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Challenges And Faith Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Extraordinary change can happen in your life, but it will take extraordinary people, extraordinary courage and extraordinary faith to believe that this won't be a repeat of your past. — Shannon L. Alder

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

My faith runs so very much faster than my reason that I can challenge the whole world and say, 'God is, was and ever shall be'. — Mahatma Gandhi

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Sheri Dew

Challenges that tax our faith are usually opportunities to stretch and strengthen our faith by finding out if we really believe the Lord will help us. — Sheri Dew

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Tim Hudson

It's been one of those things where anybody that's played a sport at the professional level, there's always a lot of challenges. And the one thing that's always been a constant for me is Jesus Christ and my faith - and just knowing that my walk with Christ is steadily going up. — Tim Hudson

Challenges And Faith Quotes By E. M. Bounds

Men and women are needed whose prayers will give to the world the utmost power of God; who will make His promises to blossom with rich and full results. God is waiting to hear us and challenges us to bring Him to do this thing by our praying. He is asking us, to-day, as He did His ancient Israel, to prove Him now herewith." Behind God's Word is God Himself, and we read: "Thus saith the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, his Maker: Ask of me of things to come and concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands, command ye me." As though God places Himself in the hands and at the disposal of His people who pray - as indeed He does. The dominant element of all praying is faith, that is conspicuous, cardinal and emphatic. Without such faith it is impossible to please God, and equally impossible to pray. — E. M. Bounds

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Hal Elrod

Remember that nearly all extraordinary accomplishments began by overcoming a series of challenges that discourage and tempt us to quit, before we succeed. Those that maintain faith, stay committed, follow through and keep moving forward are the few that achieve everything they want in life. Be one of the few. — Hal Elrod

Challenges And Faith Quotes By John Bunyan

The preeminent job of the church is to equip Christian for life's challenges. This requires the emphasis on being fitted with tested armor. He is tutored in the Word of God. He is encouraged to rely on the Lord alone through faith in His promises and providence. He is drilled in the doctrines of salvation and is encouraged to allow these truths to work themselves deep into his soul. He is encouraged to live righteously by having within him a righteous mind soaked in Scripture and demonstrated in right living. He is taught how to pray. He is encouraged to share his faith with those who do not have peace with God.
Chapter — John Bunyan

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Brian Goodell

We all experience doubts and fears as we approach new challenges. The fear diminishes with the confidence that comes from experience and faith. Sometimes you just have to go for it and see what happens. Jumping into the battle does not guarantee victory, but being afraid to try guarantees defeat — Brian Goodell

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Janvier Chouteu-Chando

...True classical dropouts in society are those who avoid difficult challenges and cling to the first opportunity that comes their way. They never test their talents. These latent talents will only help to produce the next cycle of dropouts... — Janvier Chouteu-Chando

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Robert D. Hales

Gratitude is a divine principle: 'Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things.' (D&C 59:7.) This scripture means that we express thankfulness for what happens, not only for the good things in life but also for the opposition and challenges of life that add to our experience and faith. We put our lives in His hands, realizing that all that transpires will be for our experience. When in prayer we say, 'Thy will be done,' we are really expressing faith and gratitude and acknowledging that we will accept whatever happens in our lives. — Robert D. Hales

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Christine Caine

When winds of storms come - and we know they will - we will ride the storms on his wings. When the challenges, trials, and obstacles come, he will catapult us to the next level of faith. — Christine Caine

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Richard C. Edgley

Because of the conflicts and challenges we face in today's world, I wish to suggest a single choice - a choice of peace and protection and a choice that is appropriate for all. That choice is faith. Be aware that faith is not a free gift given without thought, desire, or effort. It does not come as the dew falls from heaven. The Savior said, "Come unto me" (Matthew 11:28) and "Knock, and it shall be [given] you" (Matthew 7:7). These are action verbs - come, knock. They are choices. So I say, choose faith. — Richard C. Edgley

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Elisabeth Elliot

There are those who insist that it is a very bad thing to question God. To them, "why?" is a rude question. That depends, I believe, on whether it is an honest search, in faith, for His meaning, or whether it is the challenge of unbelief and rebellion. — Elisabeth Elliot

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Les Brown

Regardless of what challenge you are facing right now, know that it has not come to stay. It has come to pass. During these times, do what you can with what you have, and ask for help if needed. Most importantly, never surrender. Put things in perspective. Take care of yourself. Find ways to replenish your energy, strengthen your faith and fortify yourself from the inside out. — Les Brown

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Dean Koontz

Marriage is an expression of love and respect and trust and faith in the future, but the union of husband and wife is also an alliance against the challenges and tragedies of life, a promise that with me in your corner, you will never stand alone. — Dean Koontz

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Moises Naim

But this raises the question of what happens when the mosaic of faith shatters into a thousand, a million jagged pieces. When the quest for common good devolves into bespoke kindness designed to advance a particular cause for a particular person. Or when citizens forsake all the news that's fit to print for only the news they want to hear. All of these amount to a challenge to efforts at collective action. And from climate change to rising inequality, the enormous challenges that we face demand collective action and a new shared way of thinking about the accretion and use of power. — Moises Naim

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Pope Benedict XVI

Eusebius strongly challenges believers of all times on their approach to the events of history and of the Church in particular. He also challenges us: what is our attitude with regard to the Church's experiences? Is it the attitude of those who are interested in it merely out of curiosity, or even in search of something sensational or shocking at all costs? Or is it an attitude full of love and open to the mystery of those who know - through faith - that they can trace in the history of the Church those signs of God's love and the great works of salvation wrought by him? — Pope Benedict XVI

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Marianne Williamson

During times of challenge, what you have faith in is what determines what the challenge will turn into. Have faith in the reality of the challenge, and it will birth more challenges. Have faith in the reality of miracles, and the challenge will transform into something else. — Marianne Williamson

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

How often do I stand in abject terror and raw trepidation before the impossible peaks that soar to impossible heights in front me, when God turns to me and calmly says "what mountains? — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Cedric Richmond

These past years, as we have been recovering and given our city a rebirth, we have been encouraged by our faith, knowledge, and steadfast belief that we will pull through. There will be challenges and setbacks, as there have already been, but we will continue, and we the citizens of New Orleans will prevail in bringing our city back. — Cedric Richmond

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Michael Barbarulo

Enjoy your life ... everyday. When trouble comes don't panic. Be still and pray. It's a test so pass it. Be obedient to your faith. — Michael Barbarulo

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Ellen J. Barrier

Prayers are like the powerful sounds of trumpets. When God's people come together and pray, the walls that challenge progress will fall. — Ellen J. Barrier

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Farshad Asl

Whether you have experienced financial struggles, a challenging childhood, prejudice or criticism against your weight, sex, race, or faith, or even rejection, failure, and loss, you should never give up. Your experiences, challenges, and struggles are all the more reasons for you to succeed. So get up, get busy, and start building the future you deserve. There are no limits other than the ones we create for ourselves. Grow from your past to gain success in your future. — Farshad Asl

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Bill Tomlinson

Humanity faces vast environmental challenges in the coming years; yet to suggest that they are unconquerable would be to place too little faith in the ability of people, both as individuals and as groups, to understand the world and respond to it effectively. Great change is coming; I hope and believe that people can take the initiative to enact change on a global scale, rather than becoming the victims of global change. — Bill Tomlinson

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Gordon B. Hinckley

In my ninety-plus years, I have learned a secret. I have learned that when good men and good women face challenges with optimism, things will always work out! Truly, things always work out! Despite how difficult circumstances may look at the moment, those who have faith and move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out. — Gordon B. Hinckley

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Nicolas Sarkozy

With the world in turmoil and doubt, the American people, faithful to the values that have always defined America's identity, have expressed with force their faith in progress and the future. At a time when we must face huge challenges together, your election has raised enormous hope in France, in Europe and beyond. — Nicolas Sarkozy

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Feisal Abdul Rauf

Staying chaste until marriage, a commandment of my faith, was one of the most difficult challenges of my young life. I had a powerful sense that if I did not get a grip on my identity, my ethics, and my religion, I would go off the rails. — Feisal Abdul Rauf

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Jo Ann V. Glim

Choose to live with honor and integrity; In all that you do, be an honest and trustworthy person; Use your talents to serve others and your country; Protect and nurture life ... it's the most precious gift we have; Develop a personal relationship with God. Life is filled with challenges. Face them with courage and faith. It's where wisdom and strength dwell. If you live by these standards, you will never be poor. Your life will be filled with wealth and your heart will truly know peace. Out of all these choices, the greatest choice we make is to hate or to love ... Choose Love. — Jo Ann V. Glim

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Geraldine Solon

I've always been a firm believer that love conquers all and that every woman's experience is a story in itself. Life is a never-ending journey and my imagination and experiences have inspired me to write powerful stories. Although my books are fiction, my goal is to offer compelling lessons about life and love. The message I wish to convey to my readers is that despite the many challenges we face in this world, we must have hope and faith. Overall, it is love that binds us together. — Geraldine Solon

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Angelica Hopes

No matter how heavy the challenges we face in our life, embrace optimism, perseverance, tenacity and courage. Never lose faith and hope and a generous heart who live and breathes with a timeless love. — Angelica Hopes

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Marion D. Hanks

Do you know that when one who has influence with youth- be he teacher, leader or parent- seriously weakens the foundations upon which a young person has built, by faith-destroying challenges the youngster is not yet equipped to meet, he fashions a disciple who has been effectively cut loose from fundamentals at a time when he needs most to rely on them? The challenger may himself be a moral, educated, well-meaning person of integrity, doing what he does in the name of honesty and truth. His own character may have been formed in an atmosphere of faith and conviction which, through his influence, he may now help to destroy in his young follower. "Disenchanted" himself in his mature years, he turns his powers on an immature mind and leaves it ready prey for nostrums and superstitions and behavior he himself would disdain. — Marion D. Hanks

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

There are challenges and opposition, everywhere! But we will fight the fight of faith! — Lailah Gifty Akita

Challenges And Faith Quotes By N. T. Wright

The church exists primarily for two closely correlated purposes: to worship God and to work for his kingdom in the world ... The church also exists for a third purpose, which serves the other two: to encourage one another, to build one another up in faith, to pray with and for one another, to learn from one another and teach one another, and to set one another examples to follow, challenges to take up, and urgent tasks to perform. This is all part of what is known loosely as fellowship. — N. T. Wright

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Martin E. Marty

The forces, movements, and energies that today we call religious, spiritual, or faith-based have related through the ages in diverse ways to the spheres of life that today we call economic and that we see embodied in business and commerce. — Martin E. Marty

Challenges And Faith Quotes By James E. Faust

Everybody in this life has their challenges and difficulties. That is part of our mortal test. The reason for some of these trials cannot be readily understood except on the basis of faith and hope because there is often a larger purpose which we do not always understand. Peace comes through hope. — James E. Faust

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Evinda Lepins

If life is a song, and God is the divine conductor, I must consider these trials and troubles as the harmony of my song, for every song needs more than a melody! — Evinda Lepins

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Every challenge makes us to humble our selves. We learn to know and depend on our Creator. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Janet Rebhan

In this new year, may you have a deep understanding of your true value and worth, an absolute faith in your unlimited potential, peace of mind in the midst of uncertainty, the confidence to let go when you need to, acceptance to replace your resistance, gratitude to open your heart, the strength to meet your challenges, great love to replace your fear, forgiveness and compassion for those who offend you, clear sight to see your best and true path, hope to dispel obscurity, the conviction to make your dreams come true, meaningful and rewarding synchronicities, dear friends who truly know and love you, a childlike trust in the benevolence of the universe, the humility to remain teachable, the wisdom to fully embrace your life exactly as it is, the understanding that every soul has its own course to follow, the discernment to recognize your own unique inner voice of truth, and the courage to learn to be still. — Janet Rebhan

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Jacquelyn Nicole Davis

July 22, 2009
At times I still feel lost, but I also feel the comfort of my Lord through the physical pain and the mental challenges. I know He's there. I can feel Him in the sun beaming down on my brown skin. It feels like love and comfort. It feels like He's holding me when I suffer and I'm not alone. — Jacquelyn Nicole Davis

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

I hold on to faith and hope. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Christine Caine

until our faith is tested through challenges, obstacles, trials, and storms, it cannot be stretched to new lengths, deepened to new depths, nor grown to new heights. Faith must be tried to its limits before it can grow beyond those limits. — Christine Caine

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Criss Jami

Some people are ignorant of the world but educated in Scripture, and are therefore prone to missing the relevance of Scripture - these sometimes, later, amidst life's challenges and doubts, turn from the faith; other people are ignorant of Scripture but educated in the world, and are therefore prone to missing the truth of Scripture - they are often those who ridicule the faith. The apologist stands somewhere in the center. He articulates where some are prone to understanding the truth in beauty, others the beauty in truth - that of a spiritual Creator in relation to his scientific creation. — Criss Jami

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Thomas Merton

You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope. — Thomas Merton

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Brittany Burgunder

Life works in mysterious ways, and I believe one of the biggest challenges and successes is to let go and let it be. — Brittany Burgunder

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Spurgeon challenges us to go to the river of our experience, to pull up bulrushes, and to place them in the Ark of our memory, experiencing again the wonder that allowed our infant faith to flourish. — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Matthew Kelly

God of deep waters and infinite riches, challenge me to go where I fear, to do what is difficult and what I thought could never be done. Push me to go to the deep waters of life and cast my net wide, for I put all my hope, trust and faith in you. — Matthew Kelly

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Stacy Hawkins Adams

We are like those oysters in many ways ... Irritants, or foreign objects, infiltrate our lives in the form of bad choices, jealousy, fear, deep loss, and countless other challenges I could name. We choose how to handle things that come, either by rallying our strength and faith and finding a way to go on, or by giving into the pressure and giving up.
When we choose to stand up inside and protect our spirits, our hearts, and the essence of who we are, we produce a substance similar to what the oyster produces to form the layers of the pearl. In us, it's called character, integrity, grace, courage, and the ability to love ourselves and others, with no strings attached. — Stacy Hawkins Adams

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Abraham Joshua Heschel

In the darkest night to be certain of the dawn ... to go through Hell and to continue to trust in the goodness of God-this is the challenge and the way. — Abraham Joshua Heschel

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Alfred-Maurice De Zayas

In a world where millions of human beings live in extreme poverty, die of malnutrition and lack medical care, where pandemics continue to kill, it is imperative to pursue good faith disarmament negotiations and to shift budgets away from weapons production, war-mongering, surveillance of private persons and devote available resources to address global challenges including humanitarian relief, environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation, prevention of pandemics, and the development of a green economy. — Alfred-Maurice De Zayas

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Charlene Costanzo

No matter who we are, where we live, what we look like, the circumstances of our birth or the situations we face; each of us has gifts within us. Strength, beauty, courage, compassion, hope, joy, talent, imagination, reverence, wisdom, love and faith are among them. They are not like material presents we unwrap and hold in our hands. We can't see these gifts with our eyes. But they are real and powerful. When we open ourselves to them, they can enrich every aspect of our lives. They can help us transform challenges into opportunities and tragedies into triumphs. They can help us make a difference in the world. — Charlene Costanzo

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Oswald Chambers

Believe steadfastly on Him and everything that challenges you will strengthen your faith. There is continual testing in the life of faith up to the point of our physical death, which is the last great test. Faith is absolute trust in God-trust that could never imagine that He would forsake us. — Oswald Chambers

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Quentin L. Cook

Our women are not incredible because they have managed to avoid the difficulties of life - quite the opposite. They are incredible because of the way they face the trials of life. Despite the challenges and tests life has to offer - from marriage or lack of marriage, children's choices, poor health, lack of opportunities, and many other problems - they remain remarkably strong and immovable and true to the faith. Our sisters throughout the Church consistently succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees. — Quentin L. Cook

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Thomas S. Monson

Mortality is a period of testing, a time to prove ourselves worthy to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. In order for us to be tested, we must face challenges and difficulties. These can break us, and the surface of our souls may crack and crumble-that is, if our foundations of faith, our testimonies of truth are not deeply embedded within us. — Thomas S. Monson

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Pray always and seek guidance from the Creator. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Pat Summitt

Competition got me off the farm and trained me to seek out challenges and to endure setbacks; and in combination with my faith, it sustains me now in my fight with Alzheimer's disease. — Pat Summitt

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Caroline Myss

The spiritual test inherent in all our lives is the challenge to discover what motivates us to make the choices we do, and whether we have faith in our fears or the Divine ... — Caroline Myss

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Jeffrey R. Holland

So how do you best respond when mental or emotional challenges confront you or those you love? Above all, never lose faith in your Father in Heaven, who loves you more than you can comprehend ... Never, ever doubt that, and never harden your heart. — Jeffrey R. Holland

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Darmie Orem

For some folks fate has set countless falls and a fewer loves. If they farewell faith, then, farewell their chance of lifelong happiness. — Darmie Orem

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Eric Metaxas

She was so pure and so brave and so singular in her faith and obedience to God that, perhaps like Francis of Assisi or even like Jesus himself, she challenges many of our deepest assumptions about what a life can be. — Eric Metaxas

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Neil L. Andersen

Perfection does not come in this life, but we exercise faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and keep our covenants. President Monson has promised, "Your testimony, when constantly nourished, will keep you safe." We push our spiritual roots deep, feasting daily on the words of Christ in the scriptures. We trust in the words of living prophets, placed before us to show us the way. We pray and pray and listen to the quiet voice of the Holy Ghost that leads us along and speaks peace to our soul. Whatever challenges arise, we never, never leave Him. — Neil L. Andersen

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Judah Smith

I think people would be surprised to discover that their challenges and struggles are not too dissimilar to us, average ordinary people, we're all looking for essentially the same thing and I think that's faith and hope and love and meaning and of course satisfaction, peace, joy. — Judah Smith

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Pope Francis

For just as some people want a purely spiritual Christ, without flesh and without the cross, they also want their interpersonal relationships provided by sophisticated equipment, by screens and systems which can be turned on and off on command. Meanwhile, the Gospel tells us constantly to run the risk of a face-to-face encounter with others, with their physical presence which challenges us, with their pain and their pleas, with their joy which infects us in our close and continuous interaction. — Pope Francis

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Anne Perry

Sometimes we bring to a struggle or cause the gifts we see most clearly, a courage, a strength, or a charm others have told us we have. But often we find more is asked of us than that, more than we intended or thought we possessed. We are asked to offer that which we thought dearest, to forgive what seemed unpardonable, to face what we feared the most and endure it. Sometimes we have to travel to the last step a path that was not of our own choosing. But I promise you this ... it will lead to a greater joy in the end. The difficulty is that the end is beyond our sight, it is a matter of faith, not of knowledge. — Anne Perry

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Brad Thor

1. Decrease current human population below five hundred million and keep it in perpetual balance with nature. 2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity. 3. Unite humanity with a "living" new language. 4. Redistribute global wealth under the more acceptable term "global public goods." 5. Rebalance personal rights with "social duties." 6. Replace passion, faith, and tradition with reason. 7. Make clever use of new technologies to go around national governments and establish direct ties with citizens. 8. Rebrand global governance as equitable, efficient, and the logical next step in human evolution. 9. Discredit, delegitimize, and dismantle the idea of the nation state/national sovereignty. 10. Prepare a mechanism to neutralize any challenges to United Nations' authority. — Brad Thor

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Richard G. Scott

Pondering a passage of scripture can be a key to unlock revelation and the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Scriptures can calm an agitated soul, giving peace, hope, and a restoration of confidence in one's ability to overcome the challenges of life. They have potent power to heal emotional challenges when there is faith in the Savior. They can accelerate physical healing. — Richard G. Scott

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Don't fear challenges. They often give us the opportunity to strengthen our courage, faith, and inner strength. — Debasish Mridha

Challenges And Faith Quotes By John-Paul Deddens

O Holy Sprit - Bestow upon me the gift of fortitude, that I may face the trials and tribulations that come my way with a courage born of complete faith and surrender to Your will. Be my only counsel in the face of life's many challenges that I may only say and do what pleases You. Live in my heart that I may confidently meet You in prayer with fortitude and walk towards Your salvation, emboldened by Your protective presence. Amen. — John-Paul Deddens

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Shahbaz Bhatti

In the past I faced assassination attempts. I faced harassment, intimidation and prison due to my bold stand on this issue. But these difficult challenges strengthened my faith; strengthened my belief; and strengthened my commitment and devotion to this cause. — Shahbaz Bhatti

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Royden G. Derrick

Problems form an important part of our lives. They are placed in our path for us to overcome them, not to be overcome by them. We must master them, not let them master us. Every time we overcome a challenge, we grow in experience, in self assuredness, and in faith. — Royden G. Derrick

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Muhammad Ali

It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself. — Muhammad Ali

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Brittany L. Engels

This trail is never-changing, it won't lead you astray. It won't always be easy to follow and at times it will look too narrow for your paws. Follow it anyway, and you'll overcome every challenge you face." -Faolan — Brittany L. Engels

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Gary Rohrmayer

God is so much bigger than our 'what ifs' that he can turn them into 'why nots — Gary Rohrmayer

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

If you have never known happiness and sorrow, then you have not fully experience life. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Veronika Gasparyan

No matter what happens, you need to dream big. Unrealistically big! Even if it sounds totally crazy to you, I need you to still dream it and visualize it. If you come across challenges on the way to your dreams, do not go around them. Do not try to skip or leave them for later. Face them, fight through them, and win. Get to your goal, no matter what, and never lose hope or faith in your positive outcome. And when you achieve it, move on to the next one. — Veronika Gasparyan

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Edward Everett

We are blessed with a faith, which calls into action the whole intellectual man; which prescribes a reasonable service; which challenges the investigation of its evidences; and which, in the doctrine of immortality, invests the mind of man with a portion of the dignity of Divine intelligence. — Edward Everett

Challenges And Faith Quotes By T.D. Jakes

The challenge of the believer is to take the faith that you got in here and take it to the place out there. — T.D. Jakes

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Raymond Federman

And so, for me, the only fiction that still means something today is the kind of fiction that tries to explore the possibilities of fiction beyond its own limitations; the kind of fiction that challenges the tradition that governs it; the kind of fiction that constantly renews our faith in man's intelligence and imagination rather than man's distorted view of reality; the kind of fiction that reveals man's playful irrationality rather than his righteous rationality. — Raymond Federman

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Robert Beverly Hale

When the challenges of mortality come, and they come for all of us, it may seem hard to have faith and hard to believe. At these times only faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Atonement can bring us peace, hope, and understanding. Only faith that He suffered for our sakes will give us the strength to endure to the end. When we gain this faith, we experience a mighty change of heart, and like Enos, we become stronger and begin to feel a desire for the welfare of our brothers and sisters. We pray for them, that they too will be lifted and strengthened through faith on the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. — Robert Beverly Hale

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

You can conquer any mountain with faith, hope and courage. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Rex D. Pinegar

Do not fear the challenges of life, but approach them patiently, with faith in God. He will reward your faith with power not only to endure, but also to overcome hardships, disappointments, trials, and struggles of daily living. Through diligently striving to live the law of God and with faith in Him, we will not be diverted from our eternal course. — Rex D. Pinegar

Challenges And Faith Quotes By David S. Baxter

Single parents, I testify that as you do your very best in the most difficult of human challenges, heaven will smile upon you. Truly you are not alone. Let the redemptive, loving power of Jesus Christ brighten your life now and fill you with the hope of eternal promise. Take courage. Have faith and hope. Consider the present with fortitude and look to the future with confidence. — David S. Baxter

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Neal A. Maxwell

Real faith, however, is required to endure this necessary but painful developmental process. As things unfold, sometimes in full view, let us be merciful with each other. We certainly do not criticize hospital patients amid intensive care for looking pale and preoccupied. Why then those recovering from surgery on their souls? No need for us to stare; those stitches will finally come out. And in this hospital, too, it is important for everyone to remember that the hospital chart is not the patient. Extending our mercy to someone need not wait upon our full understanding of their challenges! Empathy may not be appreciated or reciprocated, but empathy is never wasted. — Neal A. Maxwell

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Stephen K. Ray

Many saints are known and praised by all. We pray to them in litanies and celebrate their feast days. But the vast majority of holy men and women live heroic lives quietly before God.
Loyal to family, lovers of God, servants in the Church, these unsung saints live everyday life as an example for us. David Hanneman is one such man. His story is exemplary and should be told to the world. He not only lived a noble life, but also suffered with heroism and grace as he passed into glory.
This is a story to encourage and bless us all. We are thankful to Joseph Hanneman for sharing his father and making his story known to us who need such examples to encourage us as we face the difficulties and challenges of life. — Stephen K. Ray

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

The wilderness is a place for spiritual rebirth. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Notker Wolf

At first we feel called by God and attracted by him. We grow in our vocation and get the impression that God has gripped us and will never let us go. We want to withdraw from him in order to escape his grasp. But he loves us too much to allow us to fall. He holds us fast, challenges us. — Notker Wolf

Challenges And Faith Quotes By A.B. Simpson

Difficulties and obstacles are God's challenges to faith. When hindrances confront us in the path of duty, we are to recognize them as vessels for faith to fill with the fullness and all-sufficiency of Jesus. — A.B. Simpson

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

With positive attitude and persistent endurance, you can overcome any challenge. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Vachel Lindsay

I think on death as the apparent end of the illusions that encompass us. They all have a sudden and unexpected end, that challenges any faith we have pinned to their worth. — Vachel Lindsay

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Maclean's

So the most prominent Liberal in the country remains an admirer of governments' ability to get things done. His faith in the ability of the Canadian people to rise above difference, to perceive and work toward an agreed-upon notion of the common good, remains. He's fascinated by the challenges his party faces. He's genetically connected to the last distinct brand advantage his party has, the Charter of Rights. And he's shown a knack for surprising victories against long odds. — Maclean's

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Sasha Azevedo

I do believe that when we face challenges in life that are far beyond our own power, it's an opportunity to build on our faith, inner strength, and courage. I've learned that how we face challenges plays a big role in the outcome of them. — Sasha Azevedo

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Meg Jay

Older spouses may be more mature, but later marriage has its own challenges. Rather than growing together while their twentysomething selves are still forming, partners who marry older may be more set in their ways. And a series of low-commitment, possibly destructive relationships can create bad habits and erode faith in love. And even though searching may help you find a better partner, the pool of available singles shallows over time, perhaps in more ways than one. — Meg Jay

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Yanni

I know that our world is going through a very difficult time right now, but I will never lose my faith in humanity, and our incredible ability to overcome just about anything. — Yanni

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Bill Hybels

Obeying the Spirit instead of your own self-centered whims will lead you to places you've never been, challenge you in ways you have never been challenged, and invite levels of sacrifice you never dreamed you could make. This is the power and the promise of full-throttle faith, of living a life fueled solely by God. — Bill Hybels

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Dean M. Davies

Essential to our personal faith and development is the unmistakable knowledge that our Father and our Savior want us to succeed. They want us to return to Their presence. Because of Their love for us, They have given us resources to obtain comfort, direction, and strength for our journey home. I speak of prayer, the wonderful and sublime ability to communicate and share our concerns with the Father; the Holy Spirit, which will enlighten and comfort us; and the words of the prophets, both ancient and modern. These resources give us understanding and direction in dealing with our challenges. — Dean M. Davies

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Ronald Reagan

Today, we're taking a break from the concerns and the bustle of the work-a-day world. But we're also making a new beginning ... Let us renew our faith that as free men and women we still have the power to better our lives, and let us resolve to face the challenges of the new year holding that conviction firmly in our hearts. That, after all, is our greatest strength and our greatest gift as Americans. — Ronald Reagan

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Dieter F. Uchtdorf

We sometimes think that being grateful is what we do after our problems are solved, but how terribly shortsighted that is. How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain? Being grateful in times of distress does not mean that we are pleased with our circumstances. It does mean that through the eyes of faith we look beyond our present-day challenges. This is not a gratitude of the lips but of the soul. It is a gratitude that heals the heart and expands the mind. — Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Amaka Imani Nkosazana

You perception of a person, place, or thing may not be accurate. Just because it looks good does not mean it is good and vice versa. Always be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to the people, places, and things around you. Don't allow your misperception to put you in an uncomfortable situation. — Amaka Imani Nkosazana

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Frances Wright

Let us enquire. Who, then, shall challenge the words? Why are they challenged. And by whom? By those who call themselves the guardians of morality, and who are the constituted guardians of religion. Enquiry, it seems, suits not them. They have drawn the line, beyond which human reason shall not pass
above which human virtue shall not aspire! All that is without their faith or above their rule, is immorality, is atheism, is
I know not what. — Frances Wright

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Carlos Wallace

Another year of life is a gift from God. May He continue to bless you with strength to conquer your challenges, wisdom to choose your battles carefully, faith that your steps have already been ordered and confidence to trust that no one person or situation can undo what He has already set in motion. - Happy Birthday! — Carlos Wallace

Challenges And Faith Quotes By Ronald Reagan

I know that it is often difficult to stand up for one's beliefs when they are being harshly challenged. But as one who has seen many challenges over a long lifetime, I can assure you that personal faith and conviction are strengthened, not weakened, in adversity. — Ronald Reagan