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C&c Renegade Quotes By Judith McNaught

Despite all her diligent efforts to remake herself into a model of propriety, when it come to falling in love she'd reverted to from and fallen in love with a man who was a renegade, a black sheep, a daring, cynical, tough social outcast who in some ways reminded her of the boys she'd known on the Chicago streets. — Judith McNaught

C&c Renegade Quotes By Arthur Caplan

Renegade scientists and totalitarian loonies are not the folks most likely to abuse genetic engineering. You and I are-not because we are bad but because we want to do good. In a world dominated by competition, parents understandably want to give their kids every advantage ... The most likely way for eugenics to enter into our lives is through the front door as nervous parents ... will fall over one another to be first to give Junior a better set of genes. — Arthur Caplan

C&c Renegade Quotes By Afrika Bambaataa

I'm the renegade of funk. I've made house, techno, rock, funk, reggae ... That's why I've been on so many different labels. — Afrika Bambaataa

C&c Renegade Quotes By Jayson Werth

I want to get out in the community and make sure everyone knows I'm not some renegade driver that's out there and irresponsible and reckless. I really think this is just a one-time thing. You live and learn. If you do the crime, you do the time, so to speak. With that said, I got a lot going for me. I got a great job, a great career, a great family. This is just a little bump in the road. My spirit's not broke. I'm not down and out by any means. — Jayson Werth

C&c Renegade Quotes By Richard Dooling

Sentences that begin with 'You' are probably not true. For instance, when I write: "You are a pet human named Morlock being disciplined by your master, a Beowulf cluster of FreeBSD 22.0 servers in the year 2052. Last week you tried to escape by digging a hole under the perimeter, which means this week you may be put to sleep for being a renegade human."

That's not true, at least not yet. — Richard Dooling

C&c Renegade Quotes By Suzanne Johnson

This is beautiful." Eugenie ran her fingers along a massive mahogany sideboard, on the top of which rested a red velvet sash with fine embroidery on it and, on top of the sash, a silver dagger. That little vignette was Jean Lafitte in a nutshell. Refined gentleman and renegade. Velvet and violence. — Suzanne Johnson

C&c Renegade Quotes By R.A. Salvatore

No path by chance but by plot, Further steps along the road of his father's ghost. The traitor to Lolth is sought By he who hates him most. The fall of a house, the fall of a spear, Puncture the Spider Queen's pride as a dart. And now a needle for Drizzt Do'Urden to wear 'Neath the folds of his cloak, so deep in his heart. A challenge, renegade of renegade's seed, A golden ring thee cannot resist! Reach, but only when the beast is freed From festering in the swirl of Abyss. Given to Lolth and by Lolth given That thee might seek the darkest of trails. Presented to one who is most unshriven And held out to thee, for thee shall fail! So seek, Drizzt Do'Urden, the one who hates thee most. A friend, and too, a foe, made in thine home that was first. There thee will find one feared a ghost Bonded by love and by battle's thirst. — R.A. Salvatore

C&c Renegade Quotes By Thomas Watson

A pagan sins less than a baptised renegade. — Thomas Watson

C&c Renegade Quotes By Linda Howard

She was flustered; he could see it in the
way she kept twisting her fingers together. Did she think he was going to throw her down
on the seat and rape her? After all, he was a renegade Indian, and capable of anything.
Then again, the way she looked, maybe this was the most excitement she'd ever had. — Linda Howard

C&c Renegade Quotes By Gayle Forman

She opens her eyes and wipes her hands together as if to say enough of that. Then she reconsiders and adds a final appeal. "Please don't die. I can understand why you'd want to, but think about this: If you die, there's going to be one of those cheesy Princess Diana memorials at school, where everyone puts flowers and candles and notes next to your locker." She wipes away a renegade tear with the back of her hand. "I know you'd hate that kind of thing. — Gayle Forman

C&c Renegade Quotes By Patricia Briggs

Renegade Cantrip agents is our working hypothesis, — Patricia Briggs

C&c Renegade Quotes By Kara Walker

I guess there was a little bit of a slight rebellion, maybe a little bit of a renegade desire that made me realize at some point in my adolescence that I really liked pictures that told stories of things - genre paintings, historical paintings - the sort of derivatives we get in contemporary society. — Kara Walker

C&c Renegade Quotes By Jeff VanderMeer

The city might be savage, stray dogs might share the streets with grimy urchins whose blank eyes reflected the knowledge that they might soon be covered over, blinded forever, by the same two pennies just begged from some gentleman, and no one in the fuming, fulminous boulevards of trade might know who actually ran Ambergris-or, if anyone ran it at all, but, like a renegade clock, it ran on and wound itself heedless, empowered by the insane weight of its own inertia, the weight of its own citizenry. — Jeff VanderMeer

C&c Renegade Quotes By Irvine Welsh

-The renegade robots are now long dead, the metal ones rusted, the human ones bled. — Irvine Welsh

C&c Renegade Quotes By Nelson Searcy

A renegade is someone who chooses the narrow way because it's the Jesus way ... the way of life, health and growth. — Nelson Searcy

C&c Renegade Quotes By Alex Winter

I'm not trying to be some kind of underground renegade. — Alex Winter

C&c Renegade Quotes By Toni Morrison

Maybe everybody has a renegade tongue yearning to be on its own. — Toni Morrison

C&c Renegade Quotes By Allen Iverson

People think that I'm some tough renegade, black-hearted being, evil, but that ain't me. — Allen Iverson

C&c Renegade Quotes By Katherine Boo

The municipality sent water through six Annawadi faucets for ninety minutes in the morning and ninety minutes at night. Shiv Sena men had appropriated the taps, charging usage fees to their neighbors. These water-brokers were resented, but not as much as the renegade World Vision social worker who had collected money from Annawadians for a new tap, then run away with it. — Katherine Boo

C&c Renegade Quotes By Chris Hedges

There will be rebels. They will live in the shadows. They will be the renegade painters, sculptors, poets, writers, journalists, musicians, actors, dancers, organizers, activists, mystics, intellectuals and other outcasts who are willing to accept personal sacrifice. They will not surrender their integrity, creativity, independence and finally their souls. They will speak the truth. The state will have little tolerance of them. They will be poor. The wider society will be conditioned by mass propaganda to write them off as parasites or traitors. They will keep alive what is left of dignity and freedom. Perhaps one day they will rise up and triumph. But one does not live in poverty and on the margins of society because of the certainty of success. One lives like that because to collaborate with radical evil is to betray all that is good and beautiful. It is to become a captive. It is to give up the moral autonomy that makes us human. The rebels will be our hope. — Chris Hedges

C&c Renegade Quotes By Samuel R. Delany

The pulp hero, though he may be a renegade, is a guy who doesn't feel. Anything. Ever. And for the adolescent male - pummeled by emotions left and right, whether arising from sexuality or resulting from his necessary encounters with authority - this hero is a blessing, a relief and a release. The world he lives in, where feelings are totally under control, looks to the adolescent boy like heaven! This hero's lack of feeling - like Star Trek's Spock - is what allows him to be a genius, or allows him to shoot the bad guys and/or aliens, without a quiver to his lip. — Samuel R. Delany

C&c Renegade Quotes By Juliette Lewis

The old footage of my dad, I always knew we were cut from the same cloth, because my dad was such a renegade and always marched to the beat of his own drum. To see where we were both dancing and being silly together, it's too beautiful for words. I was really happy to have that. — Juliette Lewis

C&c Renegade Quotes By Pier Paolo Pasolini

First the mania for confession,
then the mania for clarity,
issued from you, dark, hypocritical
sentiment! Let them now
condemn my every passion, let them
drag me through the mud, call me twisted,
foul pervert, dilettante, perjurer;
you keep me apart, give me life's assurance:
I burn at the stake, play the card of fire
and win: I win this small,
vast possession, my infinite,
miserable pity
which makes even righteous anger my friend.
And I can do this because I've endured you too long! — Pier Paolo Pasolini

C&c Renegade Quotes By Eva Flynn

Failure is Impossible."--Susan B. Anthony in The Renegade Queen — Eva Flynn

C&c Renegade Quotes By Sally Mann

To identify a person as a Southerner suggests not only that her history is inescapable and formative but that it is also impossibly present. Southerners live uneasily at the nexus between myth and reality, watching the mishmash amalgam of sorrow, humility, honor, graciousness, and renegade defiance play out against a backdrop of profligate physical beauty. — Sally Mann

C&c Renegade Quotes By Laurence Ralph

A "renegade dream" is to imagine a different future for yourself and your community even when living a life that's at odds with the dignity of your aspirations. — Laurence Ralph

C&c Renegade Quotes By Kate Mulgrew

I entered the bridge from my ready room, assured Harry Kim that it wasn't "crunch time" yet, acknowledged another actor who was playing my first officer but who would soon be dead (Chakotay and Tuvok were still on the renegade Maquis ship, and we had not yet joined ranks), sat in the captain's chair, nodded to Mr. Paris, and said, "Engage. — Kate Mulgrew

C&c Renegade Quotes By Bell Hooks

But artists aren't the only marginalized folks controlling real estate. Think about the colonizing role that wealthy white gay men have played in communities of color; they're often the first group to gentrify poor and working-class neighborhoods. Harlem is a good example. Gays have moved in and driven up rents, as have renegade young white students, who want to be cool and hip. This is colonization, post-colonial-style. After all, the people who are "sent back" to recover the territory are always those who don't mind associating with the colored people! And it's a double bind, because some of these people could be allies. Some gay white men are proactive about racism, even while being entrepreneurial. But in the end, they take spaces, redo them, sell them for a certain amount of money, while the people who have been there are displaced. And in some cases, the people of color who are there are perceived as enemies by white newcomers. — Bell Hooks

C&c Renegade Quotes By Marie Lu

I'll tell you why it matters," she hisses. "It matters because if you hadn't escaped,my brother would be alive right now.And I want to make sure no other filthy street con assigned to the labor camps escapes the system-so that this scenario won't play out ever again."
I laugh in her face.The pain in my leg only fuels my anger. "Oh,is that all you're worried about? A bunch of renegade Trial takers who managed to escape their deaths? Those ten-year-olds are a dangerous bunch,yeah? — Marie Lu

C&c Renegade Quotes By John Travolta

One of the things about the whole Harley motorcycle culture is that it's a little bit renegade. — John Travolta