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Chain Smoking Quotes By Robert Sylvester

I asked a coughing friend of mine why he doesn't stop smoking. 'In this town it wouldn't do any good,' he explained. 'I happen to be a chain breather.' — Robert Sylvester

Chain Smoking Quotes By Michael Anthony

I thought of To Kill a Mockingbird. I had finished reading it one night in a bunker, my knees bent and hunched together while mortars hit the ground, the glow of a cigarette and the moon as my only light. Standing there now, chain-smoking, I felt like I finally understood the ending. — Michael Anthony

Chain Smoking Quotes By Rajneesh

You must be a deeply anxiety-ridden person, otherwise chain-smoking is not possible; chain-smoking is a by-product. You must be so concerned about a thousand and one disturbances inside, you must be carrying such a big load of worries on your heart, on your chest, that you don't even know how to forget them. You don't know how to drop them - smoking at least helps you to forget about them. — Rajneesh

Chain Smoking Quotes By Neil Leckman

At a long meeting a man next to me, British I hope, said, "Man, I'd kill for a fag about now" I chuckled when everyone moved away from him but me.
"Why did everyone do that?"
"They say that smoking can kill, and they're just being cautious"
"What about that fellow there smiling at me?"
"Don't know, maybe he's a chain smoker ... — Neil Leckman

Chain Smoking Quotes By Mary Lambert

There I am, chain-smoking and watching YouTube videos in my bedroom at 6 A.M. when a spoken-word video comes on the screen. I knew I had to do it: that it was another part of me that needed to be explored. — Mary Lambert

Chain Smoking Quotes By Austin Kleon

The minute you stop wanting something you get it. - Andy Warhol Chain-smoking — Austin Kleon

Chain Smoking Quotes By Mary-Louise Parker

Faith to you was more clay than mortar, and if you could interpret the gospel, so could I. So should anyone. If God wasn't mad at you for drinking wine and chain-smoking and being a homosexual, he might forgive me for stealing a kitten and trying to hide it under a blanket in the back of our station wagon. Certainly that God was preferable to others who wouldn't let you in Heaven if you said bad words or drank Mountain Dew. — Mary-Louise Parker

Chain Smoking Quotes By David Foster Wallace

Nor would I even begin to try to describe what she looks like as she's telling the story, reliving it, she's naked, hair spilling all down her back, sitting meditatively cross-legged amid the wrecked bedding and smoking ultralight Merits from which she keeps removing the filters because she claims they're full of additives and unsafe - unsafe as she's sitting there chain-smoking, which was so patently irrational that I couldn't even bring - yes and some kind of blister on her Achilles tendon, from the sandals, leaning with her upper body to follow the oscillation of the fan so she's moving in and out of a wash of moon from the window whose angle of incidence itself alters as the moon moves up and across the window - all I can tell you is she was lovely. The bottoms of her feet dirty, almost black. The moon so full it looks engorged. — David Foster Wallace

Chain Smoking Quotes By Tim Harford

Bill Phillips was this nervous, chain-smoking student. He had signed up to be an engineer, he had gone away to fight in the Second World War, he had come back. He had switched to sociology because he wanted to understand how people could do these terrible things to each other. And he did a little bit of economics on the side. — Tim Harford

Chain Smoking Quotes By Brooklyn Hudson

I am a chain-smoking, nocturnal, reality show junky. — Brooklyn Hudson

Chain Smoking Quotes By Sabrina Paige

You're the tattooed, chain-smoking, beer-guzzling, train wreck, son of the movie star who's marrying my family-values, ex Marine Senator father. You're a tabloid headline, standing right here in front of me!

Yeah? Well, you're the goody-goody, stuck up, boring-ass virgin who's so uptight she can't find anyone to punch her v-card except the manwhore from her school who will screw literally anyone. And then turns out to be the most boring fucking lay I've ever had. — Sabrina Paige

Chain Smoking Quotes By Robyn Peterman

Do you mind if we leave here so I can chain smoke 'til I throw up so it will be easier to quit? — Robyn Peterman

Chain Smoking Quotes By Ray Bradbury

Chain-smoking, chapter by chapter, all the silly things the words mean, all the false promises, all the second-hand notions and time-worn philosophies. — Ray Bradbury

Chain Smoking Quotes By J.R. Ward

Man, it was a good thing vampires didn't get cancer. Lately he'd been chain-smoking like a felon. — J.R. Ward

Chain Smoking Quotes By Logan Ryan Smith

She's chain-smoking the whole time and leering at us like lambs being lead to some biblical character with a hard-on. — Logan Ryan Smith

Chain Smoking Quotes By Reid Scott

I consider myself almost a Californian at this point, because I've been here long enough. Obviously, when I first came to the land of blond-haired, blue-eyed surfer types, I was the sardonic, sarcastic, liquor-swilling, chain-smoking, dark-haired, dark-eyed guy from New York. — Reid Scott

Chain Smoking Quotes By Anna Kendrick

Even now, every job I get, I worry that it will be my last. I think becoming a washed-up hag is sort of my destiny. So if you see a wrinkled old bitch wearing a tattered fur and chain-smoking in an off-Broadway back alley...that's just me. Starting four years from now. — Anna Kendrick

Chain Smoking Quotes By Kerry-Lee Powell

My other big mistake was letting it slide when she promised me a cut of her earnings. Because it turns out not many people want to stroll through head-high piles of scrap metal and rusty baby buggies down a path lined with artificial yucca plants to have their fortune told by a chain-smoking butterball in a dirty pink sweat suit. If I had thought about it long and hard enough I could've predicted that myself. — Kerry-Lee Powell

Chain Smoking Quotes By Allen Carr

Whenever you think about smoking you must see it as a lifetime's chain of filth, disease, fear, misery and slavery. — Allen Carr

Chain Smoking Quotes By Rajneesh

I am less interested in your chain-smoking; I am more interested in your habit. Any habit that becomes a force, a dominating force over you, is a sin. One should live more in freedom. One should be able to do things not according to habits but according to the situations. — Rajneesh

Chain Smoking Quotes By Katherine Paterson

For the only time in my life I would be living with a chain-smoking semi-invalid whose chief point of pride in life was his membership in the Ku Klux Clan. — Katherine Paterson

Chain Smoking Quotes By Adam Levin

He described the experience as being 'a little bit less fun, perhaps, than chain-smoking for ninety minutes while handcuffed to a dowager with asthma who used to teach Health and smells incontinent. — Adam Levin

Chain Smoking Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I wish I was a smoker," Haven said with a brittle laugh, walking around the apartment with jittery energy. "This is one of those times when chain-smoking seems appropriate."
"Oh, no you don't," Hardy murmured, reaching out to catch her wrist. "You got enough bad habits already, honey." He drew her between his thighs as he leaned against the sofa, and she nestled against him.
"Including you," she said, her voice muffled. "You're my worst habit."
"That's right." He combed his fingers through her dark curls, and kissed her head. "And there's no getting over me."
-Haven & Hardy — Lisa Kleypas

Chain Smoking Quotes By Hope Jahren

So how to combine a liter of fluid with active agents, customized according to the patient's weight and status, while keeping everything sterile? If this is for the ER or the ICU, we have about ten minutes to make it happen. Fortunately for the patient, there is a sleep-starved teenager apprenticed to a chain-smoking barmaid in the basement who is ready for action. *** — Hope Jahren

Chain Smoking Quotes By Stuart MacBride

Where Insch was bald, Steel looked as if someone had sellotaped a Cairn terrier to her head. Rumour had it she was only forty-two, but she looked a lot older. Years of chain smoking had left her face looking like a holiday home for lines and wrinkles. — Stuart MacBride

Chain Smoking Quotes By Heshan Udunuwara

Asking storytellers to be genuine is like, asking a chain smoker to quit smoking . Habit of lying isn't easy to fix. Pretend as believing is like selling cigarettes. What else we could do, if we want them to be in our lives ... — Heshan Udunuwara

Chain Smoking Quotes By Daniel Goleman

and how toxic emotions put our physical health at as much risk as does chain-smoking, even as emotional balance can help protect our health and well-being. — Daniel Goleman

Chain Smoking Quotes By Ilona Andrews

Somehow this new, on-his-best-behavior version was scarier than witnessing him calmly breaking a man with his bare hands.
After what we'd been through, I would've expected him to hole up somewhere dark, eating raw meat, chain-smoking, guzzling some sort of ridiculously tough drink, like whiskey or kerosene or something, and thinking grim thoughts about life and death. But no, here he was, charming and untroubled, sipping coffee. — Ilona Andrews

Chain Smoking Quotes By Daniel Clowes

The trouble is the kind of guy I want to go out with doesn't even exist ... Like a rugged, chain-smoking, intellectual, adventurer guy who's really serious, but also really funny and mean ... — Daniel Clowes

Chain Smoking Quotes By Dean Cavanagh

Expect the unexpected like a chain smoking, hard drinking, monochrome world dwelling Noir Detective — Dean Cavanagh

Chain Smoking Quotes By S.L.J. Shortt

You're a chain-smoking, alcoholic hyper-violent sociopath with daddy issues!"
"When you say it like that it sounds bad ... — S.L.J. Shortt

Chain Smoking Quotes By Dean Koontz

With blue vinyl-tile floor, pale-green wainscoating, pink walls, a yellow ceiling, and orange-and-white stork-patterned drapes, the expectant fathers' lounge churned with the negative energy of color overload. It would have served well as the nervous-making set for a nightmare about a children's-show host who led a secret life as an ax murderer. The chain-smoking clown didn't improve the ambience. — Dean Koontz