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Couples That Work Together Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

When woman work outside the home and share breadwinning duties, couples are more likely to stay together. In fact, the risk of divorce reduces by about half when a wife earns half the income and a husband does half the housework. — Sheryl Sandberg

Couples That Work Together Quotes By Carol Clark

Remember, couples come together out of an equal fear of intimacy. Our Enlightened Brains want to be intimate, but our Caveman Brains push against it, and so we search out pseudo-intimate relationships in an ultimately fruitless attempt to find true Connection. What's to be done? The Universe is always working for us and with us! Partners are the catalysts for each others' healing, growth, and spiritual evolution. We seek out, find, and love those people who cause us the most distress, but through our love we have this amazing opportunity to work on those barriers to intimacy that have prevented Connection. We can choose to heal the old traumas and live lives of incredible peace, spiritual prosperity, and enlightenment. — Carol Clark

Couples That Work Together Quotes By Matt Prokop

It's kind of sad that couples don't want to work together, it's like, 'Wow, you really don't like the person you're with?' I'd rather kiss her then some random person I just met — Matt Prokop

Couples That Work Together Quotes By Hannah Fry

The most successful relationships are ones with a really low negativity threshold. In those relationships, couples allow each other to complain, and work together to constantly repair the tiny issues between them. In such cases, couples don't bottle up their feelings, and little things don't end up being blown completely out of proportion. — Hannah Fry

Couples That Work Together Quotes By Dwayne Hickman

Some couples could not work together but we enjoy working on our projects and building our art business. — Dwayne Hickman

Couples That Work Together Quotes By Amy Dickinson

Couples who have been together for a long time say the key to staying together is to work as a team toward the greater good, tolerating some tough (even tragic) times to grow together and work toward a mature kind of union. — Amy Dickinson

Couples That Work Together Quotes By Melissa Bean

Married couples who work together to build and maintain a business assume broad responsibilities. Not only is their work important to our local and national economies, but their success is central to the well-being of their families. — Melissa Bean