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Top Cowardly Dog Quotes

Cowardly Dog Quotes By Ragnar Redbeard

He who turns the other cheek is a cowardly dog
a Christian dog. — Ragnar Redbeard

Cowardly Dog Quotes By Allen Wheelis

People may indeed be treated as objects and may be profoundly affected thereby. Kick a dog often enough and he will become cowardly or vicious. People who are kicked undergo similar changes; their view of the world and of themselves is transformed ... People may indeed be brainwashed, for benign or exploitative reasons ...
If one's destiny is shaped by manipulation one has become more of an object, less of a subject, has lost freedom ...
If, however, one's destiny is shaped from within then one has become more of a creator, has gained freedom. This is self-transcendence, a process of change that originates in one's heart and expands outward ... begins with a vision of freedom, with an "I want to become ... ", with a sense of the potentiality to become what one is not. One gropes toward this vision in the dark, with no guide, no map, and no guarantee. Here one acts as subject, author, creator. — Allen Wheelis

Cowardly Dog Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

Free, open love I have looked upon as dog's love. Secret love is, besides, cowardly. — Mahatma Gandhi

Cowardly Dog Quotes By Robert Harris

A comrade who deserts a comrade is a cowardly dog, and all such dogs should die a dog's death, comrade - — Robert Harris

Cowardly Dog Quotes By Nora Roberts

Brenna's lorry wasn't parked in the street. The dog was nowhere to be seen. Apparently even Betty had deserted him in his hour of need. The only choice left was a quick and cowardly retreat. "What was I thinking?" he stopped short and clapped a hand to his forehead. "I'm supposed to be helping Aidan ... at the house. Slipped my mind."
As quickly as he could manage, he untangled his arm, gently nudging her hand away, as he might a puppy who was inclined to nip. Down, girl. "Things are always slipping my mind, so I don't suppose he'll be surprised that I'm late. — Nora Roberts