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Famous Quotes By Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 2246128

Love is always real, even when it doesn't last. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1273255

Foolish. Stupid. I knew it. I knew my reaction was unreasonable, bu the heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing. Blaise Pascal said that, and I've always found it to be true. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1719497

Sex makes bumble-tongued fools even out of the most eloquent, but the beauty of it is that it also tunes our ears to hear the meaning of words that, spoken under other circumstances, would make us laugh or cry or frown. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 343415

It was not a happy ending of the sort in fairy tales, but
it was the only one we had. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 926879

He wants to pretend this is all accidental, but for me it isn't a game. I haven't simply let it happen. I'm falling because I jumped, and not because I tripped. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 450333

We look at each other without saying anything, both of us smiling like idiots. I heart is so full I can't believe it can possibly still beat without bursting right in front of me. My desire for him is so fierce I'm afraid to stand, because I know my knees will be too weak to hold me up, but there's more than that. This great and bursting thing inside me is love. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 841018

No matter how hard you worked, there was always going to be somebody out there who thought you were fuckup. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1646123

You can't hurt someone who doesn't care about you. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1814893

We could just go naked. Set a trend." -Nick — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 428000

I never think of nothing. The closest I come to a blank mind is when I am counting, fucking, or drinking. The rest of the time, my thoughts are like a hamster on a wheel, running endlessly but getting nowhere. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 217154

Does madness bring creativity? Or does creativity cause madness? Can an artist create without the ups so high and the downs so low? — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1775460

The hardest lies to detect are the ones surrounded by truth. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1556064

Jealousy smells like the water in the bottom of a flower vase after the flowers have died. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 706854

I do not like that I allowed my past to close me off. I do not like that I let circumstances rob me of the ability to have a normal relationship with a man, to have friends, to be happy. I do not like it, but I had felt myself powerless against it. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1628569

When you find someone who makes you smile and laugh, when you find someone who makes you feel safe ... you shouldn't let that person go just because you're afraid. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1612582

Love, when it goes, can sometimes burn to ash.
And sometimes it can leave nothing. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 354181

Choices. We all make them, sometimes more than once. Sometimes it's the choices we make over and over that define us, but more often it's the choices we don't make. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 650618

Sometimes," Joe said after a bit, "it's just easier to keep being what everyone expects you to be. Even if that's what you're not, anymore. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 566275

You look like a goddess when you come, did you know that?"
"I'm not a goddess."
"Not a goddess. Not an angel. Not a devil. Are you a ghost? Because you can't be real."
"I'm real. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 385068

Sometimes grief is a comfort we grant ourselves because it's less terrifying than trying for joy. Nobody wants to admit it. We'd all declare we want to be happy, if we could. So why, then, is pain the one thing we most often hold on to? Why are slights and griefs the memories on which we choose to dwell? Is it because joy doesn't last but grief does? — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1513337

Let him go. Let one of them go. Knowing it and doing it, two separate
accomplishments. Let one man go. The question had to be, which one? — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 773225

When everything changes we learn who we really are. What's really important. What we want
most. We discover the truth in moments of disarray. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 91359

If you're lucky, the friends you make when you're sixteen stay with you for the rest of your life. If you're smart, you know when it's time to let them go. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 96484

I love you,' I told him.
It was not the first time, but I didn't want it to be the last.
Austin gathered me close and breathed into my hair, his big hands hot and restless on my back. 'I love you, too. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 96525

Sometimes people don't need you to answer them. They only need you to help them say what they need to say. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 100389

Some people live their entire life and never once feel how I felt every time he looked at me. So yes, this hurts. And yes, I feel as if I might die. But I won't. And somehow, I find a way to let it all go...just let it go. No regrets. No grief. It will always hurt a little, down deep in that secret place, but it's become a pain I can handle. Besides, if it didn't always hurt, just a little, it wouldn't mean as much. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 117524

There are few times when we know with absolute certainty we are going to do something for the last time. Life has a way of moving in circles, bringing us back to places we didn't expect
and taking us away from those we do. There are too many times we don't pay close enough attention, and moments are lost in our assumption we'll have another chance. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 121957

She was so far from his type she might as well have been another species. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 170124

Some things never left you, no matter how much you wanted them to. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 179950

And I did," Alex said. "I let her go. Because I did love her, and I did want her to be happy."

Hart, Megan (2015-03-01). Vanilla (Kindle Location 4400). MIRA. Kindle Edition. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 192370

This book is for those who would rather be haunted and driven mad than left behind. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 215077

Don't use the buckle," she told him with a laugh, her eyes closed, head bent.
"I haven't beaten a woman with my belt before, Simone. That doesn't mean I don't have any clue about how to do it. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 217117

I have seen clouds part for the sun. I have seen rainbows. I have seen flowers in the morning, covered in dew, and I have seen sunsets so brilliant with fire they made me want to weep. And I have seen Dan smile at me, his lips still wet from my kiss, and if I had to choose which sight moved me the most I would say it was that one. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 234342

We were broken, brittle and fragile. The question was, were we still precious to each other? Or, instead of everything falling into place, had it fallen into pieces? — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 272285

You know what the best part of the stars is?"
"What's that?"
"They're the same no matter what sky you're standing under. I mean ... yeah, they might move or look like they're in a different place, but they're the same stars."
"Yeah? So?"
"So even if you're apart from someone you want to be with, you can look up at the stars and know they're looking at the same ones. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 280631

She hadn't planned on having another beer, but then ... when did she ever plan to drink another one? They usually just followed one after the other like stepping stones set into a stream, and she hopped along them one at a time until she lost her balance and fell into the drink. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 287463

You know what people do when they have to face something uncomfortable? They blame the thing that makes them feel bad, even if it's not that thing's fault. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 298293

Naveen: Oh, come on. Throw a guy a bone.
Elisabeth: Are you a dog?
Naveen: Are you a bitch?
That was how we became friends. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 413312

Knowing what you need doesn't always mean you know how to get it, though. I'd spent a long time hiding in my cave. No matter how much I might want to come out into the light, I knew it would hurt my eyes. I was a fool. A fool, but nevertheless too smart not to know I was the architect of my own demise, that it was time to put my past behind me. It was time to stop allowing the white elephants to stand unspoken of in my living room. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 440205

There's nothing that says you can't change." "Not even if it changes everything else?" I shook my head. "Not even then. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 507249

Dangerous to me, that sexuality, because I'd been burned by that flame once before and would be forever scorched. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 541379

He was the loveliest sight she'd ever seen. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 553663

I knew him, but I don't understand him. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 632181

I looked at the cards in my hand, the queen of hearts nestled between the king of clubs and the king of spades. No wonder she was smiling. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 639802

There's no foreplay quite like youthful exploration, when each undone button is cause for exaltation. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 752445

That was the thing about water under a bridge. It could get caught up in a bunch of debris, or it could sweep everything away, leaving nothing behind; it all depended on the ferocity of the storm. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 800589

I know I shouldn't feel guilty for being angry sometimes, or bitter" "Knowing something is beans. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 844424

Sex is not wrong. Sex is not dirty. Not even sex in a public place with a man you barely know. It's not. Sex is a gift, a built-in human pleasure, something to enjoy and cherish and utilize. Sex rejuvenates. Sex replenishes. Orgasms are just one more miraculous function our body provides, no more shameful than a sneeze or the beating of our hearts. Sex is not dirty, not even in public places with someone you barely know. Liking sex, like a man's hands on me, coming with him, letting him inside me ... that doesn't make me dirty. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 869945

There is so much freedom in not having to choose. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 873634

It was all about control, in the end, and I had it. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 889660

Time has that funny way of smoothing out the rough edges of things, even ones that hurt a little bit. Or a lot. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 969883

Bess hadn't ever been good with change. She'd never been good with taking leaps of faith, or risks or changes. When something worked, she tended to stick with it.
Even when something didn't. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 979878

Be careful," he said.
Bess looked at him. "I think it's too late for that."
He smiled. Then he kissed her, right there on the porch where the whole world could see. Right on the mouth. Right where she wanted. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 989627

Desire didn't always mean a choice was easier to make. Sometimes it was harder, because it meant so much more. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 998009

How are we going to say goodbye?" Will asks in a sleepfurry voice.
He means now. I mean forever. "I don't want to."
His sleepy smile slaughters me. If I was standing, it would have sent me to my knees. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1070408

You know what they say. Best revenge is looking good, right? — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1087164

Darkness reveals as much as it hides, sometimes. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1106513

What are you wearing?"
I looked down at my soft flannel pajamas. I'd washed them so many times the plaid pattern had faded mostly to grays and whites. "What do you want me to be wearing?"
Dan's voice shifted a little. I imagined a smile. "Nothing."
Such a small thing, that little bit of flirting, but all at once I felt as if air had rushed into my lungs, and I hadn't realized I'd been holding my breath. "Nothing but a smile. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1109385

We are often our own harshest critics — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1126126

Individually there were things we lacked, but together we were perfect. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1133423

Whatever task you're set, find some way to love it. Sunny wondered if Josiah's words applied to standing with a face of stone so the person in front of her wouldn't know how much she wanted to scream. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1159845

Every day," I tell him, "you will miss me either a little less or a little more. Until one day you will wake up and realize you don't miss me at all, or you will find yourself incapable of living without me. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1168517

We labored under the pretense that nothing had changed when everything had, and I understood him, but i no longer knew him. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1170841

There is nothing crueler than the person who doesn't want you enough to keep you, but who doesn't love you enough to let you go. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1200321

Sometimes you say things because they make you feel better. Sometimes you say that because it makes me feel better. "I love you" stays locked behind my teeth because there is no way saying it aloud will make you feel anything but worse. I don't say it, because when you love someone, really love them, you don't want anything you do to ever hurt them. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1234264

But it was the man beside me who'd proven to me that love was worth everything. That my life, my heart, had room in it for more love that I ever thought possible. There were dozens of reasons to agree to have a child, but as far as I was concerned, just then, with his breath on my face and the warmth of his skin on mine, there was only one that mattered. Love. That was reason enough. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1311805

Basically, I wanted to get in, get on, get off, get up, get dressed and get out. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1337137

When you love someone, seeing them in pain can be harder than being in pain yourself. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1342963

But the problem with looking back when you should be walking ahead is that you usually end up walking into something that hurts. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1391267

Sometimes when you break things, you can hold them together for a while with string or glue or tape. Sometimes, nothing will hold what's broken, and the pieces fly all over, and though you think you might be able to find them all again, one or two will always be missing — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1401865

The past doesn't change no matter how much time you spend thinking about it. Good and bad all add up to the whole. Take away one piece, no matter how small, and the whole changes. Whether it's optimism, pessimism or fatalism, I don't spend my time wishing for the past to be different so present would be different, too. I control my future with what I choose now. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1427603

I'm in love with him, & I think I've known that for a long time, but now I can't stop myself from admitting it. I love the way he dances for me, trying to make me laugh, not caring if he looks a little like a fool. He is adorable and charming, and the breath leaves my lungs and my heart forgets to beat, moment after moment.
I love him.
I love him.
I love him. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1454427

I didn't fall in love with James. Falling sounds like an accident. Falling hurts. I'd fallen in love with Michael, fallen hard like slipping off a cliff and hitting the rocks below. Falling in love was something I'd vowed never to do again.
I chose to love James. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1462893

A good sister is one who won't be embarrassed when you burst into tears in public. A better one will hand you tissues until you stop. The best is the one who will go get you another latte to go with the ginormous chocolate orgy she's already laid in front of you. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1507067

Sometimes," he said after a second that lasted a million years, "things get broken. And they can't be fixed. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1527953

It is such a secret place, the land of tears. That is what the narrator ofThe Little Prince says after the little prince argues with him the first time about matters of consequence. And he was right. My land of tears had been a secret for a very long time. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1532920

This one says they'll place your 'little blessing in disguise' with a local 'Christ-oriented family.' What about the non-Christ-oriented families? Don't they deserve the right to adopt kids? — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1536094

Sometimes love does not have the most honorable beginnings, and the endings, the endings will break you in half. It's everything in between we live for. - Ann Patchett, from the essay The Sense of an Ending — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1540862

So, you work with Marcy?" Wayne earned points for what appeared to be sincere interest.
"Yes. She's in public accounting and I'm in corporate, but we both work for the same company."
Wayne grinned. "Me, I'm in murders and executions."
"Wayne!" Marcy rolled her eyes. "He means - "
"Mergers and acquisitions. I got it. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1574906

I could say his body was perfect and every part of it beautiful, because it was. Not because he had no flaws, but because I wanted him so desperately I couldn't see any. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1603468

Much is said about brilliance. Less attention is paid to those who live next to it. Spouses, children, assistants ... if anyone thinks of us at all, it's generally to remark upon how lucky we are to bask in the light of genius. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1659502

There had been times when missing him had felt like someone had reached inside her and pulled out the part of her that remembered how to breathe. And times when she'd barely given the memories of him a second's worth of her time. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1681796

What are you, Elle? Are you a ghost? Are you an angel or a demon? Because you can't be real. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1683336

You've got the sexiest voice. You make everything you say sound like it tastes good coming out of your mouth. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1718939

It's okay to struggle to find our place in this world and the person who will take us for who and what we are. Sometimes we dress ourselves in layers that only get peeled away in the end, to leave us as we should be. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1728649

That was the thing about love, though, wasn't it? When you loved somebody, you wanted to give them everything you could. You wanted what was best for them, no matter what. You wanted them to move beyond what was awful and terrible, beyond anything that had ever hurt them. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1771981

Memory can refuse to let you forget what you'd like to and run away with what you want to remember. It's an unreliable bitch, or your best friend. Sometimes, it's both at once. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1801975

He hadn't been her first lover or the first boy to give her an orgasm. He hadn't even been the first she'd loved. He'd been the first to turn her inside out with something as simple as a smile. The first to make her doubt herself. He'd taken her deeper than anyone ever had, and yet she hadn't drowned. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1869289

You don't have to be sad to miss someone and wish they were still in your life. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1873856

I've been hit on plenty of times, mostly by men with little finesse who thought what was between their legs made up for what they lacked between their ears. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 1927051

All I know with utter certainty is this. Dan tamed me. We need each other.
He has become unique to me in all the world. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 2003609

Right and wrong, good and bad, the lines are blurred when it comes to matters of the heart. Anyone who has never felt that has no right to judge, and anyone who ever has won't have to. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 2006580

Will cries out, low, a murmur of blue and green and gold. The syllables of my name float between us. I've never seen my name that way, in those colors, not from any other voice. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 2046687

But sometimes it's the sunshine that frightens us more than the big black shadows. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 2092355

If I'd known it was going to be the last time he'd ever hold me, I'd have paid better attention. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 2109768

Yeah. That boy over there. He's my friend.'
My gaze followed his pointing finger toward a little boy wearing a stuffed steering wheel attached around his waist and running around a racetrack laid out on the floor.
'Oh, yeah? What's his name?'
'I don't know.' Simon shrugged, unconcerned, and headed back to the playground.
I watched him leap right into the game with a friend whose name didn't matter. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 2121907

Abandoning a task that is futile and pointless is not giving up. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 2124622

Navigating this new world made Sunny feel like Dorothy stepping out from her black-and-white house into a world of color so bright it didn't seem real. Everything in this world seems like a dream. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 2207577

The past is gone, Claire. It's like a sand castle washed away by the waves. We can remember what it looked like, but even if we build it again, it won't be the exactly the same. — Megan Hart

Megan Hart Quotes 2225129

We're all dying from the moment we're born. That's all we do our entire lives, is die. — Megan Hart