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Top Brain Picking Quotes

Brain Picking Quotes By Helen Fisher

When you look at the brain regions associated with picking up data from the body, a huge amount of the brain is devoted to picking up information from the lips and tongue. — Helen Fisher

Brain Picking Quotes By Edouard Leve

A dictionary resembles the world more than a novel does, because the world is not a coherent sequence of actions but a constellation of things perceived. It is looked at, unrelated things congregate, and geographic proximity gives them meaning. If events follow each other, they are believed to be a story. But in a dictionary, time doesn't exist: ABC is neither more nor less chronological than BCA. To portray your life in order would be absurd: I remember you at random. My brain resurrects you through stochastic details, like picking marbles out of a bag. — Edouard Leve

Brain Picking Quotes By Stephen Graham Jones

When I am writing a novel, though, then it's usually three or four hours a day. Ideally, right after lunch until three or four, but sometimes picking up again around ten, going until a touch after midnight. I rarely write in the morning, unless I'm on deadline. I do like rewriting in the morning, though. Guess it's the way my brain's put together. Or, the way it's falling apart. — Stephen Graham Jones

Brain Picking Quotes By John Scalzi

Picking you to have your brain plucked out of your body is not my idea of a favor, some part of my brain said. Good point, brain, I thought, ignoring that I was now speaking to myself. — John Scalzi

Brain Picking Quotes By Paula Hawkins

Scott the other night: the dream was just my brain picking all that apart. — Paula Hawkins

Brain Picking Quotes By Lauren Bacall

Most women use more brains picking a horse in the third at Belmont than they do picking a husband — Lauren Bacall

Brain Picking Quotes By Kathy Reichs

I can't believe you jokers fixed it." Hi was picking his way down to the beach.
"Believe it, clown. Too much brain power here to fail." Still pumped, Shelton threw another palm Ben's way.
"Oh, I'm sure." Hi streched, yawned. "It was something highly technical, I suppose? Something requiring mechanical ability? Nothing as simple as tightening a wire or flippin a switch, right?"
Ben reddened. Shelton developed an intrest in his sneakers.
Score one for Hi. — Kathy Reichs

Brain Picking Quotes By Mary Roach

It's possible that the reason I've never experienced a ghostly presence is that my temporal lobes aren't wired for it. It could well be that the main difference between skeptics (Susan Blackmore notwithstanding) and believers is the neural structure they were born with. But the question still remains: Are these people whose EMF-influenced brains alert them to "presences" picking up something real that the rest of us can't pick up, or are they hallucinating? Here again, we must end with the Big Shrug, a statue of which is being erected on the lawn outside my office. — Mary Roach

Brain Picking Quotes By Jessica Mitford

Picking other people's brains is an art worth cultivating. — Jessica Mitford

Brain Picking Quotes By Eileen Cook

The mother was holding a baby, had a stroller with what looked like twin girls around three, and had a five-year-old boy who was running around the shelves with a finger shoved up his nose. I considered warning him that if he fell, he would poke his brain out, but it struck me that losing intelligence was not something he was worried about. — Eileen Cook