feeling for proportion, clarity, an accurate sense of form, of a more painterly kind of painting, even in the canvases of second-rate artists. — Marc Chagall

Cubism Quotes By John Fowles

I hate people who collect things and classify things and give them names and then forget all about them. That's what people are always doing in art. They call a painter an impressionist or a cubist or something and then they put him in a drawer and don't see him as a living individual painter any more. — John Fowles

Cubism Quotes By Georges Braque

If I have called Cubism a new order, it is without any revolutionary ideas or any reactionary ideas ... One cannot escape from one's own epoch, however revolutionary one may be. — Georges Braque

Cubism Quotes By Pablo Picasso

The fact that for a long time Cubism has not been understood and that even today there are people who cannot see anything in it means nothing. I do not read English, an English book is a blank book to me. This does not mean that the English language does not exist. Why should I blame anyone but myself if I cannot understand what I know nothing about? -Pablo Picasso. — Pablo Picasso

Cubism Quotes By Walter Darby Bannard

No high-minded painter of the last fifty years has been able to come to terms with his art without coming to terms with the problem of cubism. — Walter Darby Bannard

Cubism Quotes By Rebecca Miller

I was trained to look at colour, edges, to see negative space. I honestly think my greatest influence as a writer is from Cubism - the idea of a multi-faceted, multi-perspective way of looking at things. — Rebecca Miller

Cubism Quotes By Gertrude Stein

Cubism is a part of the daily life in Spain, it is in Spanish architecture. The architecture of other countries aleays follows the line of the landscape ... but Spanish architecture always cuts the lines of the landscape. — Gertrude Stein

Cubism Quotes By David Hockney

I think cubism has not fully been developed. It is treated like a style, pigeonholed and that's it. — David Hockney

Cubism Quotes By Piet Mondrian

Cubism did not accept the logical consequences of its own discoveries; it was not developing abstraction towards its own goal, the expression of pure reality. — Piet Mondrian

Cubism Quotes By Robert Lyn Nelson

Cubism is fascinating to me. I love trying to figure it out. It's just a different way of seeing ... I think there are many avenues that haven't been explored yet. — Robert Lyn Nelson

Cubism Quotes By Laurie Halse Anderson

Cubism. Seeing beyond what is on the surface. Moving both eyes and a nose to the side of the face. Dicing bodies and tables and guitars as if they were celery sticks, and rearranging them so that you have to really see them to see them. — Laurie Halse Anderson

Cubism Quotes By Harrison Birtwistle

I think music has gone through a period of something very severe, rather radical, rather the way painting did with cubism. — Harrison Birtwistle

Cubism Quotes By Francis Picabia

Cubism is a Cathedral of shit. — Francis Picabia

Cubism Quotes By David Hockney

Cubism was an attack on the perspective that had been known and used for 500 years. It was the first big, big change. It confused people: they said, 'Things don't look like that!' — David Hockney

Cubism Quotes By M. Fethullah Gulen

But no matte what kind of an understanding is adopted, whether associated with positivism, which asserts that the truth can only be reached by trial and error, or rationalism, which asserts that everything can be explained and grasped by reason, whether the perspective of romanticism, which overemphasizes imagination and sensitivity, or an approach based on ardent naturalism, whether based on realism, which aims to describe everything as it is including its shortcomings, or a curiosity-raising approach such as surrealism, whether idealism, which asserts that there is nothing real but ideas, or cubism, which asserts that there is nothing real but instead of direct description, or some other such current or perspective, that is not true poetry. — M. Fethullah Gulen

Cubism Quotes By Neville Weston

The autonomy of art that emerged through Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Mondrian, and the Russian Constructivism had seen painting develop independent of imitations or decoration, and so the content of art became much closer to that of music. — Neville Weston

Cubism Quotes By Marshall McLuhan

Cubism ('multi-locationalism') is one of the painterly forms of acoustic space. — Marshall McLuhan

Cubism Quotes By Joseph Plaskett

Cubism came about because, in the process of analyzing form, something that lay in the form, a plane, could be lifted out to float on its own ... — Joseph Plaskett

Cubism Quotes By Brad Holland

Cubism is still the most important art movement for the same reason that John D. is still the most important Rockefeller. — Brad Holland

Cubism Quotes By Will Advise

As an evil cultist, I make an excellent evil cultist. Only I'm stupid, and not evil. And I worship nothing, really. — Will Advise

Cubism Quotes By David Hockney

Until cubism, all art, all pictures, could be 'read' by anybody. If this hadn't been so, the Christian message wouldn't have been seen by peasants and its importance would have been diminished. — David Hockney

Cubism Quotes By Octavio Paz

Cubism had been an analysis of the object and an attempt to put it before us in its totality; both as analysis and as synthesis, it was a criticism of appearance. Surrealism transmuted the object, and suddenly a canvas became an apparition: a new figuration, a real transfiguration. — Octavio Paz

Cubism Quotes By Georges Braque

If we had never met Picasso, would Cubism have been what it is? I think not. The meeting with Picasso was a circumstance in our lives. — Georges Braque

Cubism Quotes By Max Jacob

Cubism is ... a picture for its own sake.
Literary Cubism does the same thing in literature, using reality merely as a means and not as an end. — Max Jacob

Cubism Quotes By Yves Saint-Laurent

Seeing Cubism paintings at the Beaubourg makes me very happy and also old films. — Yves Saint-Laurent

Cubism Quotes By LeRoy C. Breunig

It is a pity that no one in Paris bothered to quote Coleridge, who wrote, long before cubism, that the true poet is able to reduce 'succession to an instant.' Simultaneity in this sense is the property of all great poetry. — LeRoy C. Breunig

Cubism Quotes By Theodore Sturgeon

We walked out of there, and for the first time I felt the mood of a night without feeling that an author was ramming it down my throat for story purposes. I looked at the clean-swept, star-reaching cubism of the Radio City area and its living snakes of neon, and I suddenly thought of an Evelyn Smith story the general idea of which was "After they found out the atom bomb was magic, the rest of the magicians who enchanted refrigerators and washing machines and the telephone system came out into the open." I felt a breath of wind and wondered what it was that had breathed. I heard the snoring of the city and for an awesome second felt it would roll over, open its eyes, and ... speak. — Theodore Sturgeon

Cubism Quotes By Tracey Emin

Most people don't do something seminal. I've done it twice: with my tent and my bed. Picasso did it with Cubism. — Tracey Emin

Cubism Quotes By Daniel Pinkwater

The activities of these parasites and degenerates gave rise to Cubism, Fauvism, Futurism, Pointillism, Constructivism, Orphism, Surrealism, Dada, and also Impossibleism, Supersurrealism, Dynamic Double-Dog Realism, Ishkabibbleism, and Mama, which is like Dada only nicer. — Daniel Pinkwater

Cubism Quotes By David Hockney

Modernism in a way, early modernism, for instance, in pictures, was turning against perspective and Europe . And all early modernism is actually from out of Europe, when you think of cubism is African, is looking at Africa, Matisse is looking at the arabesque, Oceania. Europe was the optical projection that had become photography, that had become film, that became television and it conquered the world. — David Hockney

Cubism Quotes By Juan Gris

Cubism is not a manner but an aesthetic, and even a state of mind; it is therefore inevitably connected with every manifestation of contemporary thought. It is possible to invent a technique or a manner independently, but one cannot invent the whole complexity of a state of mind. — Juan Gris