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Top Chlorine Quotes

Chlorine Quotes By Jessica Stern

I will roar argon into chlorine, xenon into fluorine, all the noble gases into reactive ones My lament will terrify even the stars. — Jessica Stern

Chlorine Quotes By Melanie Fair

No one told me holy water had chlorine in it. — Melanie Fair

Chlorine Quotes By Jimmy Carr

Let's face it, the gene pool needs a little chlorine. — Jimmy Carr

Chlorine Quotes By Charles-Edward A. Winslow

There can be no doubt that the development of a practical method of water disinfection during the last two years marks an epoch in the art of water purification. — Charles-Edward A. Winslow

Chlorine Quotes By Emily M. Danforth

Everything was heightened the way it always is when summer is slipping away to fall, and you're younger than eighteen, and all you can do is suck your cherry Icee and let the chlorine sting your nose, all the way up into the pockets behind your eyes, and snap your towel at the pretty girl with the sunburn, and hope to do it all again come June. — Emily M. Danforth

Chlorine Quotes By Patti Davis

When I was a child, our summer days were spent swimming; chlorine in my hair was like perfume to me. — Patti Davis

Chlorine Quotes By Tom Wolfe

I make out a schoolbus ... glowing orange, green, magenta, lavender, chlorine blue, every fluorescent pastel imaginable in thousands of designs, both large and small, like a cross between Fernand Liger and Dr. Strange, roaring together and vibrating off each other as if somebody had given Hieronymous Bosch fifty buckets of day-glo paint and a 1939 International Harvester schoolbus and told him to go to it. — Tom Wolfe

Chlorine Quotes By Daphne Zuniga

One out of six women are toxic with mercury. Mercury comes out of coal plants and chlorine plants. I am toxic, I deal with symptoms, children are born with, you know, autism - there is an epidemic in this country. This is like, the air that we breath. — Daphne Zuniga

Chlorine Quotes By Scott M. Baker

Stupidity is the chlorine that cleans out the gene pool. — Scott M. Baker

Chlorine Quotes By Jenny Han

Years from now this will be what I remember when I remember my spring break senior year. It will be this moment right here. The smell of chlorine on his skin. The way the sun dips slow into the water before it disappears. The first time I ever told a boy I loved him. — Jenny Han

Chlorine Quotes By Ryan Lochte

My whole family swims! You can pretty much say chlorine runs in our veins. — Ryan Lochte

Chlorine Quotes By Paul Newman

We've polluted the stratosphere with these chlorine and bromine compounds, and because it's now colder, and because we have this change in the climate, we're getting more ozone loss than we would have gotten in a normal year. — Paul Newman

Chlorine Quotes By Sarah Dessen

It's funny how one summer can change everything. It must be something about the heat and the smell of chlorine, fresh-cut grass and honeysuckle, asphalt sizzling after late-day thunderstorms, the steam rising while everything drips around it. Something about long, lazy days and whirring air conditioners and bright plastic flip-flops from the drugstore thwacking down the street. Something about fall being so close, another year, another Christmas, another beginning. So much in one summer, stirring up like the storms that crest at the end of each day, blowing out all the heat and dirt to leave everything gasping and cool. Everyone can reach back to one summer and lay a finger to it, finding the exact point when everything changed. That summer was mine. — Sarah Dessen

Chlorine Quotes By George Wilson

[The popular impression about some chemists is that] the aquafortis and the chlorine of the laboratories have as effectually bleached the poetry out of them, as they destroy the colours of tissues exposed to their action. — George Wilson

Chlorine Quotes By Auguste Laurent

I was an impostor, the worthy associate of a brigand, &c., &c., and all this for an atom of chlorine put in the place of an atom of hydrogen, for the simple correction of a chemical formula! — Auguste Laurent

Chlorine Quotes By Charles Clover

I have never seen a food writer mention this, but all shrimp imported into the United States must first be washed in chlorine bleach to kill bugs. What this does for the taste, I do not know, but I think we should be told. — Charles Clover

Chlorine Quotes By Jaime Buckley

The invigorating energy in fresh-cut grass and cool, crisp chlorine filled Wendell's nostrils as they lounged by the pool in Evan's back yard. Looking past the back fence the wild grass bowed to the playful persuasion of the warm summer breeze and the corn lilies and columbines bounced their jeweled heads, laughing and teasing butterflies. Even the Cooper's hawk atop a nearby fence post, content with feasting on a woodpecker knew, it was a perfect day. — Jaime Buckley

Chlorine Quotes By Lynn Sherr

Even the suggestion of swimming be stirring. Watch a swimmer pass a building with a pool: the whiff of chlorine produces a wistful smile. Sit with swimmers when a TV commercial shows someone in the water: they actually stop and watch. — Lynn Sherr

Chlorine Quotes By James Patterson

Do we have any chlorine? It seems to be kind of explosive when mixed with other stuff."
"Like what, your socks? No, we don't have chlorine. No swimming pool. — James Patterson

Chlorine Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Like one that had a Star Wars Storm Trooper face on it and next to that "I had friends on that Death Star." And another one that said, "The gene pool could use a little chlorine." And another that said, "Contrary to belief, no one owes you anything." Then there were the random quotes, like Walt Whitman's "Resist much. Obey little. — Kristen Ashley

Chlorine Quotes By Lauren Groff

Her mother had smelled of cold and scales, her father of stone dust and dog. She imagined her husband's mother, whom she had never met, had a whiff of rotting apples, though her stationary had stunk of baby powder and rose perfume. Sally was starch, cedar, her dead grandmother sandalwood, her uncle, swiss cheese. People told her she smelled like garlic, like chalk, like nothing at all. Lotto, clean as camphor at his neck and belly, like electrified pennies at the armpit, like chlorine at the groin. She swallowed. Such things, details noticed only on the edges of thought would not return.
'Land,' Mathilde said, 'odd name for a guy like you.'
'Short for Roland,' the boy said.
Where the August sun had been steaming over the river, a green cloud was forming. It was still terrifically hot, but the birds had stopped singing. A feral cat scooted up the road on swift paws. It would rain soon.
'Alright Roland,' Mathilde said, suppressing as sigh, 'sing your song. — Lauren Groff

Chlorine Quotes By Douglas Coupland

As suburban children we floated at night in swimming pools the temperature of blood; pools the color of Earth as seen from outer space. We would float and be naked - pretending to be embryos, pretending to be fetuses - all of us silent save for the hum of the pool filter. Our minds would be blank and our eyes closed as we floated in warm waters, the distinction between our bodies and our brains reduced to nothing - bathed in chlorine and lit by pure blue lights installed underneath diving boards. Sometimes we would join hands and form a ring like astronauts in space; sometimes when we felt more isolated in our fetal stupor we would bump into each other in the deep end, like twins with whom we didn't even know we shared a womb. — Douglas Coupland

Chlorine Quotes By Bill Bryson

Scheele independently discovered eight elements - chlorine, fluorine, manganese, barium, molybdenum, tungsten, nitrogen, and oxygen - but received credit for none of them in his lifetime. He had an unfortunate habit of tasting every substance he worked with, as a way of familiarizing himself with its properties, and eventually the practice caught up with him. — Bill Bryson

Chlorine Quotes By Huntley Fitzpatrick

Blood may be thicker than chlorine, but hormones seem to scramble the equation. — Huntley Fitzpatrick

Chlorine Quotes By Rachel Held Evans

WE ARE MADE OF STARDUST, THE SCIENTISTS SAY - THE iron in our blood, the calcium in our bones, and the chlorine in our skin forged in the furnaces of ancient stars whose explosions scattered the elements across the galaxy. From the ashes grew new stars, and around one of them, a system of planets and asteroids and moons. A cluster of dust coalesced to form the earth, and life emerged from the detritus of eight-billion-year-old deaths. — Rachel Held Evans

Chlorine Quotes By Jean-Baptiste Dumas

In organic chemistry there exist certain types which are conserved even when, in place of hydrogen, equal volumes of chlorine, of bromine, etc. are introduced. — Jean-Baptiste Dumas

Chlorine Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

Love has been taken away from the poets, and has been brought within the domain of true science. It may prove to be one of the great cosmic elementary forces. When the atom of hydrogen draws the atom of chlorine towards it to form the perfected molecule of hydrochloric acid, the force which it exerts may be intrinsically similar to that which draws me to you. Attraction and repulsion appear to be the primary forces. This is attraction. — Arthur Conan Doyle

Chlorine Quotes By Carl Sagan

Chlorine is a deadly poison gas employed on European battlefields in World War I. Sodium is a corrosive metal which burns upon contact with water. Together they make a placid and unpoisonous material, table salt. Why each of these substances has the properties it does is a subject called chemistry. — Carl Sagan

Chlorine Quotes By Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell

It is more important to know the properties of chlorine than the improprieties of Claudius! — Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell

Chlorine Quotes By Henry Edward Armstrong

[Professor Bragg asserts that] In sodium chloride there appear to be no molecules represented by NaCl. The equality in number of sodium and chlorine atoms is arrived at by a chess-board pattern of these atoms; it is a result of geometry and not of a pairing-off of the atoms. — Henry Edward Armstrong

Chlorine Quotes By Simon Singh

It has been said that the First World War was the chemists' war, because mustard gas and chlorine were employed for the first time, and that the Second World War was the physicists' war, because the atom bomb was detonated. Similarly, it has been argued that the Third World War would be the mathematicians' war, because mathematicians will have control over the next great weapon of war - information. — Simon Singh

Chlorine Quotes By Michael Chabon

She reaches down into her bulging tote bag and pulls out a small plastic box with a hinged lid. It contains a round pill box with a threaded lid from which she tips out a vitamin pill, a fish-oil pill, and the enzyme tablet that lets her stomach digest milk. Inside the hinged plastic box she also carries packets of salt, pepper, horseradish, and hand-wipes, a doll size bottle of Tabasco sauce, chlorine pills for treating drinking water, Pepto-Bismol chews, and God knows what else. If you go to a concert, Bina has opera glasses. If you need to sit on the grass, she whips out a towel. Ant traps, a corkscrew, candles and matches, a dog muzzle, a penknife, a tiny aerosol can of freon, a magnifying glass - Landsman has seen everything come out of that overstuffed cowhide at one time or another. — Michael Chabon

Chlorine Quotes By Jon Morris

A dose of chlorine won't hurt them" Lady Satan opines, quite incorrectly, as she fills an entire room of baddies with the deadly stuff. — Jon Morris

Chlorine Quotes By Michael J. McGuire

If truth prevails, the contributions of a courageous physician and a brilliant engineer to the conquest of waterborne disease will still be remembered in another hundred years. — Michael J. McGuire

Chlorine Quotes By Steve Striffler

Chickens are soaked in baths of chlorine to remove slime and odor. Mixtures of excrement, blood, oil, grease, rust, paint, insecticides, and rodent droppings accumulate in processing plants. Maggots and other larvae breed in storage and transportation containers, on the floor, and in processing equipment and packaging, and they drop onto the conveyor belt from infested meat splattered on the ceiling. — Steve Striffler

Chlorine Quotes By Ben Fountain

You could practically see the neurons firing in the kid's skull. His body was all spring and torque, a bundle of fast-twitch muscles that exuded faint floral whiffs of ripe pear. So much perfection in such a compact little person - Billy had to tackle him from time to time, wrestle him squealing to the ground just to get that little rascal in his hands, just your basic adorable thirty-month old with big blue eyes clear as chlorine pools and Huggies poking out of his stretchy-waist jeans. So is this what they meant by the sanctity of life? — Ben Fountain