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Famous Thoughts Quotes By Jonathan Swift

It is pleasant to observe how free the present age is in laying taxes on the next. "Future ages shall talk of this; they shall be famous to all posterity;" whereas their time and thoughts will be taken up about present things, as ours are now. — Jonathan Swift

Famous Thoughts Quotes By J.K. Rowling

I've done this job for centuries On every student's head I've sat Of thoughts I take inventories For I'm the famous Sorting Hat I've sorted high, I've sorted low, I've done the job through thick and thin So put me on and you will know Which House you should be in — J.K. Rowling

Famous Thoughts Quotes By Philip Dodd

Space is infinite. To the mind that means freedom, liberation.' So wrote Arisko, our greatest turkle philosopher, in his most famous work, 'Thoughts In A Bathtub'," said Dottia, dreamily, in an inspired state. — Philip Dodd

Famous Thoughts Quotes By Nehali Lalwani

Life gets easier when you stop caring and expecting things to get better! — Nehali Lalwani

Famous Thoughts Quotes By Saadi

Better is the sinner who hath thoughts about God, than the saint who hath only the show of sanctity. — Saadi

Famous Thoughts Quotes By Chuck Klosterman

No woman will ever satisfy me. I know that now, and I would never try to deny it. But this is actually okay, because I will never satisfy a woman, either. Should I be writing such thoughts? Perhaps not. Perhaps it's a bad idea. I can definitely foresee a scenario where that first paragraph could come back to haunt me, especially if I somehow became marginally famous. — Chuck Klosterman

Famous Thoughts Quotes By Deyth Banger

I wanna to ask that fat and glassy guy... Famous as GreenHollyWood, first of all (HELLO (I wanna and gonna be polite!)...
AS second, what are you trying to show us?
To be stupid and so far the doors are open for stupidity or to show us what's not right... so far you aren't preparing us for the world. The world is beyond your imagination and your thoughts, sounds, sad (but that's a fact), facts are sad!? — Deyth Banger

Famous Thoughts Quotes By Maxwell Maltz

The most liberating of all thoughts is disregard or "disconcern" for what other people think. Famous mail-order impresario and entrepreneur J. Peterman wrote (in his autobiography Peterman Rides Again); "Once you realize that most people are keeping up appearances and putting on a show, their approval becomes less important." Excessive concern over what other people think inhibits personality more than any other factor. — Maxwell Maltz

Famous Thoughts Quotes By Lauren Oliver

So many questions crowd my brain at once, it's like one of the famous Portland fogs has swept up from the ocean and settled there, making it impossible to think normal, functional thoughts. We're sitting on the floor of the living room, which is squashed up right next to the "dining room", and I'm holding Jenny's workbook on my knees, reciting the problems to her, but my mind is on autopilot and my thoughts are a million miles away. Or rather, they're exactly 3.4 miles away, down at the marshy edge of Back Cove. — Lauren Oliver

Famous Thoughts Quotes By Paul Auster

And now we get to the hard part. the endings, the farewells, and the famous last words. if you don't hear from me often, remember that you're in my thoughts. — Paul Auster

Famous Thoughts Quotes By Michel De Montaigne

Our thoughts are always elsewhere; we are stayed and supported by the hope for a better life, or by the hope that our children will turn out well, or that our name will be famous in the future, or that we shall escape the evils of this life, or that vengeance threatens those who are the cause of our death. — Michel De Montaigne

Famous Thoughts Quotes By Taite Adams

I am a firm believer in the notion that what we think upon grows and, by constantly bombarding our lives with thoughts of what's missing, we are simply inviting more of that lack into our existence. In the now famous words of Bob Newhart - "Stop It!". — Taite Adams

Famous Thoughts Quotes By Mitch Albom

The second death. To think that you died and no one would remember you. I wondered if this was why we tried so hard to make our mark in America. To be known. Think of how important celebrity has become. We sing to get famous; expose our worst secrets to get famous; lose weight, eat bugs, even commit murder to get famous. Our young people post their deepest thoughts on public web sites. They run cameras from their bedrooms. It's as if we are screaming Notice Me! Remember Me! Yet the notoriety barely lasts. Names quickly blur and in time are forgotten. — Mitch Albom

Famous Thoughts Quotes By Randall Jarrell

I don't need to praise anything so justly famous as Frost 's observation of and empathy with everything in Nature from a hornet to a hillside; and he has observed his own nature, one person's random or consequential chains of thoughts and feelings and perceptions, quite as well. (And this person, in the poems, is not the "alienated artist" cut off from everybody who isn't, yum-yum, another alienated artist; he is someone like normal people only more so a normal person in the less common and more important sense of normal . — Randall Jarrell