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Clock Ticking Quotes By Bruce Dawe

Hearing the sound of your breathing as you sleep,
with the dog at your feet, his head resting
on a shoe, and the clock's ticking
like water dripping in a sink

I know that, even if reincarnation were a fact,
given the inherent cruelty of the world
where beautiful things and people
are blasted apart all the day long,
I would never want to come back, knowing
I could never be this lucky twice ... — Bruce Dawe

Clock Ticking Quotes By Pablo

Second half of the year starts NOW July 1st with the next 6 months being MORE important than the last 6 months. I Your Name promise to do all that I can to achieve my Goal . I will not sit on a corner wait I will seek my opportunity. I promise to go after my Goal with passion knowing that the clock is ticking ... Sign and date — Pablo

Clock Ticking Quotes By William Carmichael

Life turns on small choices.
A last-minute decision to take a shortcut over a snowy pass.
A shrugging dismissal of the odd-looking man in the long coat standing off to one side.
A decision to postpone a physical exam till a less busy time.
A word spoken with the best intentions.
Looking back, after the lives are destroyed, the blood spilt, the families shattered, and even the courses of nations changed forever, the mistakes that started the doomsday clock ticking down often seem minor, even innocent-even virtuous. So easy to make.
David Eller would give anything-no, everything-to go back and undo those mistakes. But life does not give us that chance. Like everyone else, he has no choice but to dangle from the hand of that clock, trying in vain to pull them backward as they tick inexorably toward zero. — William Carmichael

Clock Ticking Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

The clock is ticking, and the world is spinning, and we simply do not have time anymore to think so small. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Clock Ticking Quotes By Conor McPherson

I would love to make a 1830's period piece, a house in the country, a classic atmospheric haunted house movie, visually it would be so beautiful, the costumes, the candles, the darkness, and the quiet, no radio, to TV, the clock ticking away. — Conor McPherson

Clock Ticking Quotes By Alessia Dickson

If Kurt wanted us, and if he really wanted the crystals, he would have to find us. The game was on and the clock was ticking. — Alessia Dickson

Clock Ticking Quotes By Lauren DeStefano

Time was our very first king. We all live our lives to the aggressive ticking of the clock. We don't question that our lives are a grid of seconds; even our pulses oblige. No succeeding king can hope to hold this kind of power. — Lauren DeStefano

Clock Ticking Quotes By Johnny B. Truant

Stop waiting for someone to give you what you want. The universe is too busy to care. It has worlds to create and galaxies to destroy. If you're worried about death and about your own end, don't. It's coming whether you like it or not. You will either arrive at the end of your life in style or you will arrive broken and beaten, but whichever way you choose, have no doubt that you WILL ARRIVE. There is only now. If you have power, it's now. If you can change anything, you have to do it now. If you want to be or to have that next great thing, be it. Have it. Take it. Own it. Do it. Become it. Be awesome. Do epic shit. Do it now. The clock is ticking. — Johnny B. Truant

Clock Ticking Quotes By Erica Cameron

I tell myself I have time. But the itch forming along the back of my neck and across my shoulders says otherwise.
I hate this. It's like I'm racing a clock ticking down to doomsday without knowing how much time I have left. — Erica Cameron

Clock Ticking Quotes By Oscar Wilde

For nearly twenty minutes, neither of the men spoke. A fly buzzed noisily about the room, and the ticking of the clock was like the beat of a hammer. — Oscar Wilde

Clock Ticking Quotes By Paul Harding

When his grandchildren had been little, they had asked if they could hide inside the clock. Now he wanted to gather them and open himself up and hide them among his ribs and faintly ticking heart. — Paul Harding

Clock Ticking Quotes By Kareena Kapoor

Why should I worry about the biological clock ticking? Saif is 10 years older. He should be worried. — Kareena Kapoor

Clock Ticking Quotes By Michael Light

When I go up, especially if I'm paying for a small helicopter and pilot, I'm on. I've got an hour and a half and the clock is ticking and it's costly and I enter into a super-heightened state of mind. — Michael Light

Clock Ticking Quotes By Laura Bradley Rede

The clock is ticking. I should be leaving right now. But what I want to do is take Cicely in my arms and press her up against me hard enough to make her not care that I'm messing up her lipstick. I want to pick her up and carry her back through that doorway. We're only a few strides from the couch, only one rip away from ruining that expensive fabric, the dress she must have bought to wear for him. — Laura Bradley Rede

Clock Ticking Quotes By Mary Oliver

The clock! That twelve-figured moon skull, that white spider belly! How serenely the hands move with their filigree pointers, and how steadily! Twelve hours, and twelve hours, and begin again! Eat, speak, sleep, cross a street, wash a dish! The clock is still ticking. All its vistas are just so broad - are regular. (Notice that word.) Every day, twelve little bins in which to order disorderly life, and even more disorderly thought. The town's clock cries out, and the face on every wrist hums or shines; the world keeps pace with itself. Another day is passing, a regular and ordinary day. (Notice that word also.) _ — Mary Oliver

Clock Ticking Quotes By Lena Dunham

If I had known how much I would miss these sensations I might have experienced them differently, recognized their shabby glamour, respected the ticking clock that defined this entire experience. I would have put aside my resentment, dropped my defenses. I might have a basic understanding of European history or economics. More abstractly, I might feel I had truly been somewhere, open and porous and hungry to learn. Because being a student was an enviable identity and one I can only reclaim by attending community college late in life for a bookmaking class or something. — Lena Dunham

Clock Ticking Quotes By Libba Bray

Agent Jones switched to the big screen and a grainy video of MoMo sitting at his enormous desk, a swivel-hipped Elvis clock ticking behind his bewigged head. 'Death to the capitalist pigs! Death to your cinnamon bun-smelling malls! Death to your power walking and automatic car windows and I'm With Stupid T-shirts! The Republic of ChaCha will never bend to your side-of-fries -drive -through-please-oh-would-you-like-ketchup-with-that corruption! MoMo B. ChaCha defies you and all you stand for, and one day, you will crumble into the sea and we will pick up the pieces and make them into sand art. — Libba Bray

Clock Ticking Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

There are two clocks ticking in Iran. One is the democracy movement clock which is ticking now faster than it was but it's got a lot of catching up to do. And then there's the clock that's ticking towards a nuclear weaponry. — Christopher Hitchens

Clock Ticking Quotes By Corey Taylor

I don't know whether we will find ourselves in the cross hairs, pulled by the short hairs, or just trying to find the next inane hairstyle. But change is coming; it is inevitable. It is as steady and reliable as a ticking clock. — Corey Taylor

Clock Ticking Quotes By Leigh Montville

If the clicker became useless in grown men's hands, no games to watch, no highlights shown, ESPN left with only test patterns and re-runs of Rudy, wouldn't the indignation level be a whole lot higher? If sports, all sports, all levels, were shut down, wouldn't the big clock be ticking a lot louder? Wouldn't John Boehner be calling the President and vice versa? Wouldn't Ted Cruz have to shut up in a hurry? — Leigh Montville

Clock Ticking Quotes By James Lee Burke

And like most middle-aged people who hear the clock ticking in their lives, I had come to resent a waste or theft of my time that was greater than any theft of my goods or money. — James Lee Burke

Clock Ticking Quotes By Gregory Maguire

When you can't die, she thought, everything sounds like a clock ticking. — Gregory Maguire

Clock Ticking Quotes By Erin Morgenstern

The sound of his pencil scratching against paper is as methodical and precise as the ticking of the clock in the corner. — Erin Morgenstern

Clock Ticking Quotes By Cornelia Funke

The night breathed through the apartment like a dark animal. The ticking of a clock. The groan of a floorboard as he slipped out of his room. All was drowned by its silence. But Jacob loved the night. He felt it on his skin like a promise. Like a cloak woven from freedom and danger. — Cornelia Funke

Clock Ticking Quotes By Jamie Ford

She could smell her mother's skin, her lotion, her perfume
her essence. She missed her so much. She clawed at her pillow, wanting to cry, but tears never came, just a swirling riptide of feeling
anger, abandonment, the fear of being alone, and the weight of the emotional millstone still tied around her neck, submerging her further into the murky depths of stinging, biting solitude. She wished she could wail all night. Instead she curled up in the darkness of her bedroom, listening to her racing heartbeat, which eventually slowed, like the ticking of a clock unwound. — Jamie Ford

Clock Ticking Quotes By Max Winkler

I feel totally lucky and happy. I think a lot of young directors feel this way but you sort of, like, have a biological clock that starts ticking and you like feel like you aren't anything until you direct a movie and you need to find yourself and this is how you do it. — Max Winkler

Clock Ticking Quotes By Kenneth Branagh

What happens is that with difficult processes on a film, they get very intensely compressed because a clock is ticking. — Kenneth Branagh

Clock Ticking Quotes By Christos Gage

Flawed characters ... a ticking clock ... morally questionable acts on all sides ... moody, evocative art ... oh yeah, this the stuff crime noir fans love! — Christos Gage

Clock Ticking Quotes By Ke$ha

When the clock Tick Tocks the party never stops! — Ke$ha

Clock Ticking Quotes By Jonathan Lethem

I try to write every day. I don't beat myself up about word counts, or how many hours are ticking by on the clock before I'm allowed to go and do something else. I just try to keep a hand in and work every single day, even if there are other demands or I'm on a book tour or have the flu or something, because then I keep my unconscious engaged with the book. Then I'm always a little bit writing, no matter what else I'm doing. — Jonathan Lethem

Clock Ticking Quotes By Bill Hybels

This is the only leadership life I get, my one and only shot at following God the way I feel him prompting me to do so. This isn't some pre-game warm-up. It's the game, and the clock is ticking! — Bill Hybels

Clock Ticking Quotes By Emily March

Peace is a process, not a shot clock with seconds ticking away and a buzzer at the finish. It's the result of many decisions, not just one. Don't expect otherwise, and don't fail to recognize how far you've risen from the depths of your despair. — Emily March

Clock Ticking Quotes By Tim Howard

I want to do things in my community, get out of the public eye, just be normal. You get your 15 minutes of fame, I hear, and I've had 14. The clock's ticking. — Tim Howard

Clock Ticking Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

My days were not days of the week, bearing the stamp of any heathen deity, nor were they minced into hours and fretted by the ticking of a clock; for I lived like the Puri Indians, of whom it is said that "for yesterday, today, and tomorrow they have only one word, and they express the variety of meaning by pointing backward for yesterday forward for tomorrow, and overhead for the passing day." This was sheer idleness to my fellow-townsmen, no doubt; but if the birds and flowers had tried me by their standard, I should not have been found wanting. — Henry David Thoreau

Clock Ticking Quotes By Jeffrey Eugenides

She lost much of her appetite. At night, an invisible hand kept shaking her awake every few hours. Grief was physiological, a disturbance of the blood. Sometimes a whole minute would pass in nameless dread - the bedside clock ticking, the blue moonlight coating the window like glue - before she'd remember the brutal fact that had caused it. — Jeffrey Eugenides

Clock Ticking Quotes By Ken Kesey

- he's finished with that; it's like an old clock that won't tell time but won't stop neither, with the hands bent out of shape and the face bare of numbers and the alarm bell rusted silent, an old worthless clock that just keeps ticking and cuckooing without meaning nothing. — Ken Kesey

Clock Ticking Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Do you know what a balance wheel is?" She shook her head slightly. "There's one in every clock or watch. It rotates back and forth without stopping. It's what makes the ticking sound ... what makes the hands move forward to mark the minutes. Without it, the watch wouldn't work. You're my balance wheel, Poppy." -Harry Rutledge — Lisa Kleypas

Clock Ticking Quotes By Jeremy Clarkson

No really. If you only have seven years left, that means the Reaper will be dropping round for tea and buns in about 61,000 hours from now. You therefore shouldn't be wasting time by pootling to the garden centre at walking pace. So come on, grandad. The clock's ticking. Pedal to the metal. Or you'll be in your flowerbed before the plants you bought. — Jeremy Clarkson

Clock Ticking Quotes By Neal Shusterman

His existence had always been comfortable, he had always held a clear picture of himself, his duties, and his place in a world. He saw that world as a place so full of turning gears he had no hope of comprehending how things fit together, so why even try?
Now things were different, however. Now he wasn't just looking out from inside of the clockwork. Instead, he was actually seeing the final motion of the escapement - the ticking hands of the clock itself.
And it was a doomsday clock.
Both his feline and human instincts told him to let it be. It was not his problem, or his place to interfere. If the living world was destined to fall, let it happen, let it pass into history once and for all. Who was he to try to save it?
But on the other hand, if the living world were lost, then there would never again be great cats to furjack ... and couldn't it be that hearing the actual ticking of the clock gave one the responsibility to stop it? — Neal Shusterman

Clock Ticking Quotes By Carol Leifer

Been thinking about having a baby. But if I want to do it, I'd have to do it soon 'cause it's getting near closing time. The clock is ticking. My gynecologist said, if I wanted to have a baby, I would have to do it - the latest - by the ended of this show. — Carol Leifer

Clock Ticking Quotes By Penny Watson

Ami leaned into his side and inhaled the fresh scent of man. "Uh, no. Sometimes my biological clock threatens to explode like a ticking bomb, that's all. Rachel is so lucky. Nat is a doll. Doug adores them. Don't mind me, I'm just wishing my laundry pile was filled with boxer shorts and Cinderella T-shirts. I'll get over it."
"Why do you have to get over it," Marcus asked gently. "Sounds like a nice dream to me."
... a few pages later
Things were looking up. If he could just convince her his boxer shorts belonged in her laundry basket, he'd be right on board with her six-month plan — Penny Watson

Clock Ticking Quotes By Haruki Murakami

The house kept its own time, like the old-fashioned grandfather clock in the living room. People who happened by raised the weights, and as long as the weights were wound, the clock continued ticking away. But with people gone and the weights unattended, whole chunks of time were left to collect in deposits of faded life on the floor. — Haruki Murakami

Clock Ticking Quotes By Martin Luther King Jr.

We come humbly to say to the men in the forefront of our government that the civil rights issue is not an Ephemeral, evanescent domestic issue that can be kicked about by reactionary guardians of the status quo; it is rather an eternal moral issue which may well determine the destiny of our nation in the ideological struggle with communism. The hour is late. The clock of destiny is ticking out. We must act now, before it is too late. — Martin Luther King Jr.

Clock Ticking Quotes By Henry James

People can be in general pretty well trusted, of course
with the clock of their freedom ticking as loud as it seems to do here
to keep an eye on the fleeting hour. — Henry James

Clock Ticking Quotes By John Geddes

Sadder than a ticking clock, the moments without you — John Geddes

Clock Ticking Quotes By Daniel Klein

There is no rest for the striver. Just beyond the completion of each goal on our life-achievement "bucket list" looms another goal, and then another. Meanwhile, of course, the clock is ticking - quite loudly, in fact. We become breathless. And we have no time left for a calm and reflective appreciation of our twilight years, no deliciously long afternoons sitting with friends or listening to music or musing about the story of our lives. And we will never get another chance for that. — Daniel Klein

Clock Ticking Quotes By Rachel Vincent

It's kind of like when a clock battery runs down. The hour and minute hands don't disappear, but they don't keep ticking either. They freeze on the last minute they measured. — Rachel Vincent

Clock Ticking Quotes By Alan W. Watts

Although the rhythm of the waves beats a kind of time, it is not clock or calendar time. It has no urgency. It happens to be timeless time. I know that I am listening to a rhythm which has been just the same for millions of years, and it takes me out of a world of relentlessly ticking clocks. Clocks for some reason or other always seem to be marching, and, as with armies, marching is never to anything but doom. But in the motion of waves there is no marching rhythm. It harmonizes with our very breathing. It does not count our days. Its pulse is not in the stingy spirit of measuring, of marking out how much still remains. It is the breathing of eternity, like the God Brahma of Indian mythology inhaling and exhaling, manifesting and dissolving the worlds, forever. As a mere conception this might sound appallingly monotonous, until you come to listen to the breaking and washing of waves. — Alan W. Watts

Clock Ticking Quotes By Sylvia Plath

The prince leans to the girl in scarlet heels,
Her green eyes slant, hair flaring in a fan
Of silver as the rondo slows; now reels
Begin on tilted violins to span
The whole revolving tall glass palace hall
Where guests slide gliding into light like wine;
Rose candles flicker on the lilac wall
Reflecting in a million flagons' shine,
And glided couples all in whirling trance
Follow holiday revel begun long since,
Until near twelve the strange girl all at once
Guilt-stricken halts, pales, clings to the prince
As amid the hectic music and cocktail talk
She hears the caustic ticking of the clock. — Sylvia Plath

Clock Ticking Quotes By Marcia Cross

For women of a certain age, how do you meet a guy, fall in love, and decide he's the right man to have children with? Your clock's ticking, you're looking at him, and it's a crazy, pressure-filled experience. — Marcia Cross

Clock Ticking Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

We are in the final minutes in the day of our lives, and the clock is ticking. Loudly. I wonder if I am the only one who can hear it. — Nicholas Sparks

Clock Ticking Quotes By Robin Romm

The ticking of the clock has gotten so loud." - 74 — Robin Romm

Clock Ticking Quotes By Alan Ball

Directing is physically exciting because there's a ticking clock, you're working with people, it's very social, it's very enjoyable. — Alan Ball

Clock Ticking Quotes By Hannah Ware

I love the sense of how time passes when I'm acting. When you're not aware of the clock ticking, that is always a good sign you're enjoying something. — Hannah Ware

Clock Ticking Quotes By JoBeth Williams

I wanted to play the part that Mary Kay played, the lawyer who wanted to have baby and felt her clock ticking, because it was something I could relate to. — JoBeth Williams

Clock Ticking Quotes By Steve Alten

For the starship's inhabitants, time now stands still.
For planet Earth, the clock has begun ticking ... — Steve Alten

Clock Ticking Quotes By Julia Cameron

You are either losing your mind
or gaining your soul. — Julia Cameron

Clock Ticking Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Unfortunately, the clock is ticking, the hours are going by. The past increases, the future recedes. Possibilities decreasing, regrets mounting. — Haruki Murakami

Clock Ticking Quotes By Richard Branson

The Earth cannot wait 60 years. I want a future for my children and my children's children. The clock is ticking. — Richard Branson

Clock Ticking Quotes By Steve Goodman

People don't understand the virtue of time, until their clock stops ticking. — Steve Goodman

Clock Ticking Quotes By Virginia Woolf

Meanwhile, let us abolish the ticking of time's clock with one blow. Come closer. — Virginia Woolf

Clock Ticking Quotes By Joe Teti

I think every minute you're in a situation like this, your clock is ticking. — Joe Teti

Clock Ticking Quotes By Kristen Stewart

I try not to be a prisoner to those kinds of thoughts or ideas of what I think my life should be or shouldn't be. That's why I've never had a five-year plan. I always knew that I wanted to have children. It wasn't kind of something that I discovered later. I also never felt the biological clock ticking because I think I always knew that I wanted to adopt. — Kristen Stewart

Clock Ticking Quotes By Lisa Cholodenko

Wendy and I both wanted kids, but since we were pushing 40, the clock was ticking. — Lisa Cholodenko

Clock Ticking Quotes By Scott Adams

There are always deadlines I have to meet. I don't let myself get too close to the deadlines, so it's not like I'm just sweating bullets or anything if the clock is ticking. I never let myself get in that situation. — Scott Adams

Clock Ticking Quotes By Agnes Sligh Turnbull

There is only one thing about which I shall have no regrets when my life ends. I have savored to the full all the small, daily joys. The bright sunshine on the breakfast table; the smell of the air at dusk; the sound of the clock ticking; the light rains that start gently after midnight; the hour when the family come home; Sunday-evening tea before the fire! I have never missed one moment of beauty, not even taken it for granted. Spring, summer, autumn, or winter. I wish I had failed as little in other ways. — Agnes Sligh Turnbull

Clock Ticking Quotes By John C. Maxwell

Time management is an oxymoron. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Priority management is the answer to maximizing the time we have. — John C. Maxwell

Clock Ticking Quotes By Karina Halle

I cleared my throat and spoke into his kiss. "Sorry, it's been a while."
"You should expect to hear the same thing from me in about five minutes," he murmured.
"Five minutes, huh?"
"I'll make it the best five minutes of your life."
I bit his lip, hard, then released him and looked into those intense blues. "Clock's ticking. — Karina Halle

Clock Ticking Quotes By Piero Olmeda

To count the stones losing count
is the sense of our life: the algebra
of our displacements.
To follow paths losing sense
is the circumvolution, the evolution: the logic
of our moments. But. No.
There is no symmetry in our acts.
Never the chance of steps that surprise us
to salt.
Our time machine. Forward.
Never backward the meat machine.
No turning back. No turning back.
There is no remedy: death
is an incurable asymmetry.
Huge is the ticking of the Clock but
but our time has the clutch, the vortex
the saltwater of a wave that covers us.
It reshapes and hollows out the face, like sand
robs us of our flesh. — Piero Olmeda

Clock Ticking Quotes By Gillibran Brown

Such is life, marked by the ticking of the clock and the call of the alarm until the day it all falls into perpetual silence. For most of us, certainly for this boy, life is not composed of great deeds, but of small actions, and that's okay. It's the best I can give and I like it this way. — Gillibran Brown

Clock Ticking Quotes By Shannon Wiersbitzky

I'm not sure why, but when a person expects something to last forever, they don't notice the little things. It's only when the clock is ticking all those little things add up and become bigger. — Shannon Wiersbitzky

Clock Ticking Quotes By Karin Slaughter

Rick shuffled through the cards again. "Where is the tallest mountain on earth?" Lydia put her hand over her eyes so she could concentrate. "You said tallest, not highest elevation, so it can't be Everest." She made some thinking noises that caused the dogs to stir. The cat started making biscuits on her stomach. She could hear the clock ticking in the kitchen. Finally, Rick said, "Think ukulele." She peeked through her fingers. "Hawaii?" "Mauna Kea. — Karin Slaughter

Clock Ticking Quotes By Sylvia Plath

I can't deceive myself out of the bare stark realization that no matter how enthusiastic you are, no matter how sure that character is fate, nothing is real, past or future, when you are alone in your room with the clock ticking loudly into the false cheerful brilliance of the electric light. And if you have no past or future which, after all, is all that the present is made of, why then you may as well dispose of the empty shell of present and commit suicide. But the cold reasoning mass of gray entrail in my cranium which parrots "I think, therefore I am," whispers that there is always the turning, the upgrade, the new slant. And so I wait. What avail are good looks? To grab temporary security? What avail are brains? Merely to say "I have seen; I have comprehended? — Sylvia Plath

Clock Ticking Quotes By Elle Kennedy

Sullivan had been gone for six months, and the ticking clock in D's head was getting louder and louder the longer Sully stayed off the grid. — Elle Kennedy

Clock Ticking Quotes By Lisa Unger

I love a big, character-rich story with a dark heart, with a compelling mystery or some kind of ticking clock at its center. I want to be lured in by prose, captured by character, and bound by stellar plotting to keep turning the pages. — Lisa Unger

Clock Ticking Quotes By Kristen Ashley

And I love you and your biological clock is ticking so we best get started on that shit. — Kristen Ashley

Clock Ticking Quotes By Avijeet Das

In the silence of the ticking of the clock's minute hand, I found you. In the echoes of the reverberations of time, I found you. In the tender silence of the long summer night, I found you. In the fragrance of the rose petals, I found you. In the orange of the sunset, I found you. In the blue of the morning sky, I found you. In the echoes of the mountains, I found you. In the green of the valleys, I found you. In the chaos of this world, I found you. In the turbulence of the oceans, I found you. In the shrill cries of the grasshopper at night, I found you. In the gossamer sublimity of the silken cobweb, I found you. — Avijeet Das

Clock Ticking Quotes By Sylvia Plath

I can't deceive myself that out of the bare stark realization that no matter how enthusiastic you are, no matter how sure that character is fate, nothing is real, past or future, when you are alone in your room with the clock ticking loudly into the false cheerful brilliance of the electric light. And if you have no past or future which, after all, is all that the present is made of, why then you may as well dispose of the empty shell of present and commit suicide. — Sylvia Plath

Clock Ticking Quotes By Daniel Younger

The Baron was good with two things: sex, and death. And what was sex anyway - what was orgasm but what the French (those cunning linguists of the language of love) referred to as a Little Death? What was life but a ticking clock toward the grave, and how did life start but with an unfettered hump toward morning? — Daniel Younger

Clock Ticking Quotes By Beck

You spend so many months and years in the studio, and you see the clock ticking and so much time spent on the minutiae of technical things. And I just thought it'd be fun to do something extremely fast and get that rush of something that had some energy, something that you weren't tired of when you finished it. — Beck

Clock Ticking Quotes By Ernest Moniz

The clock is ticking as nature attempts to absorb the increased greenhouse gas emissions. — Ernest Moniz

Clock Ticking Quotes By Tim Howard

You get 15 minutes of fame, I hear, and I've had 14 minutes. The clock's ticking. — Tim Howard

Clock Ticking Quotes By Georg Buchner

The death clock is ticking slowly in our breast, and each drop of blood measures its time, and our life is a lingering fever. — Georg Buchner

Clock Ticking Quotes By Laura Whitcomb

The library smells like old books - a thousand leather doorways into other worlds. I hear silence, like the mind of God. I feel a presence in the empty chair beside me. The librarian watches me suspiciously. But the library is a sacred place, and I sit with the patron saint of readers. Pulsing goddess light moves through me for one moment like a glimpse of eternity instantly forgotten. She is gone. I smell mold, I hear the clock ticking, I see an empty chair. Ask me now and I'll say this is just a place where you can't play music or eat. She's gone. The library sucks. — Laura Whitcomb

Clock Ticking Quotes By Rebecca Skloot

They also knew that there was a string of DNA at the end of each chromosome called a telomere, which shortened a tiny bit each time a cell divided, like time ticking off a clock. As normal cells go through life, their telomeres shorten with each division until they're almost gone. Then they stop dividing and begin to die. This process correlates with the age of a person: the older we are, the shorter our telomeres, and the fewer times our cells have left to divide before they die. By the early nineties, a scientist at Yale had used HeLa to discover that human cancer cells contain an enzyme called telomerase that rebuilds their telomeres. The presence of telomerase meant cells could keep regenerating their telomeres indefinitely. This explained the mechanics of HeLa's immortality: telomerase constantly rewound the ticking clock at the end of Henrietta's chromosomes so they never grew old and never died. — Rebecca Skloot

Clock Ticking Quotes By Hank Moody

Good morning, Hell-A. In the land of the lotus-eaters, time plays tricks on you. One day you're dreaming, the next, your dream has become your reality. It was the best of times. If only someone had told me. Mistakes were made, hearts were broken, harsh lessons learned. My family goes on without me, while I drown in a sea of pointless pussy. I don't know how I got here. But here I am, rotting away in the warm California sun. There are things I need to figure out, for her sake, at least. The clock is ticking. The gap is widening. She won't always love me no matter what — Hank Moody

Clock Ticking Quotes By S.J. Watson

Everything seems different now. The room I am in looks no more familiar to me than it did this morning when I woke up and stumbled into it, trying to find the kitchen, desperate for a drink of water, desperate to piece together what happened last night. And yet it no longer seems shot through with pain, and sadness. It no longer seems emblematic of a life I cannot consider living. The ticking of the clock at my shoulder is no longer just marking time. It speaks to me. Relax, it says. Relax, and take what comes. — S.J. Watson

Clock Ticking Quotes By Jay Leno

Postal inspectors have been given advanced warning that Publishers Clearinghouse is sending packets of laundry detergent that could be mistaken for anthrax. Oh, good timing. What genius came up with this promotion? What's next - a ticking alarm clock? Let's put that in a box. — Jay Leno

Clock Ticking Quotes By Craig Childs

There is a drop of blood in the snow before me ... The coyote ... is in estrus ... spurred to let out a bit of herself, sending a message, telling everyone she was now ready, that the clock of her winter was ticking toward spring. — Craig Childs

Clock Ticking Quotes By Lynne Branard

sometimes you have only one momento to get it right and the thing is, you don't always know the momento when it arrives. There's no ticking clock or game show host waiting for your answer; there's no audience watching, hedging bets on what you'll do; in real life the momento suddenly presents itself and either you make the right choice or you blow it. — Lynne Branard

Clock Ticking Quotes By J.M. Darhower

Change doesn't happen overnight. There's no button that's pushed to magically alter everything. Change happens little by little. Day by day. Hour by hour.
It's the ticking of a secondhand, moving painstakingly, as it makes its way around the clock. You don't realize it until it's already over, the minute gone forever, as you're thrust right into the next one, the time still ticking away, whether you want it to or not.
Before long you have a hard time remembering the world as it once was, the person you were then, too focused on the world around you instead.
A world full of promise. A world full of excitement. — J.M. Darhower

Clock Ticking Quotes By Mary Maina

Every day of your life, you are faced with opportunities. Unfortunately, the choices that face you are not heroic choices. They are bamboo tree choices. They are small, but progressive choices that steer you in a positive direction and over time you're bound to meet success. For most of us, we spend all our lives waiting for that life changing moment that will change the course of our lives and make us successful. Unfortunately, the clock is ticking. Every day, we choose not to tend to our bamboo tree, a choice is made for us and by the time we realize it, the seasons have passed and we have nothing to show for it. — Mary Maina

Clock Ticking Quotes By Jennifer E. Smith

She twisted a piece of his T-shirt, then let it go and laid her palm flat against his chest, right over his heart, and he could suddenly feel it again: the steady thump of it drowning out all his other thoughts. It was more drumbeat than countdown, more metronome than ticking clock, and he felt himself carried forward with each muffled beat, as if hope were a rhythm, a song he'd only just discovered. — Jennifer E. Smith

Clock Ticking Quotes By Phil McGraw

This is your life and the clock is ticking. — Phil McGraw

Clock Ticking Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

As I got older, I discovered that nothing within me cried out for a baby. My womb did not seem to have come equipped with that famously ticking clock. Unlike so many of my friends, I did not ache with longing whenever I saw an infant. (Though I did ache with longing, it is true, whenever I saw a good used-book shop) — Elizabeth Gilbert

Clock Ticking Quotes By Elizabeth Lesser

I think the main problem people have getting older, whether they know it or not, is that you're closer to dying. And we may fixate on not wanting to look a certain way, but it really is just the clock ticking, that it means, "Oh, I am not immortal!". — Elizabeth Lesser

Clock Ticking Quotes By Lisa Genova

Prioritizing hurt, a reminder that the clock was ticking, that some things would be left undone. — Lisa Genova

Clock Ticking Quotes By W.W. Jacobs

Neither spoke, but lat silently listening to the ticking of the clock. A stair creaked, and a squeaky mouse scurried noisily through the wall. The darkness was oppressive, and after lying for some time screwing up his courage, he took the box of matches, and striking one, went downstairs for a candle.
At the foot of the stairs the match went out, and he paused to strike another; and at the same moment a knock came so quiet and stealthy as to be scarcely audible, sounded on the front door.
The matches fell from his hand and spilled in the passage. He stood motionless, his breath suspended until the knock was repeated. Then he turned and fled swiftly back to his room, and closed the door behind him. A third knock sounded through the house. — W.W. Jacobs

Clock Ticking Quotes By James Lafferty

When I'm trying to go to sleep and there are little noises, like a clock ticking or a fan squeaking, it drives me completely insane. — James Lafferty

Clock Ticking Quotes By Chinua Achebe

the clock is ticking — Chinua Achebe