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Quotes & Sayings About Canadian Geography

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Top Canadian Geography Quotes

Canadian Geography Quotes By Harry S. Truman

Canadian-American relations for many years did not develop spontaneously. The example of accord provided by our two countries did not come about merely through the happy circumstance of geography. It is compounded of one part proximity and nine parts good will and common sense. — Harry S. Truman

Canadian Geography Quotes By Ron Wyden

Right now, there are a limited number of customers for Canadian oil. Due to simple geography - and without the pipeline - it's really only cost effective for Canadian oil producers to sell their oil to North American customers, mostly American Midwesterners. — Ron Wyden

Canadian Geography Quotes By Rebecca McNutt

The hardest part of being a Canadian kid is having to color in Nunavut with a crayon in school, hell on earth. — Rebecca McNutt

Canadian Geography Quotes By Harold Innis

Canada emerged as a political entity with boundaries largely determined by the fur trade. These boundaries included a vast north temperate land area extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific and dominated by the Canadian Shield. The present Dominion emerged not in spite of geography but because of it. — Harold Innis