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Church The Cat Quotes By Stephen King

Now, in death, he looked to Louis like the old Church. The mouth, so small and bloody, filled with needle-sharp cat's teeth, was frozen in a shooter's snarl. The dead eyes seemed furious. It was as if, after the short and placid stupidity of his life as a neuter, Church had rediscovered his real nature in dying. 'Yeah, — Stephen King

Church The Cat Quotes By Chila Woychik

Support our troops!" we cry, but I say, "Love our veterans!" And when he neglects church, take him cookies anyway. Sing him a song. Pet his cat. — Chila Woychik

Church The Cat Quotes By Cardinal Richelieu

This Prince of the Church reserved one of his rooms for cats, where overseers fed them chicken pates twice a day. When he died the overseers and cats were provided for.Cardinal Richelieu, who had dozens of cats, built a cattery at Versailles in which to house them. — Cardinal Richelieu

Church The Cat Quotes By Mark Pierson

Ashram Cat
When the guru sat down to worship each evening, the ashram cat would get in the way and distract the worshipers. So he ordered the cat be tied up during evening worship. Long after the guru died, the cat continued to be tied up during evening worship. And when the cat eventually died, another cat was brought to the ashram so that it could be dutifully tied up during evening worship. Centuries later, learned treatises were written by the guru's disciples on the essential role of a cat in all properly conducted worship.
That's often the way we operate in the church. We don't ask the right questions, and we overlay our past experiences-or reactions
against them-on what we think we should do for the future. — Mark Pierson

Church The Cat Quotes By Cassandra Clare

JACE WAYLAND," she said. "Explain yourself."
Jace was glaring at the cat. "I told you to bring me to Alec! Backstabing Judas."
Church rolled onto his back, purring contentedly. — Cassandra Clare

Church The Cat Quotes By Sophie Winkleman

For clothes, I like Anna on Regent's Park Road. Anna Park, who owns it, has an amazing eye for fresh, exciting clothes. I also love Arrogant Cat on Kensington Church Street. Space NK on Duke of York Square for exciting potions. I think I stretch the term 'tester' way beyond its boundaries. — Sophie Winkleman

Church The Cat Quotes By John Bradshaw

Thus, the Church of Rome gave its official sanction to cruelty toward cats. Anyone coming upon a cat after dark was justified in killing or maiming it, on the grounds that it might be a witch in disguise. — John Bradshaw

Church The Cat Quotes By Cassandra Clare

She glanced over at Zachariah, who was busy patting Church. The cat had climbed up onto the champagne table and was gleefully knocking over glasses. Her look was one of exasperation and fondness mixed together. — Cassandra Clare

Church The Cat Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Jace had disappeared under the table. He appeared a moment later, holding Church, the Institute's part-time cat. Church had his paws stuck straight out and a look of satisfaction on his face. "We thought the same thing," said Jace, settling the cat on his lap. "But apparently, according to Magnus, there are spells that can be constructed to be activated by a warlock's death."
Emma glared at Church. She knew the cat had once lived in the New York Institute, but it seemed rude to show preference so blatantly. The cat was lying on his back on Jace's lap, purring and ignoring her. — Cassandra Clare

Church The Cat Quotes By Jamie Campbell Bower

If I could play any character from the book though it'd be Church. Who wouldn't want to be a cat?! — Jamie Campbell Bower

Church The Cat Quotes By Barbara Brown Taylor

I produced a fulsome sermon. When the appointed Sunday arrived, I used all of my best grooming skills. I picked the cat hairs off my most expensive suit, smoothed my hair, and put a Band-aid on the thumb I had chewed while working overtime on my sermon. Once I met the delegation at church I did my best to dazzle them, and after the service was over we sat for almost two hours in a Sunday School room as I answered question after question about my history, my beliefs, my weaknesses, and my strengths. One man on the committee noticed the Band-aid on my thumb. "What did you do to yourself?" he asked sympathetically. "I cut it while I was cooking, "I lied. — Barbara Brown Taylor

Church The Cat Quotes By Stephen King

He's my cat! He's not God's cat! Let God have his own cat! Let God have all the damn old cats He wants, and kill them all! Church is mine! — Stephen King

Church The Cat Quotes By Cassandra Clare

This cat is looking at me with judgment.""He's not," said Jules. "That's just his face.""You look at me the same way," Mark said, glancing at Julian. "Judgy face. — Cassandra Clare

Church The Cat Quotes By Mindy McGinnis

We're cleaning cat ears.

Rhonda doesn't require us to come in on Sundays, but somebody has to feed the animals. Yesterday Alex and I helped five cats and two dogs find homes...We agreed we probably could have placed a couple more cats if their ears were nice and pink inside like in the wet-food commercials. We told Rhonda to take a much-deserved break today and we'd come in, feed everybody, and make our cats a little more like the ones on TV.

So I skipped church to clean cat ears. — Mindy McGinnis

Church The Cat Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Today 5:14 p.m.
"Mrrrrrowl. Mrrrrrowl."
"Ow! Ow, stupid cat! Ahem. You told me, 'stop calling, Isabelle,' but I'm not the one calling you. Church is calling you. Mine are merely the fingers that work the phone.
"See, here's something you may not have known before you committed your recent rash acts. Our cat, Church, and your cat, Chairman Meow? They're in love. I've never seen such love before. I never knew such love could exist in the heart of a ... cat. Some people say that love between two dude cats is wrong, but I think it's beautiful. Love makes Church happier than I've ever seen him. Nothing makes him happy like Chairman Meow. Not tuna. Not shredding centuries-old tapestries. Nothing. Please don't keep these cats apart. Please don't take the joy of love away from Church.
"Look, this is really just a warning for your own good. If you keep Church and Chairman Meow apart, Church will start to get angry.
"You wouldn't like Church when he's angry."
Beep — Cassandra Clare

Church The Cat Quotes By Cassandra Clare

It will have to be Jem. He's impossible to hate. Even that devil cat likes him. — Cassandra Clare

Church The Cat Quotes By Brennan Manning

For several centuries, the Celtic church of Ireland was spared the Greek dualism of matter and spirit. They regarded the world with the clear vision of faith. When a young Celtic monk saw his cat catch a salmon swimming in shallow water, he cried, The power of the Lord is in the paw of the cat! — Brennan Manning

Church The Cat Quotes By H.P. Lovecraft

In London there is a man who screams when the church bells ring. He lives all alone with his streaked cat in Gray's Inn, and people call him harmlessly mad. — H.P. Lovecraft

Church The Cat Quotes By Cat Johnson

The sofa has to go first. We can put that right in the truck to go to the church."
"Is something going on I don't know about? Is the church paying top dollar for old stuff or something? — Cat Johnson

Church The Cat Quotes By Cassandra Clare

I think Zachariah just stole our cat. I swear I saw him putting Church into the backseat of a car. — Cassandra Clare

Church The Cat Quotes By Mindy McGinnis

I love Sara, but something was taken from me at the church, something that she can't relate to. Every time I walk outside I think maybe someone is going to grab me. I take a sip of a glass of water I got out of my own tap and swish it around in my mouth first, like maybe it's a threat. And I'm starting to understand why Alex walks around on the balls of her feet, why her back muscles are always tensed, like a cat ready to spring.
She knows. She gets it. So that's why I'm going to tell Sara that I'm okay and leave it at that. — Mindy McGinnis

Church The Cat Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Church was doing what he often did when dropped - lying on his back with all four legs in the air, pretending to be dead in order to induce guilt in his owners. — Cassandra Clare