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Casey Anthony Quotes By Don Lemon

I think the Casey Anthony trial caught a lot of news organizations off guard. — Don Lemon

Casey Anthony Quotes By Jay Leno

Casey Anthony was found not guilty. This means that President Obama's economic team is only the second-most clueless group in America. — Jay Leno

Casey Anthony Quotes By Jeff Ashton

I noticed that the defense team had lowered Casey's adjustable chair more than was normal for a person of Casey's height. Only her head and shoulders were visible above the table. I was sure it was deliberately staged to make her appear smaller and meeker than she was. But wouldn't the jury see through those ploys? How smart do you have to be to know you are being played? — Jeff Ashton

Casey Anthony Quotes By Jeff Ashton

After George was dismissed, the jury had two questions of its own for Judge Perry. They wanted to know which twelve of the fifteen jurors would deliberate the case and which three were alternates. Would it be the first twelve and the alternates were the last three, or would the order be mixed up? The other question was, Did the alternates get to go home when the jury deliberated? Day Three of the trial and they were already talking about wanting to go home - not a good sign. — Jeff Ashton

Casey Anthony Quotes By Jeff Ashton

My worst fears from jury selection manifested themselves in the verdict. This jury needed someone to tell them exactly how Caylee died. Piecing it together from circumstantial evidence was not good enough for them. They wanted the answers on a silver platter, but we didn't have the evidence to serve it that way. It's not just the verdict that tells me this, but also the manner in which it was reached. The fact that they didn't request any materials to review. The fact that they didn't have any questions for the judge. If the statements that the foreman of the jury made to the media are true, ten of these twelve jurors felt that ninety minutes of deliberation was sufficient to fully weigh, consider, and reject four weeks' worth of testimony that we on the prosecution used to establish that this was first-degree murder. The rest of the thirteen hours of deliberation had been spent trying to convince the two holdout jurors of the decision. — Jeff Ashton

Casey Anthony Quotes By Jeff Ashton

Ultimately, it is this piece of the jury's decision that I absolutely cannot understand: how could they disregard so much evidence showing that Casey had played a large role in Caylee's death? Looking through the testimonies that we presented at trial, one thing that seems quite apparent is that, either through her own deliberate actions or through some kind of negligence, Casey was involved in her daughter's death. There is simply too much evidence tying Caylee's dead body to the car Casey was driving for me to believe that Casey herself was completely uninvolved. — Jeff Ashton