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Famous Quotes By Nathan Yocum

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There is some unwritten code or law that all women or means must be into Hinduism or Mysticism or psychics by the time they reach fifty years of age. The male equivalent is ornate guns. All aging women find psychics, all aging males find gun cabinets and expensive brandy. There's your truth. — Nathan Yocum

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What brings you to our gorgeous, God-given paradise, our Eden of monsters and half-men? — Nathan Yocum

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Lead looked to his hand and saw sparkling chunks of glass in the cracks of the road. He saw ants running around the cracks, infinitely small. His blood ran into the cracks, creating rivers for the industrious ants to perplex over. Lead smiled at the creatures, for he understood that there is no difference between them and us in their wanderings and labor. — Nathan Yocum

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Church and God ain't the same thing. From what I know, God's perfect. The Church makes mistakes ... God's about order, Church is about power, as best as I can figure, to be against one is not to be against the other. — Nathan Yocum

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Why did God make creatures as complex as women for creatures as simple as men? — Nathan Yocum

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The burden of genius is not the labor of our endeavors but in sharing the world with fools who don't know they are fools. Mark my words, the pseudointellectual will be the death of us all. — Nathan Yocum

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Good people will outlast the rule of the Church. No rule of law lasts for long, and there is nothing that can wholly destroy the good and evil that lives in man. It's ours to own for the duration of time and whatever exists beyond. — Nathan Yocum