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Top College Football Players Quotes

College Football Players Quotes By Brent Musburger

When Clemson players rub that rock and run down the hill, it's the most exciting 25 seconds in college football. — Brent Musburger

College Football Players Quotes By LaVell Edwards

Current condition of the BYU football program? I think it's in good shape. We've got some good young players. We've had two or three pretty good recruiting years. We lost some players, obviously, that hurt us, but you always have turnover in college through attrition (graduation, transfers). That's the nature of the game. — LaVell Edwards

College Football Players Quotes By Stephen Rodrick

More than any other major sport, professional or amateur, college football games are decided by the physical incompetence and downright chokery of their players. — Stephen Rodrick

College Football Players Quotes By Jay Leno

The NFL draft is going to be this Thursday. That's a huge night for college players. That's the night they start being paid over the table. — Jay Leno

College Football Players Quotes By Mack Brown

Most players don't mind drug testing once they realize they don't have to study for it. — Mack Brown

College Football Players Quotes By Frank Deford

I think one of the most immoral things is college football and basketball, where everybody is making money except the players. — Frank Deford

College Football Players Quotes By Tom Perrotta

Within a couple of weeks of starting the Ph.D. program, though, she discovered that she'd booked passage on a sinking ship. There aren't any jobs, the other students informed her; the profession's glutted with tenured old men who won't step aside for the next generation. While the university's busy exploiting you for cheap labor, you somehow have to produce a boring thesis that no one will read, and find someone willing to publish it as a book. And then, if you're unsually talented and extraordinarily lucky, you just might be able to secure a one-year, nonrenewable appointment teaching remedial composition to football players in Oklahoma. Meanwhile, the Internet's booming, and the kids we gave C pluses to are waltzing out of college and getting rich on stock options while we bust our asses for a pathetic stipend that doesn't even cover the rent. — Tom Perrotta

College Football Players Quotes By Marv Levy

The caliber of play in professional football compared to college is better and everybody knows it. They don't realize how much better. What a giant leap forward in the ability of talent level, the speed, and even the grasp of what you are trying to do. There is no other distractions before the players. — Marv Levy

College Football Players Quotes By Bowden Wyatt

My advice to defensive players: Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in a bad humor. — Bowden Wyatt