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Bleeder Quotes By Neal Shusterman

I wasn't expecting that. It hit me in a place I didn't know was there. All I could think of was one of those medical shows. They're operating on some poor slob, they accidentally nick an artery, and he starts gushing. 'We got a bleeder!' the surgeon yells, and everybody comes rushing to the operating table. Nobody was rushing to me, though. — Neal Shusterman

Bleeder Quotes By Julia DeVillers

Nurse! Nurse!" A teacher came running in, dragging a boy with her. "A student cut his finger!" "It's just a paper cut," the kid said. "Jeez." "We have a bleeder! We have a bleeder!" the nurse announced dramatically. "Everyone to a cot!" The kid looked embarrassed but otherwise fine. I, on the other hand, was embarrassed and not fine. — Julia DeVillers

Bleeder Quotes By Katherine Dunn

Beside Mama, in my own folding chair, with my feet sticking out in front of me, I thought about my own innards. Just a few months before I'd had no idea whether my reproductive equipment worked. There was no evidence. But that week I had become a full-fledged bleeder and was still absorbed by this first change in myself that I had ever noticed. The click and buzz of my synapses kept making the same connection. If you can change, you can also end. Death had always been a theory to me. Now I knew. The terror hurt good and I nursed it and played it like a loose tooth. — Katherine Dunn

Bleeder Quotes By Millard Kaufman

She wrote poetry constantly; that was her "work". She was a slow bleeder and she slaved over it for long, exhausting hours, and many a middle of a night I could hear her creaking around the dead house with a pen in one hand, a clipboard and a flashlight in the other, refining her poems, jotting down the lines of a conceit. Writing never came easy for her; it gave her calluses. She never courted the muses, she wrestled them, mauled them all over the house and came up, after weeks of peripatetic labor, with a slim Spencerian sonnet, fourteen lines of imagistic jabberwocky. — Millard Kaufman

Bleeder Quotes By Dylan Moran

I'm not a fighter, I'm a bleeder. — Dylan Moran

Bleeder Quotes By Jenny Boully

Raw and delicate, poignant and poetic, Shelby Smoak's Bleeder exposes the sorrow and sometimes sweetness of coming to age with HIV. In a world of misunderstanding and stigmas, the young Smoak searches for love and acceptance, and his readers can't help but find themselves becoming emotionally attached to him. His is an observant and encompassing story, noticing the brilliance of existence that others might take for granted. The sunsets written here are more lovely than in life. — Jenny Boully

Bleeder Quotes By F.X. Toole

It's not something he can do anything about, being a bleeder, anymore than a guy with a glass jaw can do something about not having whiskers. — F.X. Toole

Bleeder Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

Cleaning the wound is often more painful
than the cut itself. — Brandon Sanderson

Bleeder Quotes By Emma Richler

You know how there are words that never really - they are never really quite right. You can't quite trust them. Use them. You know. Without pause.'

'There are words I stare at,' Zach says. 'Strange. Every time. Misled, that's one. I see mizzled. And unshed. I read unched.'

'Me too! But that's a different thing - except, now you mention it, it's odd about unshed, that it's only for tears. Mostly. Hardly ever blood, for instance, you don't see unshed blood. Unched. Not really.'

'Not in my case anyway. Mine sheds all over the joint! I'm a bleeder all right. — Emma Richler

Bleeder Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

You're wrong about me". Wax said, spinning the chamber, feeling the trigger, hoping the gun still worked. He looked up at Bleeder and leveled the weapon.
Looking down these sights, he saw Lessie. His stomach turned again.
"How am I wrong?" Bleeder asked.
Rusts she was crying.
"I'm not Harmony's hands", Wax whispered. "I'm his sword."
Then he fired. — Brandon Sanderson