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Top Camera Flashes Quotes

Camera Flashes Quotes By Keith Ellison

I raised my right hand and placed my left on the Quran, which was being held by my wife and mom. Suddenly, I was blinded by a cascade of camera flashes ... — Keith Ellison

Camera Flashes Quotes By Brian Boitano

If I had never won a single medal, I'd still be skating in a rink somewhere. There wouldn't be an audience or camera flashes or autograph seekers, but I'd still be skating. — Brian Boitano

Camera Flashes Quotes By Lauren Oliver

Everything looks stark and vivid and frozen, as though drawn precisely and outlined in ink - parents' smiles frozen, camera flashes blinding, mouths open and white teeth glinstening, dark glossy hair and deep blue sky and unrelenting light, everyone drowning in light - everything so clear and perfect I'm sure it must already be a memory, or a dream. — Lauren Oliver

Camera Flashes Quotes By Swizz Beatz

I'm a very creative person, and you know when I hooked up with Benny Boom, I said I want it to be a different kind of video. I want it to be crisp, and I want it to relate, [and] not to be so far over people's heads. And that's when we came up with the p-t-d-d-d-d-d (camera flashes.) You know with the picture changing, and that's it. — Swizz Beatz

Camera Flashes Quotes By Ransom Riggs

Through a bombed cemetery, long-forgotten Londoners unearthed and flung into trees, grinning in rotted formal wear. A curlicued swing set in a cratered playground. The horrors piled up, incomprehensible, the bombers now and then dropping flares to light it all with the pure, shining white of a thousand camera flashes. As if to say: Look. Look what we made. — Ransom Riggs

Camera Flashes Quotes By China Mieville

The air was stained by shadows, a darkness burst by lightning like camera flashes. — China Mieville