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Top Broken Heart And Friendship Quotes

Broken Heart And Friendship Quotes By Anna Akhmatova

There is a frontier-line in human closeness
That love and passion cannot violate
Though in silence mouth to mouth be soldered
And passionate devotion cleave the heart.
Here friendship, too, is powerless, and years
Of that sublime and fiery happiness
When the free soul has broken clear
From the slow languor of voluptuousness.
Those striving towards it are demented, and
If the line seem close enough to broach
Stricken with sadness ... Now you understand
Why my heart does not beat beneath your touch. — Anna Akhmatova

Broken Heart And Friendship Quotes By Jerry Spinelli

I'm Sorry are two of the most powerful words in our language, especially when they are not flipped blithely over the shoulder but spoken from the heart. They help restore order, balance, harmony. They reduce pain. They heal broken friendship. If they were medecine, they'd be called a miracle. — Jerry Spinelli

Broken Heart And Friendship Quotes By Anna Lyndsey

Friendship plants itself as a small unobtrusive seed; over time, it grows thick roots that wrap around your heart. When a love affair ends, the tree is torn out quickly, the operation painful but clean. Friendship withers quietly, there is always hope of revival. Only after time has passed do you recognise that it is dead, and you are left, for years afterwards, pulling dry brown fibres from your chest. — Anna Lyndsey

Broken Heart And Friendship Quotes By Hayley Williams

Now I'm told that this is life, that pain is just a simple comprimise so we can get what we want out of it. Would someone care to classify a broken heart and some twisted minds so I can find someone to rely on? — Hayley Williams

Broken Heart And Friendship Quotes By Theresa Lewis

You know you're in love when you open your heart knowing there's a chance it may be broken but in opening your heart, you experience a love that you never dreamed possible. — Theresa Lewis

Broken Heart And Friendship Quotes By Michael Bassey Johnson

If you build the faith to trust a friend as God, then your heart can never be broken. — Michael Bassey Johnson

Broken Heart And Friendship Quotes By Cassandra Giovanni

The desperation in his voice was misplaced and as his eyes danced over my face I knew he was just as broken as I was. That kiss, those caresses - the feeling of his skin against mine had shattered our perfect friendship. There was no turning back now; having him was the only thing that would make me whole. — Cassandra Giovanni

Broken Heart And Friendship Quotes By Orson Scott Card

[That wall] might be breached sometime in the future, but for now the only real conversation between them was the roots that had already grown low and deep, under the wall, where they could not be broken.
The most terrible thing, though, was the fear that the wall could never be breached, that in his heart Alai was glad of the separation, and was ready to be Ender's enemy. For now that they could not be together, they must be infinitely apart, and what had been sure and unshakable was now fragile and insubstantial; from the moment we are not together, Alai is a stranger, for he has a life now that will be no part of mine, and that means that when I see him we will not know each other. — Orson Scott Card

Broken Heart And Friendship Quotes By Patti Roberts

I live precariously through my characters - so I want them to be loved passionately, live vibrantly, love unconditionally. Make friends they would die for - Explore unimaginable possibilities from all warps of life. And to never forget those that held their hands when life got scary. Wiped their tears away after a broken heart. Helped them back on their feet when others let them down. I want my characters to have family and friends - just like mine — Patti Roberts

Broken Heart And Friendship Quotes By Jasmine Sandozz

Let's be friends before lovers, don't ask to be my friend after you've broken my heart. — Jasmine Sandozz

Broken Heart And Friendship Quotes By Frank Frankfort Moore

To offer a man friendship when love is in his heart is like giving a loaf of bread to one who is dying of thirst. — Frank Frankfort Moore

Broken Heart And Friendship Quotes By Isabel Aanya Leigh

Between love and a friendship, the crucial difference is that when the love breaks you will realise that the friendship is what kept the two of you together. — Isabel Aanya Leigh