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Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Scott Hahn

Resist the devil and he will flee from you. 8Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. Cleanse — Scott Hahn

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Starhawk

May the wind carry her spirit gently May the Fire release her soul, May the Water cleanse her, may the Earth receive her, May the Goddess take her in her arms and guide her to rebirth. — Starhawk

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Christopher Moore

The woman raised her voice. "I said, what are you doing?"
Tommy kept typing and looked up. "Pardon me, I was ignoring you. What did you say?"
"What are you doing?" She repeated.
"It's a note. Let me read it for you. 'Couldn't anyone else see that they were all slaves of Satan? I had to cleanse the world of their evil. I am the hand of God. Why else would security have let me into the building with an assault rifle in my suitcase? I am a divine instrument.' " Tommy paused and looked up. "That's all I have so far, but I'll guess I end it with an apology to my mom. What do you think?"
She smiled as if hiding gas pains and handed him an envelope. — Christopher Moore

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Michele Wolf

In two of your poems you called that central
Passage of womanhood a wound,
Instead of a curtain guarding a silken
Trail of sighs. How many men,
Upon regarding such beauty, helplessly
Touching it, recklessly needing
To enter its warmth again and again,
Have assumed it embodies their own ache
Of absence, the personal
Gash that has punished their lives.
So endowed of anatomy, any woman
Who has been loved
Knows that her tenderest blush
Of tissue is a luxe burden of have.
Although it bleeds, this is only to cleanse,
To prepare yet another nesting for love.
It is not a wound, friend.
It is a home for you.
It is a way into the world. — Michele Wolf

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Mehek Bassi

I rushed to the bathroom for every corner of the hospital was suffocating. I got hold of acid-bottle, which was meant for toilet cleaning. As I took it into my hands, I realized I had more filth inside me than a toilet. A toilet could be cleaned by an acid bottle, or a toilet cleaner, but there was no such product that could cleanse a criminal from inside. I felt so ashamed of myself that I couldn't even look into the eyes of my reflection in the mirror on the wall. — Mehek Bassi

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Bryant McGill

Allow your pain to cleanse you and burn away what needs to die. — Bryant McGill

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Ann Brashares

How could you cleanse yourself if you couldn't forget? — Ann Brashares

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Tony Robbins

Every time you reach for food, ask yourself, 'Will this cleanse or clog me?' — Tony Robbins

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Antonin Artaud

So long as we have failed to eliminate any of the causes of human despair, we do not have the right to try to eliminate those means by which man tries to cleanse himself of despair. — Antonin Artaud

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Reza Aslan

Those who did know Jesus - those who followed him into Jerusalem as its king and helped him cleanse the Temple in God's name, who were there when he was arrested and who watched him die a lonely death - played a surprisingly small role in defining the movement Jesus left behing. — Reza Aslan

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Charles Spurgeon

He is ready to cleanse you, It is sin, after all, that lies at the door and blocks you way to the Savior. — Charles Spurgeon

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Nikki Rowe

Someday we will forget the hardship, and the pain its cause us; we will realise, hurt is not the end. lessons appear to teach us strength, we learn happiness is an inside job and to cure our insanity we must not fear what is to come, but believe in what we've been taught. — Nikki Rowe

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Langston Hughes

Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you. — Langston Hughes

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Ryan Hall

You dream about the Olympics for so long and you have that one day, then it's over, and when you don't run well there is this huge letdown. It took me years to deal with that. I feel like I almost had to cleanse myself of that experience. — Ryan Hall

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Alice Munro

There are people who carry decency and optimism around with them, who seem to cleanse every atmosphere they settle in, and you can't tell such people things, it is too disruptive. — Alice Munro

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Liu Cixin

Hide yourself well; cleanse well. — Liu Cixin

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Emily R. King

Let the sky lead me, the land ground me, the fire cleanse me, and the water feed me. — Emily R. King

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Stacy Allison

Reaching that windswept perch, I decided, would cleanse my spirit and heal my wounds. More than that, it would send me home with a title: The First American Woman to Climb Everest. — Stacy Allison

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Miguel Angel Ruiz

You can recover the truth of what you really are. When you finally see yourself as you are, when you finally take responsibility for your creation, you will cleanse the lies from your own creation. — Miguel Angel Ruiz

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Sebastian Pole

Because we cannot scrub our inner body we need to learn a few skills to help cleanse our tissues, organs, and mind. This is the art of Ayurveda. — Sebastian Pole

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Baal Shem Tov

A broom sweeps clean, and itself becomes soiled; cleanse yourself of those offenses of which you may feel guilty. — Baal Shem Tov

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Samuel Johnson

Sorrow is the mere rust of the soul. Activity will cleanse and brighten it. — Samuel Johnson

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Tiffany Luard

Focus forward, not around you.
In the moment;
Not behind you.
Don't grimace in the whys,
Relish in 'Yes-es;' - Be Positive ...
When you amplify the goods,
you'll see bads as infinitesimally minuscule.
Glorify and Cleanse ... first and foremost ,
YOUR perception.
#levitate — Tiffany Luard

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Quinn Loftis

Tears are good for you," Raphael said. When she opened her eyes back up, he knelt down. His large frame seemed to make the room shrink. His face was almost level with hers as his eyes met Emma's. "They are a gift from the Creator to his creation. Tears release endorphins in the mind that help sooth and comfort. They cleanse the eyes and relieve stress, thereby lowering blood pressure and taking strain off of the heart. He created you with tears and nothing he created is bad. Those tears you are holding in are necessary, Emma. Let them fall, let them heal, and let them remind you with each one that you are not alone. — Quinn Loftis

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Sara Foster

I had bad skin as a teenager, and I spent all my money on facials and laser treatments and creams and cleansers and serums and all that. I wake up in the morning, and I'll cleanse with Cetaphil or a rose milk cleanser from Whole Foods. Then I use serum called DNA repair serum, and it's made by Raj Kanodia. — Sara Foster

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Khadija Rupa

She was a wonderful teenage girl who had the miraculous power to cure herself from any wound, either physical or mental. With her own salty tears, she would cleanse her raw wounds. And her breaths were given, as though not to breathe but, rather, to fan her sores. — Khadija Rupa

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Paulo Coelho

- You are better, do not worry - she said. - In fact, when we light up our inner light, the first things we see are the cobwebs and dust, our weak points. They were there all the time, only you saw nothing in the darkness. Now it will be easier to cleanse your soul. — Paulo Coelho

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Willie Soon

Science and its practice are no longer free and willing today but instead are constantly terrorized by research funding gravy trains and group thinking. This is why science needs defending and it takes courage to cleanse science from those cancerous elements and to bring her forward in its rightful place again. I am humbled and honored by this recognition. — Willie Soon

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Neem Karoli Baba

Cleanse the mirror of your heart, and you will see God. — Neem Karoli Baba

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Zoe Saadia

Wipe away the tears, cleanse your throat so you may speak and hear, restore the heart to its right place, remove the clouds from the sun in the sky. — Zoe Saadia

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Shashi

There are times when the way has to pass through sufferings to cleanse ourselves from the burden of the past. — Shashi

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Billy Graham

We should go to no place that we would not go in His Presence. But He is not with us just to judge or condemn us; He is near to comfort, protect, guide, encourage, strengthen, cleanse, and help. — Billy Graham

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Kurt Braunohler

It's amazing how much people talk about colonics here. That's not a thing anywhere else in the country. But I totally did a juice cleanse, I did a colonic - I'm getting into L.A. living! — Kurt Braunohler

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Iyanla Vanzant

Crying purifies and cleanses. I once read about a scientific experiment which demonstrated that there are 38 toxic chemicals in a tear of sadness, while only one toxin exists in a tear of joy. As you cry in sadness, fear, or confusion, you cleanse the body and spirit of toxins which cloud the mind and prevent it from accepting the truth. — Iyanla Vanzant

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Billy Graham

And all of a sudden, all of my sins came before me. Everything I had ever done wrong that I had forgotten about years ago came into my mind. And I prayed, Lord, forgive me, may the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse me from all of my sins ... not because of my good works or because of all the things I have tried to do, but because the Lord had forgiven me. — Billy Graham

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Osho

Breathing in, let golden light come into you through your head, because it is there that the Golden Flower is waiting. That golden light will help. It will cleanse your whole body and will make it absolutely full of creativity. This is male energy. Then when you exhale, let darkness, the darkest you can conceive, like a dark night, river-like, come from your toes upwards - this is feminine energy: it will soothe you, it will make you receptive, it will calm you, it will give you rest - and let it go out of the head. Then inhale again, and golden light enters in. — Osho

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Arthur E. Powell

The Lord Buddha was once asked by a disciple to sum up the whole of His teaching in one verse. He replied: Cease to do evil; Learn to do well; Cleanse your own heart; This is the religion of the Buddha. — Arthur E. Powell

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Akhmad Kadyrov

In the police force, two, three, five traitors are detected who are really working for someone else. When we cleanse the police of them, the problem will be simplified a lot. Terrorists will have no one to contact - they will be left without informers. — Akhmad Kadyrov

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Mandi Lynn

If you look up the meaning of healing you can find many different definitions. There's the adjective, noun, and verb (with and without objects). For argument's sake we will use the verb. Still there are many definitions. The one that fits here is to free from evil; cleanse; purify; to heal the soul.
Free from evil, even if you didn't know it was there. — Mandi Lynn

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Pope Gregory I

The pastor should always be pure in thought ... no impurity ought to pollute him who has undertaken the office of wiping away the stains in the hearts of others ... for the hand that would cleanse from dirt must be clean, lest, being itself sordid with clinging mire, it soil whatever it touches all the more. — Pope Gregory I

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Peter Simons

thereby further effectuating the body's defense mechanisms i.e. the antiparasitic, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties are underlined. For this reason, aloe vera should always be a part of a bowel cleanse. — Peter Simons

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Davis Bunn

Led him into the water. When they were waist deep, Philip declared in a voice that rang strong over the sunlight sparkling upon the water's surface, I baptize you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. As the water washes your outer body, so may the Spirit cleanse the inner man. Rise up into the eternal life that has been prepared for you! — Davis Bunn

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Billy Graham

Be assured that there is no sin you have ever committed that the blood of Jesus Christ cannot cleanse. — Billy Graham

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By William Shakespeare

Macbeth: How does your patient, doctor?
Doctor: Not so sick, my lord, as she is troubled with thick-coming fancies that keep her from rest.
Macbeth: Cure her of that! Canst thou not minister to a mind diseased, pluck from the memory a rooted sorrow, raze out the written troubles of the brain, and with some sweet oblivious antidote cleanse the stuffed bosom of that perilous stuff which weighs upon her heart.
Doctor: Therein the patient must minister to himself. — William Shakespeare

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By SARK

A Gift for You
I send you ...
The gift of a letter from your wise self. This is the part of you that sees you with benevolent, loving eyes. You find this letter in a thick envelope with your name on it, and the word YES written boldly above your name.
My Dear,
I am writing this to remind you of your 'essence beauty.' This is the part of you that has nothing to do with age, occupation, weight, history, or pain. This is the soft, untouched, indelible you. You can love yourself in this moment, no matter what you have, or haven't done or been.
See past any masks, devices, or inventions that obscure your essence.
Remember your true purpose, WHICH is only Love.
If you cannot see or feel love, lie down now and cry; it will cleanse your vision and free your heart.
I love you; I am you. — SARK

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Bryan Chapell

God says that despite knowing that sin makes you impure before him, and that to cleanse you he would have to sacrifice his Son, and to equip you he would have to provide his Spirit, nonetheless it gives him pleasure to reveal to you the mystery of Jesus. When there was no goodness or ability in us, God loved us and enabled us to know his love. This too is a precious mystery that even a child can know. — Bryan Chapell

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By John H. Aughey

God brings men [and women] into deep waters, not to drown them, but to cleanse [teach and improve] them. [It is fair and appropriate to get excited about what those lessons and improvements to you will mean for the future happiness of you and those you care about.] — John H. Aughey

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Emilia Clarke

My mother taught me how to apply my own makeup at 13 years old, and the most important lesson I learned is to never touch my eyebrows and to cleanse, tone, and moisturize twice a day. — Emilia Clarke

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Anne Carson

There is a theory that watching unbearable stories about other people lost in grief and rage is good for you - may cleanse you of your darkness. Do you want to go down to the pits of yourself all alone? Not much. What if an actor could do it for you? Isn't that why they are called actors? They act for you. You sacrifice them to action. And this sacrifice is a mode of deepest intimacy of you with your own life. Within it you watch [yourself] act out the present or possible organization of your nature. You can be aware of your own awareness of this nature as you never are at the moment of experience. The actor, by reiterating you, sacrifices a moment of his own life in order to give you a story of yours. — Anne Carson

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Ladyhawke

"The River" [song] is also, yes, very metaphorical. Rivers are cleansing. As long as human beings have been on the Earth we've used rivers to cleanse ourselves. And, for me, the lyrics "something in the river," I think is - well, the river is a metaphor for where I was at the time. — Ladyhawke

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By J.M. Coetzee

Scapegoating worked in practice while it still had religious powers behind it. You loaded the sins of the city on to the goat's back and drove it out, and the city was cleansed. It worked because everyone knew how to read the ritual, including the gods. Then the gods died, and all of a sudden you had to cleanse the city without divine help. Real actions were demanded instead of symbolism. The censor was born, in the Roman sense. Watchfulness became the watchword: the watchfulness of all over all. Purgation was replaced by the purge. — J.M. Coetzee

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Ikechukwu Joseph

God asked us to cast out demons, heal the sick, cleanse lepers but we cast out the sick, raise d demons, cleanse d dead... — Ikechukwu Joseph

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Fisher Amelie

I ran up the stairs, shedding pieces of my suit as I went, determined for a shower, resolute in washing away what I'd just done, who I really was but I was certain there was nothing that could cleanse me, to launder my poisoned blood. This was who I was. Hopeless personified. — Fisher Amelie

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Anonymous

Walking in the Light 5 l This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that m God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. 6 n If we say we have fellowship with him while we walk in darkness, we lie and o do not practice the truth. 7But p if we walk in the light, q as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and r the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin. 8 s If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and t the truth is not in us. 9 u If we confess our sins, he is v faithful and just to forgive us our sins and r to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 10If we say we have not sinned, w we make him a liar, and x his word is not in us. — Anonymous

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Kim Stolz

One of the things that makes a social-media cleanse so difficult is that every time we log on, every notification we get is an addictive substance. It's just like any drug. — Kim Stolz

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Saint Augustine

God will cleanse your sins if you yourself are dissatisfied with yourself and will keep on changing until you are perfect. — Saint Augustine

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Leonard Ravenhill

If Jesus came back today, he wouldn't cleanse the temple, he'd cleanse the pulpit. — Leonard Ravenhill

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Richard G. Scott

If you, through poor judgment, were to cover your shoes with mud, would you leave them that way? Of course not. You would cleanse and restore them. Would you then gather the residue of mud and place it in an envelope to show others the mistake that you made? No. Neither should you continue to relive forgiven sin. Every time such thoughts come into your mind, turn your heart in gratitude to the Savior, who gave His life that we, through faith in Him and obedience to His teachings, can overcome transgression and conquer its depressing influence in our lives. — Richard G. Scott

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Rajneesh

Meditation is a process of getting rid of the whole past, of getting rid of all diseases, of getting rid of all the pus that has gathered in you. It is painful, but it is cleansing, and there is no other way to cleanse you. — Rajneesh

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Tasha Alexander

That's the trouble with grand passions, of course. You can never entirely cleanse yourself of them. It's best to avoid them altogether. — Tasha Alexander

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Anasazi Foundation

Look for light
Listen for inspiration on the wind
Let water cleanse your soul
Set yourself on a firm foundation
Serve as the plants
Do not offend your fellow creatures
Live in harmony with all creations — Anasazi Foundation

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Hina Hashmi

You need to cleanse your mind throughout life because there is so much negativity in yourself and around. Keep cleaning and you will connect with the Universe quicker and effectively. — Hina Hashmi

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Fred Bear

Go afield with a good attitude, with respect for the wildlife you hunt and for the forest and fields in which you walk. Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person. — Fred Bear

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Eric Hoffer

You accept certain unlovely things about yourself and manage to live with them. The atonement for such an acceptance is that you make allowances for others - that you cleanse yourself of the sin of self-righteousness. — Eric Hoffer

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Fred Bear

Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make your a better person. — Fred Bear

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Stabley Victor Paskavich

The only thing better than a happy Heart is a clear mind to keep it pumping. Cleanse yourself from within and you're bound to win. — Stabley Victor Paskavich

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Anton Szandor LaVey

Love is one of the most intense feelings felt by man; another is hate. Forcing yourself to feel indiscriminate love is very unnatural. If you try to love everyone you only lessen your feelings for those who deserve your love. Repressed hatred can lead to many physical and emotional aliments. By learning to release your hatred towards those who deserve it, you cleanse yourself of these malignant emotions and need not take your pent-up hatred out on your loved ones. — Anton Szandor LaVey

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Frederick Lenz

It is important to have a certain amount of solitude just to clear your circuits. You will find that you can be very happy just being by yourself. Go to new places. It will cleanse your spirit. — Frederick Lenz

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Ray Bradbury

Kids love me because I write stories that tell them about their capacity for evil. I'm one of the few writers who lets you cleanse yourself that way. — Ray Bradbury

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Mike Krzyzewski

When you cleanse yourself of a big victory, you may open yourself up to the opportunity for an even bigger victory — Mike Krzyzewski

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Do not sit down and try to pump up repentance from the dry well of a corrupt nature. It is contrary to the laws of your mind to suppose that you can force your soul into that gracious state. Take your heart in prayer to Him who understands it and say, "Lord, cleanse it. Lord, renew it. Lord, work repentance in it." The more you try to produce penitent emotions in yourself, the more you will be disappointed. However, if you believingly think of Jesus dying for you, repentance will burst forth. — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Cleanse Yourself Quotes By Kristen Ashley

God gave us a variety of ways to get hurt out and do it clean. Blood cleans a wound. Tears clean a different kind of wound. You might not like it, Frannie, but you shouldn't stop yourself from doing it. Clean the wound so it can heal. Then move on. — Kristen Ashley