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Top Cheerful Disposition Quotes

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Hugh Blair

The spirit of true religion breathes gentleness and affability; it gives a native, unaffected ease to the behavior; it is social, kind, cheerful; far removed from the cloudy and illiberal disposition which clouds the brow, sharpens the temper, and dejects the spirit. — Hugh Blair

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By John Of Kronstadt

Worthless is the charity of the man who bestows it unwillingly, because material charity is not his, but God's gift, while only the disposition of the heart belongs to the man. This is why many charities prove almost worthless, for they were bestowed unwillingly, grudgingly, without respect for the person of our neighbor. So also the hospitality of many persons proves worthless because of their hypocritical vain-glorious behavior to their guests. Let us offer our sacrifices upon the altar of love to our neighbor, with heart-felt affection: 'for God loves a cheerful giver' — John Of Kronstadt

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By John Constable

He [the artist] ought to have 'these powerful organs of expression' - colour and chiaroscuro - entirely at his command, that he may use them in every possible form, as well as that he may do with the most perfect freedom; therefore, whether he wishes to make the subject of a joyous, solemn, or meditative character, by flinging over it the cheerful aspect which the sun bestows, by a proper disposition of shade, or by the appearances that beautify its arising or its setting, a true "General Effect" should never be lost sight of. — John Constable

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Plautus

In misfortune if you cultivate a cheerful disposition you will reap the advantage of it. — Plautus

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By James K.A. Smith

We have created youth ministry that confuses extroversion with faithfulness. We have effectively communicated to young people that sincerely following Jesus is synonymous with being 'fired up' for Jesus, with being excited for Jesus, as if discipleship were synonymous with fostering an exuberant, perky, cheerful, hurray-for-Jesus disposition like what we might find in the glee club or at a pep rally. — James K.A. Smith

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Frederick Douglass

My natural elasticity was crushed, my intellect languished, the disposition to read departed, the cheerful spark that lingered about my eye died; the dark night of slavery closed in upon me; and behold a man transformed into a brute! — Frederick Douglass

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Barbara W. Winder

Developing a cheerful disposition can permit an atmosphere wherein one's spirit can be nurtured and encouraged to blossom and bear fruit. Being pessimistic and negative about our experiences will not enhance the quality of our lives. A determination to be of good cheer can help us and those around us to enjoy life more fully. — Barbara W. Winder

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Brian Fuller

Hubert would return the next day, and once again the Showleses demanded that a festival be thrown in his honor. Celebrating Hubert's departure, while inconvenient, was at least palatable because he was leaving. Gen thought that working up a festive attitude for Hubert's return would require the type of cheerful disposition only the truly ignorant can possess. Everyone else would need to pursue a drunken stupor and endure his arrival the best they could. — Brian Fuller

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Eloisa James

Don't you mean to lecture me on the evils of illicit relationships?'
'No. I am quite certain you are aware of the disagreeable consequences if the /ton/ were to discover your activities. But I have found that occasionally a small peccadillo that harms no one can be conducive to a cheerful disposition. — Eloisa James

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By David McCullough

He was the first one on deck in the morning and generally the last to leave at night, and once, when nearly every passenger was miserably seasick and lay groaning in his berth, Roebling, his head spinning, his stomach churning, was resolutely walking the deck. The malady, he rationalized, "involves no danger at all," noting that "a cheerful carefree disposition and a manly, vigorous spirit will have great influence on the sickness." For — David McCullough

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Cornel West

I was deeply influenced by the sartorial practices of both preachers and jazz musicians and actually Masha in Act One of Anton Chekhov, my favorite writer's master piece,Three Sisters,when she arrives reflecting on whether they're ever going to get to Moscow, memories of the death of their father, and she's in black, and she says I'm in mourning for the world, saying in part that I have a sad soul and a cheerful disposition. — Cornel West

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Martha Washington

I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition. — Martha Washington

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

The one necessary thing. - A person must have one or the other. Either a cheerful disposition by nature, or a disposition made cheerful by art and knowledge. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Jane Austen

In addition to what has been already said of Catherine Morland's personal and mental endowments, when about to be launched into all the difficulties and dangers of a six weeks' residence in Bath, it may be stated, for the reader's more certain information, lest the following pages should otherwise fail of giving any idea of what her character is meant to be; that her heart was affectionate, her disposition cheerful and open, without conceit or affectation of any kind - her manners just removed from the awkwardness and shyness of a girl; her person pleasing, and, when in good looks, pretty - and her mind about as ignorant and uninformed as the female mind at seventeen usually is. — Jane Austen

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Douglas Adams

Ghastly," continued Marvin, "it all is. Absolutely ghastly. Just don't even talk about it. Look at this door," he said, stepping through it. The irony circuits cut in to his voice modulator as he mimicked the style of the sales brochure. " 'All the doors in his spaceship have a cheerful and sunny disposition. It is their pleasure to open for you, and their satisfaction to close again with the knowledge of a job well done.' "
As the door closed behind them it became apparent that it did indeed have a satisfied sighlike quality to it. "Hummmmmmmyummmmmmmah!" it said. — Douglas Adams

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Helen Oyeyemi

The book itself was useless, too. All the advice it offered about the timing of meals and affecting a cheerful disposition and trying to take an interest in the husband's doings even when they're fearfully boring and never saying 'I told you so'
those aren't the reasons a person looks with favour upon another person, these aren't the reasons someone stays in love. — Helen Oyeyemi

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Anne Frank

I'm young and have many hidden qualities; I'm young and strong and living through a big adventure; I'm right in the middle of it and can't spend all day complaining because it's impossible to have any fun! I'm blessed with many things: happiness, a cheerful disposition and strength. Every day I feel myself maturing, I feel liberation drawing near, I feel the beauty of nature and the goodness of the people around me. Every day I think what a fascinating and amusing adventure this is! With all that, why should I despair? Yours, — Anne Frank

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Irving Kristol

The trouble with traditional American conservatism is that it lacks a naturally cheerful, optimistic disposition. Not only does it lack one, it regards signs of one as evidence of unsoundness, irresponsibility. — Irving Kristol

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By William Shakespeare

Lay aside life-harming heaviness, And entertain a cheerful disposition. — William Shakespeare

Cheerful Disposition Quotes By Douglas Adams

the doors in this spaceship have a cheerful and sunny disposition. It is their pleasure to open for you, and their satisfaction to close again with the knowledge of a job well done.'" As — Douglas Adams