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Top Coen Brothers Quotes

Coen Brothers Quotes By Andrew Dominik

I'm not a very efficient filmmaker. There's a lot of guys, filmmakers like the Coen Brothers who shoot a whole movie and maybe don't use 12 setups. I'm in awe of people like that; I'm just not that guy. — Andrew Dominik

Coen Brothers Quotes By Oscar Isaac

Coen brothers movies are not always what life looks like but it's definitely what life feels like. — Oscar Isaac

Coen Brothers Quotes By Domhnall Gleeson

I worked with the Coen brothers, which had been a dream of mine. — Domhnall Gleeson

Coen Brothers Quotes By Caleb Landry Jones

I began with small roles in successful movies like 'No Country For Old Men' by the Coen brothers; but it was 'The Last Exorcism' that changed my life: with what I earned, I left Texas and moved to Los Angeles. — Caleb Landry Jones

Coen Brothers Quotes By Allison Tolman

I really respect the Coen brothers as directors and as creative individuals and with the way that they handle the industry and the business side of things. — Allison Tolman

Coen Brothers Quotes By Noah Hawley

There is the moral spectrum in 'Fargo,' and you see it in other Coen brothers movies, where you have a very good character on one end and a very bad character on the other. — Noah Hawley

Coen Brothers Quotes By Malin Akerman

I love the Coen brothers. They're so brilliant, and they always surprise you in one way or another. 'A Serious Man' was awesome. I like stuff like that, that kind of throws you for a loop. It takes you on a journey that is unexpected. — Malin Akerman

Coen Brothers Quotes By Molly Quinn

The Coen Brothers, Peter Jackson, and Guillermo del Toro have really made something of themselves and impacted people. I'd love to work with them sometime, too. — Molly Quinn

Coen Brothers Quotes By Domhnall Gleeson

The Coen brothers are amazing; they're special. — Domhnall Gleeson

Coen Brothers Quotes By Angelina Jolie

And they're [Coen brothers] so smart, they're so witty, they have such an extraordinary way of communicating with an audience in a such a clean way - with just a few lines or just a gesture from a character, they say so much. — Angelina Jolie

Coen Brothers Quotes By Zack Snyder

I always say, I'm certain I changed 'Watchmen' less than the Coen brothers changed 'No Country for Old Men.' I'm certain of it. But you don't hear the Cormac McCarthy fans, like, up in arms about it. They should be. It's like an amazing Pulitzer Prize-winning book. — Zack Snyder

Coen Brothers Quotes By Sam Elliott

Making movies is never going to get better than working on a Coen brothers project. — Sam Elliott

Coen Brothers Quotes By George Clooney

As a director, I do very few takes, because I feel like you hire the right actor and they'll do the job right. And the directors that I've worked with and had the best luck with - Jason and [ Steven] Soderbergh and the Coen brothers - all have been that kind of director. — George Clooney

Coen Brothers Quotes By Brendan Gleeson

Look at the Coen brothers. All their minor characters are as interesting as their protagonists. If the smaller characters are well-written, the whole world of the film becomes enriched. It's not the size of the thing, but the detail. — Brendan Gleeson

Coen Brothers Quotes By Spike Jonze

I'm in awe of directors like the Coen brothers who can shoot their script and edit it, and that's the movie. They're not discovering the movie in postproduction. They're editing the script they shot. — Spike Jonze

Coen Brothers Quotes By Jacki Weaver

Everything the Coen brothers do is brilliant. — Jacki Weaver

Coen Brothers Quotes By Josh Brolin

Anything that is absurd I see as a Coen brothers' influence! The Coen brothers are my favorite people period. — Josh Brolin

Coen Brothers Quotes By Jason Reitman

I don't believe in director's cuts where you make things longer. The coolest thing was when the Coen brothers did a director's cut of 'Blood Simple,' and they made it shorter. — Jason Reitman

Coen Brothers Quotes By Drew Goddard

The movies I respond to are by guys like the Coen brothers and Edgar Wright, where it's hard to fit them into any one box. — Drew Goddard

Coen Brothers Quotes By Joe Carnahan

To me, the bones of 'Smokin' Aces' is in the Coen brothers. 'Barton Fink' and 'Raising Arizona.' Those two movies, if you look at them, that's where a lot of that comes from. — Joe Carnahan

Coen Brothers Quotes By Les Claypool

My heroes are guys like Frank Capra and Elia Kazan and Coen brothers and Terry Gilliam, more so than a lot of bass players at this point in my life. So I've always been an old-film nut and have very much enjoyed doing videos over the years. — Les Claypool

Coen Brothers Quotes By Hailee Steinfeld

I feel like if you see five films not knowing who made them, you know which one is the Coen Brothers. — Hailee Steinfeld

Coen Brothers Quotes By Joe Carnahan

I guess I much prefer the path of the contrarian: the guy who goes against the grain a bit. The careers of the people who I admire deeply - like the Coen brothers and Soderbergh - don't repeat themselves, and they make radically different films at times, and I think that's wonderful. — Joe Carnahan

Coen Brothers Quotes By Timothy Simons

It's so odd because I don't even know if I'm cut out for it, but being a movie star guy, I sort of end up gravitating toward the Coen brothers. That's one of the reasons my wife and I moved to L.A.: that however much of a pipe dream that would be, I moved to L.A. because I'd love to work with the Coen brothers. — Timothy Simons

Coen Brothers Quotes By Steve Buscemi

All these directors, and I would include the Coen brothers and Quentin, have a very unique vision of what they want. They listen to ideas and make people feel like everyone is making the film. — Steve Buscemi

Coen Brothers Quotes By Michel Hazanavicius

I watched a lot of silent directors who were absolutely great like John Ford and Fritz Lang, Tod Browning, and also some very modern directors like The Coen Brothers. The directors take the freedom within their own movies to be melodramatic or funny when they chose to be. They do whatever they want and they don't care about the genre. — Michel Hazanavicius

Coen Brothers Quotes By Angelina Jolie

The Coen brothers said something that helped me, When you put the book down, you have a certain feeling, a certain understanding. That's what they need to feel when they walk out of the theater. That's your job, to literally put this book on film, you won't make a good movie, you'll do no service to anyone. — Angelina Jolie

Coen Brothers Quotes By Martin Freeman

I am a fan of the Coen brothers. I'm not a fanatic. I'm a big admirer. They create unique worlds, and there is a real atmosphere to their films. Not everyone can get that. That's a massive part of their appeal: you can recognise them. Like all the great directors or artists, you know it when you see it. — Martin Freeman

Coen Brothers Quotes By Oscar Isaac

Every frame of a Coen brothers movie is filled with history and meaning, and the deeper you go, the deeper you get. That's why their movies stand up particularly well to repeated viewing and investigation. — Oscar Isaac

Coen Brothers Quotes By Volker Bertelmann

I am a big fan of the Coen Brothers; I like their kind of absurd, dark approach. — Volker Bertelmann

Coen Brothers Quotes By Eric Fellner

When you watch a Coen brothers movie, it is always so certain about what it is trying to portray. That is their strength. The minute they write a word, they know how it will look on-screen. They are very purposeful, with no kind of mistakes. — Eric Fellner

Coen Brothers Quotes By Rob Letterman

I don't think every movie should be in 3D. I hope the Coen brothers don't do their next movie in 3D. I don't think they have any plans to. — Rob Letterman

Coen Brothers Quotes By Scott Rudin

I have a big affinity for the Coen Brothers. — Scott Rudin

Coen Brothers Quotes By Sam Huntington

There are movies that I love tonally, that I would love to emulate. Anything from Wes Anderson or the Coen brothers is right in my wheelhouse, as something that I would aspire to. I love that kind of indie, fun, colorful, funny, sweet, heartfelt but dark film. — Sam Huntington

Coen Brothers Quotes By Monica Raymund

Obviously I would love to work with all these great directors like the Coen Brothers, Tarantino. Robert Rodriguez is a dream director of mine. — Monica Raymund

Coen Brothers Quotes By Gabriel Byrne

Nobody knows anybody. Not that well. — Gabriel Byrne

Coen Brothers Quotes By Jacki Weaver

I'm crazy about the Coen brothers, I'm crazy about Sean Penn. I love the usual suspects like Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep and people like that. — Jacki Weaver

Coen Brothers Quotes By Francis Ford Coppola

In America, even the critics - which is a pity - tend to genre-ize things. They have a hard time when genres get mixed. They want to categorize things. That's why I love Wes Anderson's films and the Coen Brothers, because you don't know what you're going to get, and very often you get something that you don't expect and that's just what a genre's not supposed to do. — Francis Ford Coppola

Coen Brothers Quotes By Billy Bob Thornton

I always wished there was somebody like the Coen Brothers and they appeared. And so yeah, my favorite role that I've ever done was in The Man Who Wasn't There. That's my very favorite character I've ever played. — Billy Bob Thornton

Coen Brothers Quotes By George Clooney

I don't know of an actor that the Coen brothers would come to and say, "Hey, I've got a movie for you to be in, if you want to do it," that would say, "No." That's the truth. — George Clooney

Coen Brothers Quotes By Kevin McCloud

I like the absurd and the surreal: the Coen brothers, Bunuel, Kubrick. — Kevin McCloud