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Top Corrupted Love Quotes

Corrupted Love Quotes By Astra Taylor

There was all this enthusiasm about amateurism and the idea that people could now just make videos in their bedroom, or blog news stories and share it online, and isn't this great? Now we can do it just for the love of it and not try to be professionals, corrupted by careerism. — Astra Taylor

Corrupted Love Quotes By Henry Taylor

Wisdom is corrupted by ambition, even when the quality of the ambition is intellectual. For ambition, even of this quality, is but a form of self-love ... — Henry Taylor

Corrupted Love Quotes By Gillian Shields

Love is the greatest power of all, and it can never be corrupted. — Gillian Shields

Corrupted Love Quotes By Jerry Pinto

I know I want to marry you. But I wish we were the first to ever get married. I cannot help feeling that the institution has been somewhat corrupted and corroded by the misuse of others. We could show them, by a beyootiful and myoochooal respect for each other, how things must be conducted.
Have I ever told you how much I love you? Well, darling, I am telling you now ... — Jerry Pinto

Corrupted Love Quotes By Reinhold Niebuhr

Goodness, armed with power, is corrupted; and pure love without power is destroyed. — Reinhold Niebuhr

Corrupted Love Quotes By Mikhail Bulgakov

Well, now,' the latter replied pensively, 'they're people like any other people ... they love money, but that has always been so ... Mankind loves money, whatever it's made of -leather, paper, bronze, gold. Well, they're light-minded ... well, what of it ... mercy sometimes knocks at their hearts ... ordinary people ... In general, reminiscent of the former ones ... only the housing problem has corrupted them ... ' Chapter 12 — Mikhail Bulgakov

Corrupted Love Quotes By Germaine Greer

The woman who realizes that she is bound by a million Lilliputian threads in an attitude of impotence and hatred masquerading as tranquility and love has no option but to run away, if she is not to be corrupted and extinguished utterly. — Germaine Greer

Corrupted Love Quotes By Walker Percy

Maybe there are times when an honest hatred serves us better than love corrupted by sentimentality, meretriciousness, sententiousness, cuteness. — Walker Percy

Corrupted Love Quotes By Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch

You have corrupted my imagination and inflamed my blood ... — Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch

Corrupted Love Quotes By Suzanne Collins

It's only now that he's been corrupted that I can fully appreciate the real Peeta. Even more than I would've if he'd died. The kindness, the steadiness, the warmth that had an unexpected heat behind it. Outside of Prim, my mother and Gale, how many people in the world love me unconditionally? I think in my case, the answer may be none.
Sometimes, when I'm alone, I take the pearl from where it lives in my pocket and try to remember the boy with the bread, the strong arms that warded off nightmares on the train, the kisses in the arena. To make myself put a name to the thing I've lost. But what's the use? It's gone. He's gone. Whatever existed between us is gone. All that's left is my promise to kill Snow. I tell myself this ten times a day. — Suzanne Collins

Corrupted Love Quotes By Steve Almond

I love men, the restlessness of their corrupted souls, the way they hide their heavy, murderous hearts, their sudden delicacies and small shocking acts of tenderness. — Steve Almond

Corrupted Love Quotes By Janvier Chouteu-Chando

The Romans construed Jesus Chris's crucifixion as a defeat, but what do we have today? Christianity triumphed. Jesus Christ never betrayed himself, he never betrayed his mission and he never corrupted the ideas that God wants us to live by. The Cameroonian soul is genuine. It is noble, and it embodies humaneness. There is no reason to try to kill it because it will triumph ultimately. — Janvier Chouteu-Chando

Corrupted Love Quotes By John Wiltshire

We are essence of love, and when we die that love returns to our Father. This angel's love was corrupted, so I believe my Father sent his essence elsewhere. Possible Detroit, but that my have just been a joke. — John Wiltshire

Corrupted Love Quotes By Lapo Elkann

I love Winston Churchill. I love the wisdom he had, the sagacity. I like people who are independent-minded. People who aren't part of clans or systems, who are talented and free, and able to do things without being corrupted by the system. — Lapo Elkann

Corrupted Love Quotes By Kitauna Roberts

I look at the world and through these innocent eyes, all I see is hatred and anger. Corrupting everything, ruining everything, but not preserving anything. What I should be seeing is respect, acceptance and love. But, if that was what these innocent eyes witnessed, they would be seeing and observing a lie. The people in this world are not respectful, theres barely any acceptance in this day and age, and love is an almost silent whisper, slowly fading. These innocent eyes, are now corrupted. No longer innocent as they should be. — Kitauna Roberts

Corrupted Love Quotes By Charles Kimball

Whatever religious people may say about their love of God or the mandates of their religion, when their behavior toward others is violent and destructive, when it causes suffering among their neighbors, you can be sure the religion has been corrupted and reform is desperately needed. — Charles Kimball

Corrupted Love Quotes By Terry Goodkind

You don't love me, Sebastian. You don't have any idea what love really is. You can't love anyone or anything until you love your own existence, first. Love can only grow out of a respect for your own life. When you love yourself, your own existence, then you love someone who can enhance your existence, share it with you, and make it more pleasurable. When you hate yourself and believe your existence is evil, then you can only hate, you can only experience the shell of love, that longing for something good, but you have nothing to base it in but hatred. You taint the very concept of love, Sebastian, with your corrupted longing for it. You want me only to justify your hatred, to be your partner in self-loathing. — Terry Goodkind

Corrupted Love Quotes By Ross Douthat

In this America, too, the Christian teaching that every human soul is unique and precious has been stressed, by the prophets of self-fulfillment and gurus of self-love, at the expense of the equally important teaching that every human soul is fatally corrupted by original sin. Absent the latter emphasis, religion becomes a license for egotism and selfishness, easily employed to justify what used to be considered deadly sins. The result is a society where pride becomes 'healthy self-esteem', vanity becomes 'self-improvement', adultery becomes 'following your heart', greed and gluttony become 'living the American dream'. — Ross Douthat

Corrupted Love Quotes By Manis Friedman

Our emotions can be either corrupted or elevated. Human love was not created to be without premeditated purpose. — Manis Friedman

Corrupted Love Quotes By Jack O'Connell

It's an old story, really: seduced and corrupted, in the end, by an obsessive love for the text. — Jack O'Connell

Corrupted Love Quotes By Preston Sturges

In 'Remember the Night,' love reformed her and corrupted him, which gave us the finely balanced moral that one man's meat is another man's poison. — Preston Sturges

Corrupted Love Quotes By Cindy Gerard

Without illusions. I love you because you are
fallible and because your poor misguided testosterone-corrupted brain has you doing cartwheels
trying not to be. I love you because of all you are and because of all you're not. And because, no
matter what, you are all the man I'll ever need. — Cindy Gerard

Corrupted Love Quotes By William Shakespeare

Under the colour of commending him I have access my own love to prefer; But Silvia is too fair, too true, too holy, To be corrupted with my worthless gifts. — William Shakespeare

Corrupted Love Quotes By Shulamith Firestone

Love is essentially a much simpler phenomenon
it becomes complicated, corrupted or obstructed by an unequal balance of power. — Shulamith Firestone

Corrupted Love Quotes By Augustine Of Hippo

Weaned from all passing fancies, let my soul praise You, O God, Creator of all. You did not allow my soul to remain attached to corruptible things with the glue of love, attached to what my senses find pleasing. For things we are attached to go where they will, then they cease, leaving the lover torn with corrupted longings. — Augustine Of Hippo

Corrupted Love Quotes By Tara Brown

The world has always been a selfish place where love is fleeting and people are fickle. Once upon a time, true love accidentally happened to the fortunate. They polluted and corrupted it, and like everything else, it got sick. — Tara Brown

Corrupted Love Quotes By Daniel Gillies

We are taught to want a thing. We are taught that having that thing will make us happy. We are taught that having it immediately is the answer. We are taught a corrupted version of success. And love. — Daniel Gillies

Corrupted Love Quotes By Louise Welsh

People have died for love, they have lied and cheated and parted from those who loved them in turn. Love has slammed doors on fortunes, made bad man from heroes and heroes from libertines. Love has corrupted, cured, depraved and perverted. It is the remedy, the melody, the poison and the pain. The appetite, the antidote, the fever and the flavour. Love Kills. Love Cures. Love is a bloody menace. Oh, but it's fun while it lasts. — Louise Welsh

Corrupted Love Quotes By Ellen Hopkins

Innocence eroded into nightmare. All because of very bad touch. Love, corrupted. — Ellen Hopkins

Corrupted Love Quotes By Karan Johar

'The Lunchbox' is the kind of cinema that is true to its word and not cluttered or corrupted by some of the mainstream pre-requisites. I love the way I make movies, but there are certain stories that need to be told in a certain way, and 'The Lunchbox' is that movie, and I'm so proud to present this movie. — Karan Johar

Corrupted Love Quotes By Brad Dourif

What got me excited to do Grima Wormtongue is when I was young I went through a period in boarding school were I was picked on alot. And there is something about Grima, he has been picked on when he was a kid, he (Grima) is so distrustful, he is so easily corrupted, He is so ugly, and he wants somebody, he wants to love somebody, and he can't, because nobody will have him. — Brad Dourif

Corrupted Love Quotes By T. H. Watkins

Love is a powerful tool, and maybe, just maybe, before the last little town is corrupted and the last of the unroaded and undeveloped wildness is given over to dreams of profit, maybe it will be love, finally, love for the land for its own sake and for what it holds of beauty and joy and spiritual redemption that will make [wilderness] not a battlefield but a revelation. — T. H. Watkins

Corrupted Love Quotes By Christy Hall

Those corrupted by the pursuit of power, despite another's attempt at unspoiled love, cannot be rescued from the darkness that devours the soul — Christy Hall

Corrupted Love Quotes By Ellen Hopkins

I want him to be my Edward -- taking care of me, always. Watching over me, day or night, unsleeping. Keeping me safe, by his side. Caring for me with a passion so pure it can't be corrupted by time or distance or seduction. I know Edward is only fiction. But that doesn't have to mean love like his can only be found in books and movies or rooted in the misty world of dreams. — Ellen Hopkins

Corrupted Love Quotes By Johann Georg Ritter Von Zimmermann

The love of solitude, when cultivated in the morn of life, elevates the mind to a noble independence, but to acquire the advantages which solitude is capable of affording, the mind must not be impelled to it by melancholy and discontent, but by a real distaste to the idle pleasures of the world, a rational contempt for the deceitful joys of life, and just apprehensions of being corrupted and seduced by its insinuating and destructive gayeties. — Johann Georg Ritter Von Zimmermann