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Chase After Me Quotes By Emma Chase

Remember those reserves I mentioned? Time to call them up. I pick up the phone and dial. A soothing greets me after the second ring. The perfect combination of strength and comfort, and I answer back. "Hi, Mom." You thought I was calling someone else, didn't you? Deep down - I'm a momma's boy. I'm man enough to admit it. 'And trust me, I'm not the only one. Explains a lot, doesn't it? That's the reason your boyfriend can't manage to get his socks or underwear actually in the hamper-because he grew up with mommy doing it for him. — Emma Chase

Chase After Me Quotes By Owl City

Birds-eye view
Awake the stars 'cause they're all around you
Wide eyes will always brighten the blue
Chase your dreams
And remember me, sweet bravery
'Cause after all those wings will take you up so high
So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind
And take to the sky — Owl City

Chase After Me Quotes By Paul Klee

Color has got me. I no longer need to chase after it. It has got me for ever. I know it. That is the meaning of this happy hour. — Paul Klee

Chase After Me Quotes By Henry Miller

And for that one moment of freedom you have to listen to all that love crap ... it drive me nuts sometimes ... I want to kick them out immediately ... I do now and then. But that doesn't keep them away. They like it, in fact. The less you notice them the more they chase after you. There's something perverse about women ... they're all masochists at heart. — Henry Miller

Chase After Me Quotes By Emma Chase

Can I have a pony?"
Oh, boy.
I think about it for exactly one second.
She squeezes me tighter and squeals.
"Only ... don't tell mommy until after it's delivered, okay? — Emma Chase

Chase After Me Quotes By Kate Le Vann

I came to realize that it hadn't really been up to me to chase after him. It had been Luke's choice not to stay
with me. — Kate Le Vann

Chase After Me Quotes By Emma Chase

Well, then we're a perfect fit, 'cause you're a first-class bitch most of the time."
Fire dances in her eyes as she raises her half-filled glass.
"Don't you fucking dare. You throw that drink at me, I'm not responsible for what I do after."
I'll give you a minute to guess what she does ... — Emma Chase

Chase After Me Quotes By Loretta Chase

I don't know who had the training of you," he continued doggedly, "but your morals are shocking. You spent a night in my bed, remember, after a night in a bawdy house. You go about collecting street urchins and letting inebriated vagabonds kiss you, and then you get into brawls in pawnshops. You are probably past all redemption, but I'm going to reform you anyhow. If you behave yourself, perhaps I'll let you reform me on occasion, but I make no promises. — Loretta Chase

Chase After Me Quotes By Loretta Chase

While you were leaping headlong into an ambush you should have foreseen, she might have been attacked. She might have been killed or worse.'
Rupert came to a halt. 'What could be worse than her being killed, do you think?'
'I thought I had communicated to you Mr. Salt's opinions and wishes in the matter of Mr. Archdale's disappearance,' Beechey said. 'I thought I used easily comprehended terms.'
'You did,' Rupert said. 'I told Mrs. Pembroke about it in much the same way.'
'You told -' After a pause, Beechey went on, his voice strained, 'You cannot have revealed our suspicions about the - ahem - places of dubious repute. This is one of your jokes, I daresay. Ha ha.'
'She said her brother was not in a brothel or opium den and I was on no account to go to such places looking for him,' Rupert said. 'I obeyed, as I was obliged to do. You did tell me I wasn't to upset her, did you not?'
There followed the kind of furious silence with which Rupert was more than familiar. — Loretta Chase

Chase After Me Quotes By Kristen Simmons

He sensed my sorrow and turned to face me
you know what I remember after the police came
what's that
you sitting on the couch with me
you didn't say anything
you just sat with me — Kristen Simmons

Chase After Me Quotes By Jeremy Bushnell

Look," Anil says, after Billy has explained enough of this. "Just cut to the chase."

"The chase," Billy says. He knocks back the new shot that the bartender has set up for him. He wipes his chin with the back of his hand. "The chase is that at the end of it she said she just wanted me to say one thing. She just wanted me to tell her that everything was going to be okay and that things were going to get easier from here on out."

"Okay, yeah," says Anil. "And you responded by saying - ?"

"I responded by saying that it would be ethically unsound for me to make a claim, for the purposes of comfort, that I couldn't be certain was true under the present circumstances."

Anil opens his mouth and then shuts it again. Finally he offers this: "No offense, man, but you're a fucking idiot."

"I'm aware."

"Fucking," Anil says, ticking it off on his thumb. "Idiot," he concludes, ticking this one off on his pointer finger. — Jeremy Bushnell

Chase After Me Quotes By Kresley Cole

Aidan from the past: He took her hands in his bloodied, callused ones. "Accept me?" His eyes glowed, his lashes spiked from rain.
Declan in the present: He gripped her nape. "I fuckin love you, Regin!" Rain spiked his lashes as he gazed down at her, commanding her, "Love me back! — Kresley Cole

Chase After Me Quotes By Kresley Cole

Apparently unaffected, she rose. "Yeah, you're probably right. I should be going." She feigned a yawn. "You've gotta head back to work and I've gotta head to jail. Big night for me. I'm planning to shiv someone for a bar of soap.
Kresley Cole

Chase After Me Quotes By Samantha Chase

Slowly he walked into the room. Stalked, actually. That was the primitive side of him, how he felt. She didn't move. She simply watched him approach.
"I was afraid you weren't coming," Abby whispered after a moment and Dean caught the double entendre.
"Sweetheart, trust me when I say that where you're concerned, that's never going to be a problem. — Samantha Chase

Chase After Me Quotes By Rachel Vincent

So what does Tod look like? Whitewashed skeleton skulking around in a black cape and hood? Carrying a scythe? 'Cause I'm thinking that would cause mass panic in the hospital." ... "Do you chase after a funeral processions in a long, dirty dress, hair trailing behind you in the wind? I shot him a mock frown. "Have you been following me again? — Rachel Vincent

Chase After Me Quotes By Kresley Cole

I'm told the effect is cumulative
it will continue to worsen." Though outwardly calm as he explained this, his face had paled even more. "But if you tell me about the Valkyrie's weaknesses, I'll administer the antidote."
"Weaknesses? So many. Foremost, we're ... ticklish. — Kresley Cole

Chase After Me Quotes By Terry Spear

He kissed the top of her head. "How did you meet him?"
She curled up against Chase. "I was running a cougar in the Palo Duro Canyon and he saw me and chased after me."
"Sounds like you have a penchant for that.... — Terry Spear

Chase After Me Quotes By Kazune Kawahara

Asami: ...Why'd you chase after me? It's not like you care about me!!

Yoh: Well that's true. But, things would be more complicated if I didn't chase after you. — Kazune Kawahara

Chase After Me Quotes By Kerrigan Byrne

You'll never be rid of me now." It would have been a tease from a less serious man, but coming from Dorian, it sounded like a dire warning. "You may come to regret it. My demons will haunt our lives."
Farah reached for his wrist, stilling his hand and capturing his eyes with her own to make certain he understood her words. "I don't mind battling a few demons when I'm living with their king." She smiled. "And I think, after a time, we'll chase them away together. — Kerrigan Byrne

Chase After Me Quotes By Rachel Hawkins

So when you left Hex Hall after Holly died, that wasn't because you were the grief-stricken fiance. You were going to The Eye."
"Yeah. I told them that I thought Elodie and her coven had raised a demon, so we decided I should get close to her,see what was really going on."
"And you decided to get really close to her."
He laughed softly. "I can't see you, but I have a feeling you're cute when you're jealous,Mercer."
Crossing my arms over my chest, I said, "It's not jealousy you're hearing, it's digust. You dated a girl you didn't even like just to get information out of her."
His laughter died, and his voice sounded weary when he said, "Trust me, a lot of my brothers have done much worse."
There was so much I wanted to ask him, but it's not like we could sit out here all night passing the sharing stick or whatever.Time to cut to the chase.
"So did The Eye tell you to get all Mata Hari on me too? — Rachel Hawkins

Chase After Me Quotes By C.L.R. James

Why are you chasing your tail so?" Said the kitten, "I have learned that the best thing for a cat is happiness, and that happiness is my tail. Therefore, I am chasing it: and when I catch it. I shall have happiness." Said the cat, "My son, I, too, have paid attention to the problems of the universe. I, too, have judged that happiness is in my tail. But, I have noticed that whenever I chase it, it keeps running away from me, and when I go about my business, it just seems to come after me wherever I go. — C.L.R. James

Chase After Me Quotes By Johanna Lindsey

Don't make me have to chase after you again, because there's no way in hell you can get away from me, lady. — Johanna Lindsey

Chase After Me Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Yeah, I started to chase you but the way you were goin' after him, hell bent for leather, it occurred to me you would not be best pleased I caught you and stopped you.
I didn't want to deal with that backbone of yours getting any stronger if you were denied what you wanted. Especially in the middle of the night with you in an emotional state, in the throes of dealing with hearing Dobie Gray's undeniably kickass but, no offense to you, honey, or Dobie Gray, in my opinion not cry worthy song.
It also occurred to me you would be pleased I caught the kid for you so I went after him instead. — Kristen Ashley

Chase After Me Quotes By Kresley Cole

Declan and Regin:
"Kiss you?" As he waited for the revulsion to seize him, he found himself wondering how she would react. Would she moan into his mouth?
"It will help you remember me. Kiss me. Come on, you know you want to so bad. You want me so bad."
"Never." Bloody get off her, get away from her. But he needed to be above her like this, to master her, overpower her.
"Never? That boner of yours just called you a lair. — Kresley Cole

Chase After Me Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

I grabbed her by the waist and swung her around to face me. As I bent, I closed my eyes ... and kissed air as she ducked out of my grasp. I opened my eyes to see her dancing backward along the path.
I made a noise in my throat.
"Don't growl," she said. "Aren't you always complaining that you don't get enough exercise?"
I lunged. She backed away.
I let out another growl and crossed my arms. "Better watch out. I might decide the prize isn't worth the effort."
She grinned, blue eyes dancing. "Oh, you know it is. And you know it's never as sweet as when you have to work for it."
She wheeled and ran. As I went after her, adrenaline pumped through me, like liquid fire. There was nothing quite like a chase, and one that ended with this reward was the best chase of all. — Kelley Armstrong

Chase After Me Quotes By Anna Banks

You're just going to leave me here?" I shout after her.
"I'm not leaving you here, Emma. You're keeping yourself here." She leaves me with those crazy words, and then she's gone.
I am paralyzed on the beach in my school clothes. I can't help but feel that I'm in huge trouble. But why should I? She was babysitting me, not the other way around, right? It's not like I can chase her down and follow her. Her fins have already gone a distance I can't cover with my puny human legs. Besides, these are my favorite jeans; the salt water would be unforgiving.
Except ... There is that shiny new jet ski sitting there. I could close the distance between us, put my foot in the water, and find her. She would sense me, come back to see why I was in the water. Wouldn't she? Of course she would. Then I could talk her into staying here, not leaving me alone to drive myself crazy. I could manipulate her into feeling sorry for me.
Unless she's the complete sociopath I think she is. — Anna Banks

Chase After Me Quotes By Mela Hartwig

My whole life I'd lived off the one wretched ambition that still possessed me: to be more than I was; to reject and despise everything that was in my reach and to set goals I was incapable of reaching; to chase after emotions I was incapable of feeling; to seek out adventures I couldn't live up to; to have a friendship that was no friendship, a love that was no love; ambitions yoked to a weak will, a will stuck in the mire of unfulfilled desire. — Mela Hartwig

Chase After Me Quotes By James Hadley Chase

Anson looked searchingly at her. His eyes moved over her body. He thought: you meet a woman and she starts a chemical reaction in you. You think there is no one like her in the world, then something happens, and it is finished. She means less to me now than the used plate after a good meal, and how little can that be? — James Hadley Chase

Chase After Me Quotes By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Nobody liked my plan.
"You want us to split up?" Chase asked, his brow wrinkling in obvious bewilderment.
Lake echoed the sentiment, her voice flat. "Why would we split up? There's four of us and one of him." After a brief moment's pause, she amended her head count to better reflect the real odds. "Three and a half of us, one of him."
Three and a half, as in three werewolves, one human. I narrowed my eyes. "For your sake, Lake, I'm going to pretend that Devon is the half."
Dev, unquestionably the strongest person in the room, just shrugged and let me keep my delusions. "It's because of my petite stature," he said. All 6'4" of him. — Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Chase After Me Quotes By Kresley Cole

I give you a week, maybe two, before you're driven to bite someone."
"I don't know how to ... to bite or drink! But you could teach me."
"And what could you possibly do in return?" Lothaire waved a negligent hand. "Play football for me? Break in my jeans really well? — Kresley Cole

Chase After Me Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Beatrix," Amelia said over her shoulder as they proceeded through the hallway. "Perhaps you should reconsider your attire. Poor Captain Phelan may find it somewhat shocking."
"But he's already seen me like this," came Beatrix's voice from behind Christopher, "and I've already shocked him. What is the point in changing clothes? Captain, would you feel more comfortable if I took my breeches off?"
"No," he said hastily.
"Good, I'll keep them on. Really, I don't see why women shouldn't dress like this all the time. One can walk freely and even leap. How is one to chase after a goat in skirts? — Lisa Kleypas

Chase After Me Quotes By Tsh Oxenreider

I know, in my soul, that a love for travel is a gift and not a hindrance. It feels like a burden when the bucket list is bigger than the bank account, but a thirst for more of the world is not something to apologize for. Denying its presence feels like denying something good in me, something God put there. Wanderlust has a reputation as the epitome of unrequited love, something the young and naive chase after because they don't yet realize it's as futile as a dog chasing its tail. Turns out, ever-burning wanderlust is a good thing. — Tsh Oxenreider

Chase After Me Quotes By Amie Kaufman

You think I want to be here with you?" I reply, my voice hoarse. "You think if you walked out right now, I'd chase you?"
She gazes back at me, her eyes a challenge. "Wouldn't you?"
"You know I would," I snap, surrendering. "And I have no idea why that's such a problem."
She jerks her arm free and backs up a step until she hits the door. "It's a problem because I'd let you!" she blurts. Then, after a harsh breath, she murmurs, "It's a problem because I'd want you to. — Amie Kaufman

Chase After Me Quotes By Nenia Campbell

You will not mock me - and you will let me finish. I have owned and lost a kingdom, and I have battled death. I have been through all that, and I will not chase after you like some lovesick poet spouting verse. If you wish to call me yours, then you will have to act as if you are mine. On the front of surrender, there is no middle ground. — Nenia Campbell

Chase After Me Quotes By Alexa Riley

I don't want to chase after Brandon, and I won't, but it sure stings not having him return my feelings. Or at least not admitting to them. He wants me just as bad as I want him, that's for damn sure. He just doesn't think he's good enough for me. And the saddest part is, as long as he thinks that, he's right. — Alexa Riley

Chase After Me Quotes By Ryan Field

What are you doing?" Len asked.
"It will sound stupid if I tell you," Jim said.
"No it won't. Tell me."
"I made a wish."
"What did you wish for?"
Jim looked into his eyes, "That we will always be as happy as we are, right now, at this very moment in time. — Ryan Field

Chase After Me Quotes By Herman Melville

Oh, my Captain! my Captain! noble soul! grand old heart, after all! why should any one give chase to that hated fish! Away with me! let us fly these deadly waters! let us home! — Herman Melville

Chase After Me Quotes By Laura Elizabeth Woollett

The night is big and dirty and my legs too short to carry me far, but it's the least I can do to make him chase after me. — Laura Elizabeth Woollett

Chase After Me Quotes By Ladyhawke

Years ago I was in a band called Two Lane Blacktop - we deliberately named ourselves after the 'Two-Lane Blacktop' movie, 'cuz it's a car chase movie. All our songs were based on movies, every single song. I love movies, and that was something that me and the singer in Two Lane Blacktop bonded over - we were design students together, we did a film-class together, so we became obsessed with movies. It's followed me around ever since then, it's a constant theme. — Ladyhawke

Chase After Me Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Even Sarren can't take out a whole city of armed, bloodthirsty minions.' He curled a lip in disgust. 'And if he can, then you'll have to excuse me, because at that point I'm going to say the hell with you both, you can chase after Sarren without me. — Julie Kagawa

Chase After Me Quotes By Kresley Cole

Once I'm free, we're going to find out exactly how much pain you can endure while remaining conscious. I won't stop until you tell me where my ring is." He leaned in to say at his ear, "I'll be sure to make you feel your loss. — Kresley Cole

Chase After Me Quotes By Ilka Chase

I think it is every woman's duty to make herself as attractive as her time and means permit. After all, there you are, in your person- a living symbol of the progress of art, science and imagination. To be as attractive as we can be is almost a civic duty; there are so many sad and ugly things in the world that I think women should say to themselves humbly, not with vanity, 'I will try to be as pretty as I can, so that when people look at me, they will feel refreshed. I will make an effort to be easy on the eye.' — Ilka Chase

Chase After Me Quotes By Josefina Lopez

Armando was the only man who'd been patient enough to chase after me. After he had caught me, he'd done what every man loves to do when he has found the woman of his dreams: take her for granted. — Josefina Lopez

Chase After Me Quotes By Paul Klee

Colour has taken hold of me; no longer do I have to chase after it. I know that it has hold of me forever. That is the significance of this blessed moment — Paul Klee

Chase After Me Quotes By C.C. Hunter

Are you kidding me?" Della asked.
She'd envisioned several different types of meeting places with the Vampire Council, but never a family diner that was mostly a hangout of the over-sixty crowd.
"Benny's? I'm meeting the Vampire Council at a family diner where you can get eggs and raisin toast for a buck ninety-nine?"
"I personally like their pancakes," Chase said.
She continued to stare.
"They're good pancakes."
Hunter, C. C. (2014-10-28). Eternal: Shadow Falls: After Dark (p. 316). St. Martin's Press. Kindle Edition. — C.C. Hunter

Chase After Me Quotes By Kresley Cole

Just hear me out. While you were napping, I was busy chatting up our allies. Didn't you know
your woman's a golden-tongued ambassador! My sisters always said I graduated from the shock-and-awe school of diplomacy, but joke 'em if they can't take a fuck, right? — Kresley Cole

Chase After Me Quotes By Julie Kagawa

You think I don't know pain?" Puck shook his head at me. "Or loss? I've been around a lot longer than you, prince! I know what love is, and I've lost
my fair share, too. Just because we have a different way of handling it, doesn't mean I don't have scars of my own."
"Name one," I scoffed. "Give me one instance where you haven't - "
"Meghan Chase!" Puck roared, startling me into silence. I blinked, and he sneered at me. "Yeah, your highness. I know what loss is. I've loved that
girl since before she knew me. But I waited. I waited because I didn't want to lie about who I was. I wanted her to know the truth before anything else.
So I waited, and I did my job. For years, I protected her, biding my time, until the day she went into the Nevernever after her brother. And then you
came along. And I saw how she looked at you. And for the first time, I wanted to kill you as much as you wanted to kill me. — Julie Kagawa

Chase After Me Quotes By Kresley Cole

You're still ... Declan?"
Voice hoarse, he said, "Aye, it's me. I will never be your perfect Viking, Regin! I've made unforgivable mistakes. I've no family or friends, and my men hold no love for me. I'm scarred inside and out. And I'm bloody askin' for you anyway! — Kresley Cole

Chase After Me Quotes By Kresley Cole

Don't get pissy with me leech." With a glare, Carrow pressed her print to his torque. "Even tapped out, I can still do a love spell to make you fall in love
with the sun. — Kresley Cole

Chase After Me Quotes By Kresley Cole

She murmured, "You're unfinished."
"Aye, precisely."
"I need to go."
When she moved to get up, he shoved her against his side and slapped her arse to keep her there. "You stay with me."
She snapped, "What do you want from me, Chase?"
He drew his head back in confusion. "I want everything. You're mine, Regin. — Kresley Cole

Chase After Me Quotes By Francois Jacob

For me, this world of questions and the provisional, this chase after an answer that was always put off to the next day, all that was euphoric. I lived in the future. — Francois Jacob

Chase After Me Quotes By Laura Jensen Walker

But now I saw the real problem with chasing after a man. It wasn't a matter of being unseemly or socially unacceptable or not playing the game right. It was just this: if I chase him, I'll never really know if he cares enough to chase me. — Laura Jensen Walker

Chase After Me Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

After lunch I tried to watch television, but I found that even with two-thirds of my brain focused on fretting about my coming demise, the remaining third of my intellect was a little too smart to put up with the bright and brainless daytime drivel on all the channels. I turned off the set and just sat on the couch, letting one tense and miserable thought chase another, until finally, at half past five, the front door burst open and Astor stormed in, flung her backpack on the floor, and rushed to her room. She was followed by Cody, who actually noticed me and nodded, and then Rita, carrying Lily Anne. — Jeff Lindsay

Chase After Me Quotes By Chad Eastham

When I was growing up, people didn't tell me to slow down, to do less, to be calmer, or to practice being content.
In fact, people told me to do the opposite: be involved, challenge myself, stay busy, push through the pain, chase after my goals, swing for the fences, do more, make more, go all out.
But you wanna know something? When it comes to dealing with the hard stuff in life, it's the slowing down and remembering the basics that are most important. Also, all of those other words sound exhausting. — Chad Eastham

Chase After Me Quotes By Loretta Chase

I beg your pardon for questioning your judgement," she said. "It is nothing to me, after all, if it proves faulty. I am not the one responsible for the Marquess of Atherton's heir and sole offspring. I am not the one who will be toppled from my pedestal if the world learns I have not only permitted but encouraged my nephew to associate with the most shocking persons. I am not the one who-"
"I wish you were the one who had heard of the rule Silence is Golden," he said. — Loretta Chase

Chase After Me Quotes By Patricia Polacco

Grampa took Mary Ellen inside away from the crowd. "Now, child, I am going to show you what my father showed me, and his father before," he said quietly. He spooned the honey onto the cover of one of her books. "Taste," he said, almost in a whisper ... "There is such sweetness inside of that book too!" he said thoughtfully. "Such things ... adventure, knowledge and wisdom. But these things do not come easily. You have to pursue them. Just like we ran after the bees to find their tree, so you must also chase these things through the pages of a book! — Patricia Polacco

Chase After Me Quotes By C.C. Hunter

When you make a mistake, son, you face it.
he's gonna yell at me, dad
well, yeah. you broke his window. he has the right to yell.
(chase and his dad) — C.C. Hunter

Chase After Me Quotes By Kresley Cole

Wouldn't be surprising. Most immortal females behave like they're in heat."
Her brows rose. "You are the one who taught me about pleasure." ... "And now in another lifetime, you ridicule me for missing it? Come on, Chase. Take me to where you live. Scared I'll find some footy pajamas? A fleshlight? I want a bath almost as much as you need to watch me take one. I get so much more talkative when I'm clean. Loreans are really fastidious, you know. — Kresley Cole

Chase After Me Quotes By Katie Crouch

I wish I were the graceful sort. I was trained to be. "Never chase men or buses," my mother told me. "Another one will always come along." Still, I always run after the subway, and when men go, I follow. — Katie Crouch

Chase After Me Quotes By Emma Chase

I'm well aware that this - that I - am the first man to ever do this to her. And yes, as a guy, that
fact makes it even better.
You know who Neil Armstrong is, don't you?
Now tell me who the second guy was. Hell, tell me any other guy you know who made it to the
moon after him. You can't, can you? That's why this is such a rush.
She'll never forget this.
She'll always remember ... me.
Maybe that's chauvinistic and egotistical, but it's the truth.
-Drew Evans — Emma Chase

Chase After Me Quotes By Anonymous

BEHIND THE BILLIONS 172 words After our annual ranking of the world's wealthiest was published, wealth reporter Chase Peterson-Withorn, who helped research and compile FORBES' 2015 Billionaires list, hopped on Reddit for an "Ask Me Anything" chat. MATADERO Has anyone on the Billionaires list attended community college or — Anonymous

Chase After Me Quotes By Kresley Cole

When Thad began nuzzling her neck, pressing his opened lips against her, she smacked him in the back of the head. "Don't go vamp on me now!"
"Whaa!" He shot upright, his fangs sharp. "Where am I?"
She glanced at his fangs, then down. "Oh, my gods, when do you not sport wood? There are bathrooms in the back, so go burp the worm or whatever. — Kresley Cole

Chase After Me Quotes By Kresley Cole

He can learn things about me through your blood. Can learn about my sister!" She briefly covered her mouth. "He can see everything we've done! I don't want that leech to know what we do in private."
Lothaire strolled up, making a scoffing sound. "As if I don't watch you two live from a distance. — Kresley Cole

Chase After Me Quotes By Rick Riordan

Remind me again-why do you hate me so much?"
I don't hate you."
Could've fooled me."
She folded her cap of invisibility. "Look ... we're just not supposed to get along, okay? Our parents are rivals."
She sighed. "How many reasons do you want? One time my mom caught Poseidon with his girlfriend in Athena's temple, which is hugely disrespectful. Another time, Athena and Poseidon competed to be the patron god for the city of Athens. Your dad created some stupid saltwater spring for his gift. My mom created the olive tree. The people saw that her gift was better, so they named the city after her."
They must really like olives."
Oh, forget it."
Now, if she'd invented pizza-that I could understand. — Rick Riordan