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Top Celebrity Scientology Quotes

Celebrity Scientology Quotes By Leah Remini

I was once a big fan of Tom's - before I got to know him. I'm sure many people could say the same thing about me or any other celebrity. But this is different; most actors are not in charge of your faith. I don't doubt that Tom is in Scientology because he believes in it, but to me he has simply been given too much power by his church. — Leah Remini

Celebrity Scientology Quotes By Gail Porter

I know a lot of celebrity types go for Kabbalah and Scientology. But why pay 10 per cent of your earnings to someone when it's all common sense: treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself. — Gail Porter

Celebrity Scientology Quotes By Lawrence Wright

Hubbard set up the Church of Scientology in Hollywood in 1954 for a reason. He understood that celebrity was increasingly a feature of American public life, and celebrities themselves were going to be worshiped as minor deities were in the ancient world. The idea was: if you could get them, think how many people would follow. — Lawrence Wright

Celebrity Scientology Quotes By Leah Remini

Tom Cruise, the church's most coveted, celebrated, and protected celebrity member, and David Miscavige, the tyrannical leader and current head of the church. Ironically, for me and for most other people who have left the church and spoken out against it, the very qualities that we've been penalized for - defying, questioning, thinking independently - are the same qualities that made us prime candidates for Scientology in the first place. — Leah Remini