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Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Martin Cosgrove

The Source is plain for all to see, but not with the eyes of the mind, for they are blinded to Truth. — Martin Cosgrove

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By George Berkeley

That the discovery of this great truth, which lies so near and obvious to the mind, should be attained to by the reason of so veryfew, is a sad instance of the stupidity and inattention of men, who, though they are surrounded with such clear manifestations of the Deity, are yet so little affected by them, that they seem as it were blinded with excess of light. — George Berkeley

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Virginia Woolf

To pursue truth with such astonishing lack of consideration for other people's feelings, to rend the think veils of civilisation so wantonly, so brutally, was to her so horrible an outrage of human decency that, without replying, dazed and blinded, she bend her head as if to let her pelt f jagged hail, the drench of dirty water, bespatter her unrebuked. — Virginia Woolf

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

You will never be able to see clearly when people around you distort your view of truth with their own clouded version. You will begin to read into everything incorrectly and find yourself lost in a delusional story stitched together from the crumbs of over analyzed words once spoken, misunderstandings or speculation. Life should not be wasted by collecting clues or piecing together a puzzle about how someone feels. Love is straightforward and it is clearly seen on the cloudiest days of your life. If someone loves you it will be obvious. They won't let you go, until you ask them to. — Shannon L. Alder

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Socrates

I thought that as I had failed in the contemplation of true existence, I ought to be careful that I did not lose the eye of my soul; as people may injure their bodily eye by observing and gazing on the sun during an eclipse, unless they take the precaution of looking at the image reflected in the water, or in some similar medium ... I was afraid that my soul might be blinded altogether if I looked at things with my eyes or tried by the help of my senses to apprehend them. And I thought that I had better had recourse to ideas, and seek in them truth in existence. I dare to say that the simile is not perfect
for I am far from admitting that he who contemplates existence through the medium of ideas, sees them only "through a glass darkly," any more than he who sees them in their working and effects. — Socrates

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Jacquelyn Frank

She had spent days balancing on the edge of a choice.
A choice, she had suddenly realized, that was never truly a matter of selection. It was what Damien had seemed to know from the start. The only choice she could make was to ignore the demands of her heart and her spirit, both of which she had tried to ignore no matter how loudly they had screamed at her. In truth, there was no choice.
She was meant to be his, and he was meant to be hers.
She had searched day after day for outside proof of this, only to realize that there was none, and never would be. The proof was stamped in the desires of her soul. It was the instinct that had been born in her, flipped on like a switch, the moment it had flipped on as brilliantly in him. Only he had seen the light, and she had been blinded by it. — Jacquelyn Frank

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By M. Suddain

That's the real tragedy. I've come to see that what we had was better than that pitiful and pitiless intoxication they call love. It is the joy you have to truly know someone. To know another person as well as you know yourself, and to be happy to be unhappy in their company. To fall in love with someone you have to be blinded to their truth. It's easy to fall for fantasies. But to know someone, and to want to know them, is truly the deepest honour we have as beings. To know another is a sacred duty. — M. Suddain

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Harry Gordon Johnson

Most people are blinded by faith leaving them unable to see the truth that is science. — Harry Gordon Johnson

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Jim Steele

We are all blinded by our beliefs. Only respectful debate can bring us closer to the greater truth. — Jim Steele

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Charles Spurgeon

All the preaching in the world cannot make a man see the truth so long as his eyes are blinded. — Charles Spurgeon

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Benjamin Zephaniah

Don't give me truth, just give me gossip
And skeletons from people's closets,
I wanna be normal
And millions buy it,
I am blinded by The SUN. — Benjamin Zephaniah

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Tarryn Fisher

But the truth of the matter - as I've come to understand it - is that people will ignore every warning sign when blinded by their thirst for something. It's better to not be thirsty. — Tarryn Fisher

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By E'yen A. Gardner

There is no truth I hate, it is blinded by rage. — E'yen A. Gardner

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Andrew Solomon

A witness can be of more value than a policy analyst. An amateur witness, free of conceptual bias, sometimes sees the plainest truth. One should never be blinded by tailoring. — Andrew Solomon

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Stacia Kane

Love was full of secrets. Love masked so many evils. Love controlled people, it liked to them, it made them believe things that weren't true and it hid the truth from them. People said love was blind, but what they meant was that love blinded them. It made them more vulnerable than anything else could.
And it felt so fucking good. — Stacia Kane

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Michael Meade

Many people believe that eliminating the apparent causes of fear will eliminate it, but fear, like beauty, is part of the world. The fear of fear results in the growth of terror as well as a loss of the beauty and wonder of the world. By fearing fear, we create the room for terror and panic to grow. People become blinded by fear, driven by anxieties, and increasingly ruled by phobias and obsessions. When we fail to recognize how fear works in the world, we become ruled by it. The point is not to become paralyzed with foreboding or be caught in the panic that can grip the collective and cause people to run blindly in the wrong direction. The point is to willingly go where most fear to go, to follow where the fear might lead and face the ways that the world roars at us. — Michael Meade

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Sam Harris

The moral truth here is obvious: anyone who feels that the interests of a blastocyst just might supersede the interests of a child with a spinal cord injury has had his moral sense blinded by religious metaphysics. — Sam Harris

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Plato

The cause of all the blunders committed by man arises from this excessive self-love. For the lover is blinded by the object loved; so that he passes a wrong judgment on what is just, good and beautiful, thinking that he ought always to honor what belongs to himself in preference to truth. For he who intends to be a great man ought to love neither himself nor his own things, but only what is just, whether it happens to be done by himself, or by another. — Plato

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Hal Duncan

I'd take you home with me, see, but two of us in the same Behold? Just wouldn't work, ends up in all sorts of squabbles over interior design; and the human, well, one faery in the Behold of the Eye, that just gives them a little twinkle of imagination, but more than one and it's like a bloody fireworks display. They get all unstable and artistic, blinded by the glamour of everything, real or imagined, concrete or abstract. They get confused between beauty and truth and meaning, you see, start thinking every butterfly-brained idea must be true; before you know it they've gone schizo on you and you're in a three-way firefight with all the angels and the demons, them and their bloody ideologies. — Hal Duncan

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Hannah Hurnard

Love opens the eyes of our understanding and enables us to see more of the truth than can those who are blinded by self-love. Those who love most, see most. — Hannah Hurnard

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Harold Bell Wright

Eyes blinded by the fog of things cannot see truth. Ears deafened by the din of things cannot hear truth. Brains bewildered by the whirl of things cannot think truth. Hearts deadened by the weight of things cannot feel truth. Throats choked by the dust of things cannot speak truth. — Harold Bell Wright

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Joshua Loth Liebman

The great mistake of contemporary life is that we have made such a virtue of intellectual growth while almost totally ignoring the necessity of conscience growth. We have failed to understand that individual evolution can take place not only in mental but in moral power. The earth tragically today is full of people who remain fixated on a childish level of conscience. What an illusion has blinded the human race: that our conscience is given to us once and for all at birth and we ourselves have to do little or nothing about it ... The truth is that our moral capacity is purely potential and needs strenuous training, education and development. It is certainly not an organic power that comes to us at birth, like breathing, which demands little attention from us as long as we live ... A revolution has to take place in our thinking about morality. We have to become as sensitive about being moral morons as we are now anxious about being intellectual idiots. — Joshua Loth Liebman

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Richard M. Weaver

Civilization has been an intermittent phenomenon; to this truth we have allowed ourselves to be blinded by the insolence of material success. — Richard M. Weaver

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By S. Vagus

The truth is easy to see, but hard to look at when you are blinded by the demands that your body and soul make of you. — S. Vagus

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Malinda Lo

You shall not discover the truth being being blinded to faith. — Malinda Lo

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Nicomachus Of Gerasa

You amuse me, because you seem to fear that these are useless studies that I recommend; but that is very difficult, nay, impossible. For the eye of the soul, blinded and buried by other pursuits, is rekindled and aroused again by these and these alone, and it is better that this be saved than thousands of bodily eyes, for by it alone is the truth of the universe beheld. — Nicomachus Of Gerasa

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

Truth and facts are woven together. However, sometimes facts can blind you from seeing what is actually going on in someone's life. — Shannon L. Alder

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By J.I. Packer

It is not for us to imagine that we can prove the truth of Christianity by our own arguments; nobody can prove the truth of Christianity except the Holy Spirit, by his own almighty work of renewing the blinded heart. It is the sovereign prerogative of Christ's Spirit to convince men's consciences of the truth of Christ's gospel; and Christ's human witnesses must learn to ground their hopes of success not on clever presentation of the truth by man, but on powerful demonstration of the truth by the Spirit. — J.I. Packer

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Anthony Liccione

What you see will hurt you; what you don't see will hurt you. — Anthony Liccione

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Peter Fryer

Because of your arrogance you have become nothing but a puppet, a court jester who believes that he has no choice other than what you remembered you could do a long time ago. Your only reason for existence now is to keep men in fear of what we see as Demons. They are the ones who control what may happen to them if they choose to take, what we are led to believe is the wrong path. The trail leads us away from his protection.
You are arrogant and because of your vanity, you have become blinded to the truth. Do you not know that you cannot take a soul from a man whose future has already been set? I also know this is someone you cannot overrule have the power to overrule? Even if you tried to take me from here, your power would be overruled. You are the tool of the carpenter, not the carpenter. — Peter Fryer

Blinded To The Truth Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Every morning is bright, beautiful, and gorgeous like the sun, but we can't see it because we are blinded by day to day tasks. — Debasish Mridha