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Top Boycotting Quotes

Boycotting Quotes By Patrick McHenry

Conservatives need to know how important it is to fill out the census. It is one of the only things our Constitution specifically asks of U.S. citizens and boycotting will just help liberals expand government even further. — Patrick McHenry

Boycotting Quotes By Khaled Hosseini

He loathed Jimmy Carter, whom he called a "big-toothed cretin." In 1980, when we were still in Kabul, the U.S. announced it would be boycotting the Olympic Games in Moscow. "Wah wah!" Baba exclaimed with disgust. "Brezhnev is massacring Afghans and all that peanut eater can say is I won't come swim in your pool. — Khaled Hosseini

Boycotting Quotes By Theodore Bikel

I am not, and have never been, in favor of boycotting Israel. — Theodore Bikel

Boycotting Quotes By Saleh Al-Mutlaq

Boycotting the referendum is a possible option ... because we believe that participating in the voting might be a useless act. — Saleh Al-Mutlaq

Boycotting Quotes By Patrick N. Allitt

Author relates the reaction of an Irish village to a landowner who tried to raise rents on the land's occupants. The villagers refused to talk to or trade with the man, whose name was Captain Boycott. — Patrick N. Allitt

Boycotting Quotes By Mark McGwire

The only team that could have competed with us was the Cubans. It's too bad they're boycotting. The teams we're playing just can't compete with our power. — Mark McGwire

Boycotting Quotes By Bill Engvall

To all companies please stop using Xmas songs and inserting your own lyrics. Write your own music. I am boycotting you until you stop. — Bill Engvall

Boycotting Quotes By Joan Baez

When I was 16, the guest speaker was King. And I was completely overwhelmed because I had been studying nonviolence, talking about it, reading about it, but here it was happening, here it was people boycotting the buses and people on the streets and taking risks, which I think was the key. — Joan Baez

Boycotting Quotes By Rutherford B. Hayes

Strikes and boycotting are akin to war, and can be justified only on grounds analogous to those which justify war, viz., intolerable injustice and oppression. — Rutherford B. Hayes

Boycotting Quotes By Darnell Lamont Walker

What if racism is so perfect, it made you believe the boycotting and peaceful protests of the civil rights movement actually changed policies, but in actuality policies were gonna change anyway.
"Hell, let them sit whereever they want on the bus. Just don't sit with them. Let them into our schools, the teachers will still teach from a eurocentric curriculum anyway. Let them eat with us, they'll need the energy and strength to build our homes."
Racism is a perfect system with an impenetrable barrier. — Darnell Lamont Walker

Boycotting Quotes By Mustafa Akyol

Disapproving and boycotting is the Quranic thing to do, whereas violence and threats are not. — Mustafa Akyol

Boycotting Quotes By David Nicholls

And I have a tiny little moment of anxiety, because I can't remember whether or not we're meant to be boycotting mars bars. — David Nicholls

Boycotting Quotes By Stephen Kinzer

To frustrated Americans who have begun boycotting BP: Welcome to the club. It's great not to be the only member any more! — Stephen Kinzer

Boycotting Quotes By Noreena Hertz

Child labour may be distasteful to westerners, but does boycotting goods made with child labour improve or exacerbate the lot of third world children? Trusting the market to regulate may not ultimately be in our interest. — Noreena Hertz

Boycotting Quotes By Elle Aycart

You were upset. I don't want you feeling forced into anything, he pressed on, horrified at his own words. Mental. Since when did he let chivalry get in the way of a blowjob? Talk about boycotting oneself, jeez. — Elle Aycart

Boycotting Quotes By Malcolm X

The economic philosophy of black nationalism only means that our people need to be re-educated into the importance of controlling the economy of the community in which we live, which means that we won't have to constantly be involved in picketing and boycotting other people in other communities in order to get jobs. — Malcolm X

Boycotting Quotes By William A. Dembski

Thus, in a crucial way, the Kansas hearings repeat the pattern set by the Scopes Trial, which has been repeated many times since, namely, evolutionists escaped critical scrutiny by not having to undergo cross-examination. In this case, they accomplished the feat by boycotting the hearings. I therefore await the day when the hearings are not voluntary but involve subpoenas that compel evolutionists to be deposed and interrogated at length on their views. — William A. Dembski

Boycotting Quotes By Ludwig Von Mises

Governments, political parties, pressure groups, and the bureaucrats of the educational hierarchy think they can avoid the inevitable consequences of unsuitable measures by boycotting and silencing the independent economists. But truth persists and works, even if nobody is left to utter it. — Ludwig Von Mises

Boycotting Quotes By Jane Bowles

Voting is one of the few things where boycotting in protest clearly makes the problem worse rather than better. — Jane Bowles

Boycotting Quotes By Howard Zinn

If democracy were to be given any meaning, if it were to go beyond the limits of capitalism and nationalism, this would not come, if history were any guide, from the top. It would come through citizen's movements, educating, organizing, agitating, striking, boycotting, demonstrating, threatening those in power with disruption of the stability they needed. — Howard Zinn

Boycotting Quotes By David Mixner

While the behavior of the Russian government, Putin and Putin punks are abhorrent, nothing will be changed by boycotting the Sochi Winter Games. In fact, those who are appalled by the treatment of LGBT Russian citizens will lose an incredible opportunity for the world to show their disgust. — David Mixner

Boycotting Quotes By Dolores Huerta

I think we brought to the world, the United States anyway, the whole idea of boycotting as a nonviolent tactic. I think we showed the world that nonviolence can work to make social change. — Dolores Huerta

Boycotting Quotes By Ann Coulter

In another show of America's force to the world, when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, Carter responded by boycotting the Olympics. And thus was a fearsome blow struck at little fourteen-year-old American girls who had spent their lives training for the Olympics. — Ann Coulter