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Top Cricket Team Quotes

Cricket Team Quotes By Rahul Dravid

I was lucky in my early years to play for a Karnataka team that was trying to forge itself into a strong side, and they were years of fun and learning. In the Indian team, I was fortunate to be part of a wonderful era when India played some of its finest cricket at home and abroad. — Rahul Dravid

Cricket Team Quotes By Simon Barnes

There are three great international team sports in Australia: cricket, rugby (two codes), and Pom-bashing. But the greatest of these is the last, and it is time we prepared ourselves for the greatest celebration of Pom-bashing since Bodyline, the 1930s cricket tour that became an international incident. That one rankles to this day and is otherwise known as the longest whinge in sporting history. — Simon Barnes

Cricket Team Quotes By Imtiaz Ali

I was complexed and awkward that I was good for nothing and was always lying. I would lie to my school friends that I was a stud in my colony and to my colony friends that I was a stud in the school cricket and football teams, though I was in no team. — Imtiaz Ali

Cricket Team Quotes By Bill Hicks

So I'm over there in England, you know, trying to get news about the [L.A.] riots ... and all these Brit people are trying to sympathize with me ... 'Oh Bill, crime is horrible. Bill, if it's any consolation crime is horrible here, too.' ... Shutup. This is Hobbitown and I am Bilbo Hicks, Okay? This is a land of fairies and elves. You do not have crime like we have crime, but I appreciate you trying to be, you know, Diplomatic. You gotta see English crime. It's hilarious, you don't know if you're reading the front page or the comic section over there. I swear to God. I read an article - front page of the paper - one day, in England: 'Yesterday, some Hooligans knocked over a dustbin in Shafsbry.' Wooooo ... 'The hooligans are loose! The hooligans are loose! What if they become roughians? I would hate to be a dustbin in Shafsbry tonight. — Bill Hicks

Cricket Team Quotes By Michael Clarke

England are playing fantastic cricket at the moment, they have a great team and I know all the Aussies are looking forward to getting over there. We'll be doing everything in our power to get over there and win every game if possible. — Michael Clarke

Cricket Team Quotes By Sachin Tendulkar

As far as the World Cup is concerned, it is a process. We don't want to jump to the 50th floor straight away. We must start on the ground floor. — Sachin Tendulkar

Cricket Team Quotes By Glenn Turner

You can get too close as a team. You need time away from each other. You change in the same dressing room, you play on the same cricket field, you stay in the same hotel, you travel in the same planes and buses. C'mon - this business of everyone holding hands and being pally is nonsense. — Glenn Turner

Cricket Team Quotes By Sachin Tendulkar

Isn't cricket supposed to be a team sport? I feel people should decide first whether cricket is a team game or an individual sport. — Sachin Tendulkar

Cricket Team Quotes By Anonymous

Are you alone?" "No, I've got the local cricket team with me ready to have hot sex on your kitchen table. — Anonymous

Cricket Team Quotes By Richard Lloyd Parry

Cricket is a team game where individuals inspire each other to achieve performances which surpass what might otherwise be beyond them. — Richard Lloyd Parry

Cricket Team Quotes By Sourav Ganguly

I will keep playing domestic cricket. I feel I am good enough to get back into the Indian team, and playing domestic cricket is the only way out. So I will keep playing. — Sourav Ganguly

Cricket Team Quotes By Sunil Gavaskar

Why talk of the team when our Cricket Board is like an exclusive club with members being there for years on end? If they can stay on without performing, the players too feel they can stay in the team without too big a performance. — Sunil Gavaskar

Cricket Team Quotes By Dave Wilson

In 2011 India's Test team was crowned as world cricket's leading side for the first time in its history. The foundations for this global domination can be traced to a decade earlier, when a career-defining performance by VVS Laxman helped to turn a whole series on its head as India, in the face of a seemingly unassailable deficit, staged an unbelievable recovery to go on and overpower what many considered to be the finest cricket team ever assembled. — Dave Wilson

Cricket Team Quotes By Andy Pick

A chance, as a coach, to take a team to the World Cup finals is probably as high up the tree as it gets, certainly with one-day cricket. — Andy Pick

Cricket Team Quotes By Satya Nadella

I think playing cricket taught me more about working in teams and leadership that has stayed with me throughout my career. — Satya Nadella

Cricket Team Quotes By David Liss

Yes, I know this narrative is crowded with beautiful women - Mrs. Pearson, Mrs. Maycott, Mrs. Lavien, Mrs. Bingham. We might form a cricket team of beautiful women. I cannot help it if they are the ones who excite my notice and so trouble myself to describe. — David Liss

Cricket Team Quotes By BBC

Kaneria has competed in more than 50 Test series [sic] for Pakistan during his career. — BBC

Cricket Team Quotes By Andrew Strauss

Glenn McGrath had a reasonable career in Australia. — Andrew Strauss

Cricket Team Quotes By Sanath Jayasuriya

I want to convey a message to the Sri Lankan government that they should seriously consider sending Sri Lankan Cricket Team to Pakistan. — Sanath Jayasuriya

Cricket Team Quotes By James Anderson

Rob Green needed to get the long barrier out, didn't he? — James Anderson

Cricket Team Quotes By Craig Matthews

I don't think we choked this time. We never played well enough to choke. — Craig Matthews

Cricket Team Quotes By Waqar Younis

I am happy that we are not favorites. To be very honest it's big pressure of being favorites. We were not favorites last time (in 2011) too but we played excellent cricket. Similarly this time, there are teams which play on those bouncy wickets like Australia and South Africa, and are probably bigger favorites than us. But we hope that with the type of resources we have we can do well. — Waqar Younis

Cricket Team Quotes By Andrew Strauss

He has played some outstanding innings in the past, and I've got no [sic] confidence whatsoever that he'll come back and play very well in the near future. — Andrew Strauss

Cricket Team Quotes By Lawrence Booth

Shafiul's English, it must be said, is limited (although as one wag pointed out, not as limited as his interrogators' Bengali). So when he was asked whether he had deliberately tried to disrupt Trott's elongated guard-taking procedure by aborting his own run-up, he insisted there had been no plan. Pushed moments later on whether [Jamie] Siddons had spoken to the team about the need to disrupt Trott's elongated guard-taking process, Shafiul nodded jubilantly. We were left none the wiser. — Lawrence Booth

Cricket Team Quotes By Michael Clarke

This gentleman here, Michael Hussey, is just an absolute freak. — Michael Clarke

Cricket Team Quotes By James Runcie

I was wondering about the origin of the word hat trick. Where does it come from? Cricket doesn't have much to do with hats, does it?' 'I think it was at Sheffield's Hyde Park ground in 1858. An All-England cricket team was engaged in a cricket match against the Hallam XI. During the match, H.H. Stephenson of the All-England XI took three wickets in three balls. As was customary at the time for rewarding outstanding sporting feats, a collection was made. The proceeds were used to buy a white hat, which was duly presented to the bowler.' 'And was Stephenson grateful?' 'History is, I fear, silent on this important subject, Geordie. But Mr Ali's hat trick certainly made our own little contribution to cricketing statistics.' 'Although — James Runcie

Cricket Team Quotes By Greg Chappell

I have seen some terrifically exciting changes with young players coming into the squad which is reinvigorated. The older players and the whole group has been refreshed by the youth and enthusiasm that has come into the team. I think that has been misunderstood and misrepresented in certain quarters to the detriment of Indian cricket. — Greg Chappell

Cricket Team Quotes By Harbhajan Singh

I have entered the sports equipment business with 'Bhajji Sports.' I am applying for ICC clearance so that cricket bats with 'Bhajji Sports' logos could be used for international matches. In domestic circuit, the Punjab team is already wearing Bhajji Sports dresses for the Ranji Trophy matches. — Harbhajan Singh

Cricket Team Quotes By Richard Williams

Every few years, in the world of sport, someone ascends to the most rarefied of all levels - the one at which it becomes news not when they win, but when they lose. It must have been like that in the early Fifties, when a tubby Italian called Alberto Ascari was stitching together nine Grand Prix wins in a row, a record not even Fangio, Clark or Senna could match. Or when the great Real Madrid side of Alfredo Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas won the first five European Cup finals, between 1956 and 1960. Or when Martina Navratilova dominated Wimbledon's Centre Court, winning nine ladies' singles titles in thirteen years. The current Australian cricket team is in just such a run at present, having just completed nine consecutive victories, putting them four wins away from establishing an all-time record. And then there is Tiger Woods. — Richard Williams

Cricket Team Quotes By Paul Collingwood

We're not going to get carried away. Well, we are going to for the next couple of days! — Paul Collingwood

Cricket Team Quotes By Keith Stael

Perhaps it is the fate of all great sporting performances to be forgotten somewhat if the team eventually loses. Would we care overly about VVS Laxman's 281 or Ian Botham's 149 without the efforts of Harbhajan Singh and Bob Willis who turned these great feats from potentially heroic failures to match-winning epics? — Keith Stael

Cricket Team Quotes By Jeffrey Archer

I feel I have had a very interesting life, but I am rather hoping there is still more to come. I still haven't captained the England cricket team, or sung at Carnegie Hall! — Jeffrey Archer

Cricket Team Quotes By Stephen Fry

Supporting the English cricket team is like supporting a second division football team. I support Norwich City football team and when they lose I really don't mind because I expect them to; but when we win I'm so happy - much happier than any Arsenal supporter could ever be. — Stephen Fry

Cricket Team Quotes By Michael Clarke

There's a lot of good things about England, but I don't want to tell you too many of them. — Michael Clarke

Cricket Team Quotes By Rahul Dravid

Even if my grandchildren don't remember the fact that I scored 10,000 runs in Test and ODI cricket, I am confident that they will remember that Sachin Tendulkar used to be my team-mate. — Rahul Dravid

Cricket Team Quotes By Virat Kohli

No cricket team in the world depends on one or two players. The team always plays to win. — Virat Kohli

Cricket Team Quotes By Yuvraj Singh

No matter what people say, about what I did, about what I am like ... They say you are not dedicated or hardworking. A lot of people say things about me, but they don't realise I have played 250 games. It's not like you just land up in the team, sit down and play 250 games. You can't survive like that in international cricket. — Yuvraj Singh

Cricket Team Quotes By Geoffrey Boycott

The Aussies have spent so much time basking in the glory of the last generation that they have forgotten to plan for this one. It's just like the West Indies again; once their great names from the 1970s and 80s retired, the whole thing fell apart.

The way things are going, the next Ashes series cannot come too quickly for England. What a shame that we have to wait until 2013 to play this lot again. — Geoffrey Boycott

Cricket Team Quotes By Peter Moore

The doors had a peephole, and periodically an Iranian guard would look through and choose who he would let in. It was a bit like waiting to be picked for a sports team at school. You stand there trying to look as useful as possible to the two kids lucky enough to have been chosen as captains. If they were picking you for footy you tried to look as tough as possible. For basketball, you tried to look as tall as possible. For cricket, as long-suffering and patient as possible. That day, every time the guard looked through the peephole, I tried to look as un-Great Satan-like as I could. — Peter Moore

Cricket Team Quotes By Rahul Dravid

My approach to cricket has been reasonably simple: it was about giving everything to the team, it was about playing with dignity and it was about upholding the spirit of the game. I hope I have done some of that. I have failed at times, but I have never stopped trying. It is why I leave with sadness but also with pride. — Rahul Dravid

Cricket Team Quotes By Peter Roebuck

Indian cricket, and the youngsters themselves, are dealing with issues inconceivable a few summers ago. Riches and all the attendant temptations are thrown at them before they have started shaving regularly. It's not their fault. It's no one's fault. That is the marketplace. Inevitably, though, it can distract attention from the long struggle towards mastery. Cricket does not give itself away; it expects players to apply themselves, to think and study and seek. It plays tricks, too, pretends that sixes and slower balls and the other shortcuts matter. Cricket sets traps, flatters players and calls them kings when they are barely princes. — Peter Roebuck

Cricket Team Quotes By Richie Benaud

Any captain can only do his best for the team and for cricket. When you are winning, you are a hero. Lose, and the backslappers fade away. — Richie Benaud

Cricket Team Quotes By Gautam Gambhir

The face of the team are the people who're playing on the cricket field. The team is not about one individual. — Gautam Gambhir

Cricket Team Quotes By Virat Kohli

I don't really focus on these things - on what tags are given to me or what people think of me off the field - stuff like that. My main focus is always to do well on the field for the Indian cricket team. When people say good things about me off the field, I am more than happy to accept them. — Virat Kohli

Cricket Team Quotes By Monique Roffey

While I am most at home in London, I cannot really label myself as either British or Trinidadian. I write in the English language and live in the U.K. I find it hard to say that I am an entirely British writer, especially when I supported Trinidad in the 2006 World Cup and also support the West Indies cricket team. — Monique Roffey

Cricket Team Quotes By Lawrence Booth

The captains of England and Australia can barely exchange pleasantries these days without a body-language expert immediately declaiming on the angle of their handshakes. — Lawrence Booth

Cricket Team Quotes By Ricky Ponting

I guess we speak pretty loosely, don't we, about looking forward to the Ashes and all that - and we are, but it's not with both eyes. We've got one eye on that and one eye on what we need to get in place to make sure we're the best team we can be for November. — Ricky Ponting

Cricket Team Quotes By Tom Fordyce

Yardy doing a good job out there - 1-14 off his five overs so far - but Bangla are letting this drift. The bowling is there to attack, but they're as passive as sleeping sloths at the mo. — Tom Fordyce

Cricket Team Quotes By John Arlott

Cricket is a most precarious profession; it is called a team game but, in fact, no one is so lonely as a batsman facing a bowler supported by ten fieldsmen and observed by two umpires to ensure that his error does not go unpunished. — John Arlott

Cricket Team Quotes By Rhys Bowen

It had been unusually hot all summer. Ben Cresswell could feel the sun scorching his thighs through his cricket whites as he sat on the clubhouse veranda, waiting for his turn at bat. Colonel Huntley sat beside him, mopping his red and sweaty face. He was wearing pads because he was next up at bat. He wasn't as good a batsman as Ben, but he was team captain, and in village cricket, seniority often took precedence over ability. Only — Rhys Bowen