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Bloodlust Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Watching him fling himself at the rabids, grinning demonically as he tore them limb from limb, reminded me too much of myself. That thing that I kept locked away, the beast that goaded me into raw animal rage and bloodlust. The part that made us dangerous to every human we encountered. The part that kept me from ever being with Zeke. — Julie Kagawa

Bloodlust Quotes By BikeSnobNYC

Really, in a lot of ways being a cyclist is like being a vampire. First of all, both cyclists and vampires are cultural outcasts with cult followings who clumsily walk the line between cool and dorky. Secondly, both cyclists and vampires resemble normal humans, but they also lead secret double lives, have supernatural powers, and aren't governed by the same rules as the rest of humanity - though cycling doesn't come with the drawbacks of vampirism. Cyclists can ride day or night, we can consume all the garlic we want, and very few of us are afflicted with bloodlust or driven by a relentless urge to kill. — BikeSnobNYC

Bloodlust Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

I have all the characteristics of a human being: blood, flesh, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust. Something horrible is happening inside of me and I don't know why. My nightly bloodlust has overflown into my days. I feel lethal, on the verge of frenzy. I think my mask of sanity is about to slip. — Bret Easton Ellis

Bloodlust Quotes By Mohiro Kitoh

Don't think about it. Think, and your actions will betray your thoughts. Don't feel bloodlust. Keep a calm heart. Move forward. — Mohiro Kitoh

Bloodlust Quotes By Erik Bundy

Fate might forgive greed, or gluttony, or even bloodlust, but it never ignores being ignored. — Erik Bundy

Bloodlust Quotes By Isabelle Rowan

This is just a phase, right? This whole bloodlust thing? — Isabelle Rowan

Bloodlust Quotes By John A. Williams

,Bloodlust is like a natural disaster; it has to run its course. I have seen their faces; they are faces out of nightmares - most ordinary - so ordinary that you can't believe the brains behind them capable of genocide. — John A. Williams

Bloodlust Quotes By Fergus Henderson

Nose-to-tail eating is not a bloodlust, testosterone-fueled offal hunt. It's common sense, and it's all good stuff. — Fergus Henderson

Bloodlust Quotes By Steven Pinker

We can make fun of hockey fans, but someone who enjoys Homer is indulging the same kind of vicarious bloodlust. — Steven Pinker

Bloodlust Quotes By Nathaniel Philbrick

No matter how much the inhabitants might try to hide it, there was a savagery about this island, a bloodlust and pride that bound every mother, father, and child in a clannish commitment to the hunt. — Nathaniel Philbrick

Bloodlust Quotes By Annie Fisher

With his mad eyes that cannot seem to look at everything they want to all at once, with the dagger poised in his palm- like sharp teeth or black eyes, he is transforming into something both terrifying and exciting, mysterious and sexy. I reach forward on the sand towards them as though to touch him, my magical boy. — Annie Fisher

Bloodlust Quotes By Stephanie Thornton

Years ago, Re had raged against humans for violating Ma'at, so he had sent Hathor to destroy mankind. She transformed into the lion goddess Sekhmet and Egypt's fields ran red with the blood of her rampage. Seeing this, Re realized his mistake and ordered Sekhmet to stop, but she was too gone with bloodlust to listen. Knowing he had to halt her some other way, Re stained seven thousand jugs of beer with pomegranate juice and poured the red liquid into her path. Believing the beer to be blood, Sekhmet gorged herself and passed out in a drunken stupor. When she awoke, her bloodlust had passed and she returned to being Hathor. Thus the goddesses of love and violence shared a common history. — Stephanie Thornton

Bloodlust Quotes By James Dashner

All he saw was madness and bloodlust and jealousy carved onto countless bleeding and mangled faces. — James Dashner

Bloodlust Quotes By David Weber

Other folk thought the Rage was simple bloodlust, a berserk savagery that neither knew nor cared what its target was, and so it was when it struck without warning. But when a hradani gave himself to it knowingly, it was as cold as it was hot, as rational as it was lethal. To embrace the Rage was to embrace a splendor, a glory, a denial of all restraint but not of reason. It was pure, elemental purpose, unencumbered by compassion or horror or pity, yet it was far more than mere frenzy. — David Weber

Bloodlust Quotes By Ellen Hopkins

But how many young people truly comprehend the face of war until it's staring them down? You can't patrol unfriendly villages without embracing paranoia. You can't watch your battle buddies blown to bits without jonesing for revenge. You can't take a blow to the helmet without learning to duck. And you can't put people in your crosshairs, celebrate dropping them to the ground, without catching a little bloodlust. Paranoia. Revenge. Bloodlust. These things turn boys into men. But what kind of men? — Ellen Hopkins

Bloodlust Quotes By Aaron Rosenberg

Perhaps," the half-breed admitted. "But why fight when there is no need? Why fight just for its own sake? That is not fighting to save anyone, or to win anything, or even for glory. It is fighting from sheer bloodlust, from love of violence alone. And I am sick of that. I want no part of it. — Aaron Rosenberg

Bloodlust Quotes By R.L. Mathewson

You think you can uncuff me now?"
"Sorry, man, I have orders not to do that. Madison said she would bring me a huge slice of cake if I left you cuffed."
"You're leaving me like this for cake?" he asked dumbfounded that cake held that kind of power over a boy. He wondered if it was like bloodlust. — R.L. Mathewson

Bloodlust Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

The Patty Winters Shows were all repeats. Life remained a blank canvas, a cliche, a soap opera. I felt lethal, on the verge of frenzy. My nightly bloodlust overflowed into my days and I had to leave the city. My mask of sanity was a victim of impending slippage. This was bone season for me and I needed a vacation. I needed to go to the Hamptons. — Bret Easton Ellis

Bloodlust Quotes By Alan Kinross

With a savage grin, he let out an inhuman roar of bloodlust and threw himself into an unholy orgy of blood, fangs, claws, and death. — Alan Kinross

Bloodlust Quotes By Florence Welch

If you see a river running smoothly, it's because someone has drowned in it, and if it's raging, it means that it's still got bloodlust. — Florence Welch

Bloodlust Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

I felt lethal, on the verge of frenzy. My nightly bloodlust overflowed into my days and I had to leave the city. My mask of sanity was a victim of impending slippage. This was the bone season for me and I needed a vacation. — Bret Easton Ellis

Bloodlust Quotes By Amy Harmon

I could hear them and the simple bloodlust that pulsed from them. They lived to kill. Not for hate or power. But still, they killed. They killed because death meant food. Death meant life. Death meant that their blood pounded hotter in their veins, and their flesh grew thicker on their bones. They were simple monsters, but monsters all the same.
And they were hungry. — Amy Harmon

Bloodlust Quotes By George R R Martin

A man is never so vulnerable in a battle as when he flees," Lord Eddard has told Jon once. "A running man is like a wounded animal to a soldier. It gets his bloodlust up. — George R R Martin

Bloodlust Quotes By Nalini Singh

I have no quarrel with you, Astaad," Neha said, "but your lands are an ocean away, while mine border Lijuan's. I cannot and will not wait for the rest of you when my territory is at risk of a spillover of bloodlust." Her tone was of the Queen she was, one who had held power for a millennium. "It is a question of protecting my territory. — Nalini Singh

Bloodlust Quotes By Kiersten Fay

Her heavy breathing echoed off the thick walls, her body frozen in shock, but when Marik reappeared in the mouth of the cave, she reached for the sword. He was still in a state of bloodlust and was, what she could only describe as, stalking her. — Kiersten Fay

Bloodlust Quotes By Jacqueline Patricks

His fingers wrapped around the smooth metal handle, and he eased the knife from its sweat-patinaed leather sheath and weaved the blade skillfully through the air. While it didn't have the impression of a Fae-forged blade, he did feel something alive within the mortal steel as if the old blade had drunk deeply of blood and continued to thirst. — Jacqueline Patricks

Bloodlust Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

You came after all, Z. Glad you made the party. (Acheron)
What the hell? I didn't have anything better to do. Figured I might as well come kick ass and take names. Not that I really give a damn about their names. I'm just in it for the bloodlust. (Zarek) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Bloodlust Quotes By Jane Smiley

Ignorance and bloodlust have a long tradition in the United States, especially in the red states. — Jane Smiley

Bloodlust Quotes By Eliza Crewe

I hear myself laughing, screeching, cackling. The world is red hot and pulsing. On fire [...] I stroll down the corridor and the flickering fluorescents celebrate my passing, humming in praise. I spin, bow and hum along. Bloody footprints trail; bloody fingers smear the walls. — Eliza Crewe

Bloodlust Quotes By June Casagrande

Grammar snobs are a distinct breed from their gentle cousins: word nerds and grammar geeks. The difference is bloodlust. — June Casagrande

Bloodlust Quotes By Billy Wells

Bloodlust?" "Yes, Father. I have the overpowering desire to devour human beings when the moon is full. God is totally responsible for my condition. He made me a werewolf. It wasn't my choice. — Billy Wells

Bloodlust Quotes By Luke Haines

I saw the 'Popstars' programme and to me it looked more like 'Opportunity Knocks' than the kind of cutting-edge postmoderism that The Guardian would like to have us believe it was. I think what it's more about is the public and the music industry's bloodlust. It's just like someone itching to say 'Oh, confound it all, let's bring back hanging, that was good entertainment'. — Luke Haines

Bloodlust Quotes By Jae T. Jaggart

I mean something dirty, sweaty," Luiz corrected idly, leaning closer. He stroked the back of his knuckles down Michael's cheek. "What I like best. Rock, blues, with an edge of metal. Something dangerous. Real. The audience driven to ... well, in the old days it would have been bloodlust. But these are more temperate times. So lust will have to do. — Jae T. Jaggart

Bloodlust Quotes By John Green

Like many people, I feel like celebrating. Remember this feeling. It is human, and can help us understand when others express bloodlust. — John Green

Bloodlust Quotes By Tracy Letts

'Killer Joe' provides a lot of red meat for the theater. Pam MacKinnon is the perfect director to shepherd a group of actors who share a certain bloodlust. — Tracy Letts

Bloodlust Quotes By Nancy Gibbs

Twenty-first century war adds new risks: more and more often there are no front lines, no central command, no rules of engagement - only a chaotic collision of politics, power, faith and bloodlust. Victims are as likely to be civilians as soldiers. — Nancy Gibbs