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Top Concert Tickets Quotes

Concert Tickets Quotes By Melissa McCarthy

Ben and I live like hermits. The night of a concert, we'll be like, 'Do you think we can get tickets?' And everybody is like, 'No, why didn't you do this earlier?' — Melissa McCarthy

Concert Tickets Quotes By James Purnell

It seems absolutely wrong that people should be able to profit in this cynical way from an event that is designed to highlight the need for action on poverty in Africa, and for which so many artists and others are donating their valuable time for nothing [on people selling Live8 concert tickets on eBay] — James Purnell

Concert Tickets Quotes By Gabor Szabo

Many jazz musicians affect a misunderstood-genius air when they play, which alienates the audience and breaks down the communications of the music. A musician's responsibility is to get as much of his art across as possible. Musicians used to be kept when only the rich could afford art, but now practically everyone can afford radios, stereo equipment, concert tickets, etc. A musician must learn to communicate to survive. — Gabor Szabo

Concert Tickets Quotes By Sara Gilbert

The best thing about being an actress is getting good concert tickets. — Sara Gilbert

Concert Tickets Quotes By Kent Beck

When Pandora doesn't pay, and bars don't pay, and weddings don't pay, and nobody buys CDs or shirts or concert tickets or lessons, then the musician can't make a living making music. — Kent Beck

Concert Tickets Quotes By Andrew Stanton

I think in the future we might see things arrive the way Prince announces a concert where a few days before the show he announces it and tickets just go up. You might see that with movies and other things. — Andrew Stanton

Concert Tickets Quotes By Nathan Van Coops

If you post your used concert tickets on Craigslist and someone actually buys them, you know you've found yourself a time traveler. — Nathan Van Coops

Concert Tickets Quotes By George Jones

Country fans need to support country music by buying albums and concert tickets for traditional artists or the music will just fade away. And that would be really sad. — George Jones

Concert Tickets Quotes By Jonathan Potter

This is tremendous. The labels have been saying all along that they can't compete with free, but there is a way to compete with free: high value content that's virus- free and gives people the chance to be first in line to buy expensive concert tickets. This is like loyalty clubs at the supermarkets. — Jonathan Potter

Concert Tickets Quotes By Rachel Bertsche

But on a Sunday morning when I want to grab an omelet over girl talk, I'm at a loss. My Chicago friends are the let's-get-dinner-on-the-books-a-month-in-advance type. We email, trading dates until we find an open calendar slot amidst our tight schedules of workout classes, volunteer obligations (no false pretenses here, the volunteers are my friends, not me, sadly), work events, concert tickets and other dinners scheduled with other girls. I'm looking for someone to invite to watch The Biggest Loser with me at the last minute or to text "pedicure in half an hour?" on a Saturday morning. To me, that's what BFFs are. — Rachel Bertsche

Concert Tickets Quotes By Rafael Chirbes

We tend to think that people's true nature comes out at decisive moments, when the going gets tough, when they're pushed to the limit. The moment for heroes and saints. And yet, strange though it may seem, at such moments, human behavior is usually neither exemplary nor encouraging. The group who elbow their way to the head of the line where the concert tickets are being handed out; the spectators who flee the burning theater, trampling over the weaker members of the audience . . . — Rafael Chirbes

Concert Tickets Quotes By Emery Lord

Some of the guys I've been with, they've tried to pin me down. They wanted to box me into the details, the wheres and whens and hows of our togetherness, and it always pinched my nerves that they needed to map out a plan for feelings. Other guys, they seemed totally content to let me prance in and out of their lives, relieved that they didn't have to agree to future plans, no concert tickets for a show later that summer, no prom tickets months in advance. — Emery Lord

Concert Tickets Quotes By Neal Shusterman

It's like when you call the radio station when they ask for the ninth caller, but you're never the ninth caller, so when they actually pick up and talk to you, you figure it must be some mistake. Then they put you on the radio, you sound like a complete fool, and then you hang up before you can give them your address, so they can't mail you your concert tickets. Don't laugh - it happened. — Neal Shusterman

Concert Tickets Quotes By Jeff Foxworthy

You might be a redneck if you're still scalping tickets after the concert is over. — Jeff Foxworthy

Concert Tickets Quotes By John Hawkes

It's hard to get concert tickets. — John Hawkes

Concert Tickets Quotes By Catherine Soanes

promenade concert n. BRITISH a concert of classical music at which a part of the audience stands in an area without seating, for which tickets are sold at a reduced price. The most famous series of such concerts is the annual BBC Promenade Concerts (known as the Proms), instituted by Sir Henry Wood in 1895. — Catherine Soanes