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Mi Amor Quotes & Sayings

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Top Mi Amor Quotes

Mi Amor Quotes By Patricia Engel

You don't 'find' love, mi amor. You choose it. And then to keep love, you must choose it again, day after day. — Patricia Engel

Mi Amor Quotes By Isabelle Hardesty

Be careful mi amor, don't hurt anyone this time." Cordia reminded Jade. — Isabelle Hardesty

Mi Amor Quotes By Antoine Wilson

O: Are you asleep, mi amor?
C: [no response]
O: There is a spider on your face.
C: [no response]
O: That's a little trick, Juan-George, to make sure someone's really asleep. There's no spider. — Antoine Wilson

Mi Amor Quotes By Nadege Richards

I crave you, mi amor. More than I ever thought a man should a woman. Just when I think I can make it on my own, you say these things that call me home to you. I want to leave, I want to run and never look back, and I'm terrified. Terrified of the feelings that control me and the moments where I simply can't exist without you in my arms.
I deserve a second chance. We deserve a second chance. — Nadege Richards

Mi Amor Quotes By Gabby Rivera

I wanted her to change my world."
"Mi amor, only you can change your world. — Gabby Rivera

Mi Amor Quotes By Raymond Chandler

A three-piece Mexican band was making the kind of music a Mexican band always makes. Whatever they play, it all sounds the same. They always sing the same song, and it always has nice open vowels an a drawn-out, sugary lilt, and the guy who sings it always strums on a guitar and has a lot to say about amor, mi corazon, a lady who is "linda" but very hard to convince, and he always has too long and too oily hair and when he isn't making with the love stuff he looks as if his knife work in an alley would be efficient and economical. — Raymond Chandler

Mi Amor Quotes By Kate Richards

Shh, mi amor. The neighbors will hear and call the police. — Kate Richards