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Blessed Girl Quotes By Deana Carter

I'm so honored to be on this recording with Ann & Nancy Wilson. They are iconic and I've truly been one of their biggest fans since I was a kid. And what a perfect song to sing with them, since I adore Vince Gill and have been very proud for his commitment to his own musical vision. When we were recording at Nancy's house, and even though I'm friends with those girls now, I had to keep 'pinching' myself and marvel at how blessed my life is! It was a very PROUD moment for me. — Deana Carter

Blessed Girl Quotes By Ellen Oh

If I can believe believe that the heavens have blessed me with a tiger-spirited daughter, then how can I doubt the existence of a Dragon Musado?" he said.

Kira didn't know how to react to her father's words.

"I believe that one person can change the world. Whether he is the Musado or a girl with a tiger spirit. The monks teach that we mere mortals cannot question fate. But I say that we control destiny by our every action. Our power lies in the choices we make." Her father placed his warm hand on her cheek. "In the choices you make. Remember, stay true to yourself and do what your heart tells you is right, and not what is easy. — Ellen Oh

Blessed Girl Quotes By Tracy Brogan

Panty Melter: an exceedingly rare species of man blessed with so many desirable attributes he effortlessly gains access into a girl's panties. — Tracy Brogan

Blessed Girl Quotes By Darynda Jones

Oh. Right." We'd had an infestation of demons in the basement once. I'd never thought about having the place blessed to keep them away. Then it hit me. "I knew that new bug guy looked familiar. He was a priest or something, wasn't he?" Reyes tried to nod but cringed in agony instead. He must have had holy water in that canister instead of bug spray. "No wonder I've been seeing so many spiders lately." Holy water may fend off demons, but spiders were completely unfazed by it. I made a mental note to call a real bug guy ay-sap. Not that I had anything against spiders. I liked them as much as the next girl. Not. — Darynda Jones

Blessed Girl Quotes By Peter J. Tanous

What could there be in this document written by a young girl in 1917? — Peter J. Tanous

Blessed Girl Quotes By Natasha Anders

I told you before, I don't want out of this marriage. And if you give me nothing but daughters for the next twenty years, I would consider myself blessed. — Natasha Anders

Blessed Girl Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

Well, the Story Girl was right. There is such a place as fairyland - but only children can find the way to it. And they do not know that it is fairyland until they have grown so old that they forget the way. One bitter day, when they seek it and cannot find it, they realize what they have lost; and that is the tragedy of life. On that day the gates of Eden are shut behind them and the age of gold is over. Henceforth they must dwell in the common light of common day. Only a few, who remain children at heart, can ever find that fair, lost path again; and blessed are they above mortals. They, and only they, can bring us tidings from that dear country where we once sojourned and from which we must evermore be exiles. The world calls them its singers and poets and artists and story-tellers; but they are just people who have never forgotten the way — L.M. Montgomery

Blessed Girl Quotes By Taona Dumisani Chiveneko

The girl had a special way of saying "anything". The gods had blessed her voice with a special monopoly. It delivered an acoustic chocolate that was laced with all flavours of euphoria. The substance led to surges in testosterone in all types of men, including the average botanist. "Anything." The way she handled the word endowed it with so many possibilities. Professor Khupe decided to investigate how many of these Ketiwe would let him explore. To his delight the parameters of the word had proven to be quite elastic. — Taona Dumisani Chiveneko

Blessed Girl Quotes By Dolly Parton

I feel blessed that I still have the little Dolly in my heart, I'm still the same girl that wants to squeeze every little drop out of life that I can. — Dolly Parton

Blessed Girl Quotes By Anne Frank

People who are religious should be glad, since not everyone is blessed with the ability to believe in a higher order. — Anne Frank

Blessed Girl Quotes By Charles Spurgeon

But these dear boys and girls
there is, something to be made out of them. If now they yield themselves to Christ they may have a long, happy, and holy day before them in which they may serve God with all then hearts. Who knows what glory God may have of them? Heathen lands may call them blessed. Whole nations may be enlightened by them. O brethren and sisters, let us estimate children at their true valuation, and we shall not keep them back, but we shall be eager to lead them to Jesus at once. — Charles Spurgeon

Blessed Girl Quotes By Christina Dodd

What a delight you are! Blessed with the ripe sweetness of a woman, yet as green and untutored as any girl." He made her sound, she realized with bemusement, as charming and pleasing with her cowardice as any courtesan with her wiles. — Christina Dodd

Blessed Girl Quotes By Ned Vizzini

My one friend is a screwup - a genius blessed with the most beautiful girl in the world, and he doesn't even know it. — Ned Vizzini

Blessed Girl Quotes By Michelle Hodkin

You are a girl, Mara. A girl blessed and cursed. — Michelle Hodkin

Blessed Girl Quotes By Stephanie Lahart

Natural Hair is an Exquisite Crown. It's a wonder and fascination to many. But to the confident Black girl or Black woman who's rockin' it, they know what they've been born and blessed with. A head full of unique, healthy beauty. NATURAL BEAUTY. — Stephanie Lahart

Blessed Girl Quotes By Mary Jane Hathaway

But, for me, being attractive is about more than just what a man's been blessed with. I like that Gideon doesn't know he's the handsomest man in town. Once, when we were on our way to the Finnemore house, a girl almost walked into a post because she wasn't paying attention. But Gideon had no idea. — Mary Jane Hathaway

Blessed Girl Quotes By Rick Riordan

This is for Phoebe,' she snarled in his ear. 'For Kinzie. For all those you killed. You will die at the hands of a girl.'
Orion thrashed and fought, but Reyna's will was unshakeable. The power of Athena infused her cloak. Bellona blessed her with strength and resolve. Not one but two powerful goddesses aided her, yet the kill was for Reyna to complete.
Complete it she did. — Rick Riordan

Blessed Girl Quotes By Shirley Manson

I want to hear from the creature who isn't blessed with unbelievable good looks and incredible genes. I want to hear from the geek girl, the forgotten girl, the invisible girl and the miserable girl. — Shirley Manson

Blessed Girl Quotes By Julie Andrews

I can't believe 50 years have gone by since that film was released. I blinked and suddenly here I am. We all really felt blessed and as for me; how lucky can a girl get. Great music does more than enhance a film, it cements our memories in the film going experience. — Julie Andrews

Blessed Girl Quotes By Ute Carbone

How do I begin to explain? It's because. Because I feel responsible. Because she's a little girl with big green eyes that blink too often when she gets excited. Because she has this big dream about Florida, where she thinks she'll find her mother, like the whole state is Disney World, nothing but palm trees and happiness. Because she misses her mother with a longing as big as the state. Because I've been blessed to have so much love in my life. — Ute Carbone

Blessed Girl Quotes By Ashley Graham

I have been so blessed not only to talk about things that I want to talk about in my industry, but also to have a platform - and people want to hear about it. People want the change; people want the difference; people want to know what's going on. People want to see themselves in the industry that for so long has ostracized girls of my size. — Ashley Graham

Blessed Girl Quotes By Gillian Welch

Some girls are bright as the morning / And some girls are blessed with a dark turn of mind. — Gillian Welch

Blessed Girl Quotes By Yvette Nicole Brown

I'm not that ambitious chick. I'm not chasing a cover of a magazine or an award. I've just never been that girl. I've always been very content with whatever God blessed me with and he's already blessed me with a lot. — Yvette Nicole Brown

Blessed Girl Quotes By Elizabeth Camden

There was a rustling of fabric as he turned on his side, resting his head in his crooked arm. How oddly intimate it felt to be lying beside him like this, but his eyes were gentle as he rested his hand across her stomach. It was so big it nearly covered her entire middle. "I hope someday we have a daughter who has your kindness." Yes, a daughter. A smile curved her lips as she tried to imagine how Michael would pamper and fuss over a little girl. Or would he roughhouse with a daughter as he did with his boys? It was hard to predict, but no matter what, she knew Michael would be an amazing father. And she knew she would gladly follow him to the ends of the earth, for God had blessed her with the priceless gift of a family. — Elizabeth Camden

Blessed Girl Quotes By Mandy Patinkin

I'm blessed. I have a 13-year-old girl's eye and a 14 year-old boy's eye. I've been given the gift of sight by people who decided to donate organs. I try to do as much organ-donor work as I can. — Mandy Patinkin

Blessed Girl Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

Few knew that she was broken. Whatever power had blessed her, divine or otherwise, was gone-or at least out of reach. Her followers were kept at a distance so they could not see that her eyes were dark hollows, that her breath came in frightened gasps. She walked slowly, tentatively, her driftwood bones fragile in her body, this sickly girl upon whom all their hopes rested. — Leigh Bardugo