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Top Biotech T-shirt Quotes

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Louis Navellier

Optimization tells us precisely how to diversify the portfolio, whether I should have 12% in semiconductors or 4% in biotech, etc., and it literally tells me how to diversify not only the industry groups but the stocks. — Louis Navellier

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Nnimmo Bassey

Biotech crops are not a solution to solve hunger in Africa or elsewhere. — Nnimmo Bassey

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Ron Chernow

I don't think that a mutual fund that invests exclusively in biotech start-ups or invests exclusively in companies in Thailand offers any great safety or diversification. — Ron Chernow

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Betsy Cook Speer

It felt like an eternity before he gingerly lifted himself from the table and staggered backwards. Glass shards protruded from chest to groin. The guy looked like a bloody porcupine. A cute, tall bloody porcupine. I'm tall too. Five foot ten. But he had at least four inches on me, even with my thick-heeled boots.
"What's your name?" he slurred.
While visions of reckless homicide charges danced in my head, I contemplated using an alias. Finally, I said my real name, "Sam."
"Nice to meet you, Sammers. I'm Jake," he said. — Betsy Cook Speer

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Zoe Lister-Jones

At this moment, glyphosate is the biggest threat. And because of its overuse, we are seeing the emergence of superweeds, which have grown resistant to glyphosate. This has led to biotech corporations developing even more toxic herbicides, including 2,4-D, one of the main components of Agent Orange. — Zoe Lister-Jones

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Jay Inslee

The 1st Congressional District contains almost half of the biotech and biomedical companies in Washington, and my job often allows me to meet the people responsible for this exciting research. — Jay Inslee

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Jennifer Doudna

One of the problems in the biotech world is the lack of women in leadership roles, and I'd like to see that change by walking the walk. — Jennifer Doudna

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By George Woolf

Researchers and biotech executives foresee the day when the effects of many catastrophic diseases can be reversed. The damaged brains of Alzheimer's disease patients may be restored. Severed spinal cords may be rejoined. Damaged organs may be rebuilt. Stem cells provide hope that this dream will become a reality. — George Woolf

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Romesh Wadhwani

Bioscience and biotech offer many opportunities. The U.S. focuses on the rich man; India has rich man diseases and poor man diseases. So you have a much larger set of opportunities. — Romesh Wadhwani

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

It was a chance encounter with a biotech entrepreneur from Ireland that got me started as an entrepreneur in India, because I partnered this Irish company in setting up India's first biotech company. — Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Betsy Cook Speer

I recalled thinking ... His freakishly tidy side could be a problem.
To say that neatness was not my strong suit would be a crime against, well, the truth. — Betsy Cook Speer

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Clive James

A decade ago, critics suggested biotech crops would not be valuable in the developing world. Now 90 percent of farmers who benefit are resource-poor farmers in developing countries. These helped alleviate 7.7 million subsistence farmers in China, India, South Africa, the Philippines from abject poverty. — Clive James

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Craig Venter

The trouble is the field of science, medicine, universities, biotech companies - you name it - have been so splintered, layers, sub-divided, hacked that people can spend their entire career studying one tiny little cog of life. — Craig Venter

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Gary Hopkins

Our primary health care should begin on the farm and in our hearts, and not in some laboratory of the biotech and pharmaceutical companies. — Gary Hopkins

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Bill Gates

I'm an investor in a number of biotech companies, partly because of my incredible enthusiasm for the great innovations they will bring. — Bill Gates

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By George Wolff

Washington-based industry lobby group, reported that in 1999 American biotech companies spent more than half of the sector's revenues, $11 billion in total, on research. No other industrial group spends anything near that proportion of total revenues on research, not even the major pharmaceutical companies, which are usually named as the world's biggest R&D spenders. — George Wolff

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Mohnish Pabrai

Industries with rapid change are the enemy of the investor. Tech businesses, particularly biotech, is a problem from that point of view. All industries work with change, but you should ideally be investing in businesses with a low rate of change, not a high rate of change. — Mohnish Pabrai

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Bill Gates

The pace of progress in biology creates a foundation that naturally gets picked up by the biotech and pharmaceutical industry to solve rich-world diseases. This is attractive science. It's science that people want to work on. — Bill Gates

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Tom Peters

Business, life itself, is damned hard work if you wanna be good at it. Actually, that's precisely wrong. Business ceases to be work when you're chasing a dream that has engorged you. ("Work should be more fun than fun" - Noel Coward.) And if the passion isn't there. then biotech and plumbing will be equal drags. — Tom Peters

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Bill Gates

Government investment unlocks a huge amount of private sector activity, but the basic research that we put into IT work that led to the Internet and lots of great companies and jobs, the basic work we put into the health care sector, where it's over $30 billion a year in R&D that led the biotech and pharma jobs. And it creates jobs and it creates new technologies that will be productized. But the government has to prime the pump here. The basic ideas, as in those other industries, start with government investment. — Bill Gates

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Ignacio Chapela

As we move on into this so-called biotech revolution and we start producing more and more transgenic manipulations, we'll start seeing pieces of DNA interacting with each other in ways that are totally unpredictable I think this is probably the largest biological experiment humanity has ever entered into. — Ignacio Chapela

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Steve Jurvetson

When a nanotech company matures and becomes a real business, it becomes something else. It becomes a biotech company or a cleantech company or a memory chip company. Nanotechnology has fueled the core innovations in electronics and energy. — Steve Jurvetson

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Dalai Lama XIV

In the case of food, if the argument is valid that we need some kind of genetic modification to help feed the world's growing population, then I believe that we cannot simply dismiss this branch of genetic technology. However, if, as suggested by its critics, this argument is merely a front for motives that are primarily commercial - such as producing food that will simply have a longer lasting shelf life, that can be more easily exported from one side of the world to the other, that is more attractive in appearance and more convenient in consumption, or creating grains and cereals engineered not to produce their own seeds so that farmers are forced to depend entirely upon the biotech companies for seeds - then clearly such practices must be seriously questioned. Many — Dalai Lama XIV

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Misha Angrist

For most of the last thirty years the judicial system has been fairly consistent: once they leave your body, you do not own your tissue, organs, or bodily fluids or any of the revenue they might generate for a biotech company, a university, or anyone else. — Misha Angrist

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Peter Lynch

My high-tech aversion caused me to make fun of the typical biotech enterprise: $100 million in cash from selling shares, one hundred Ph.D.'s, 99 microscopes, and zero revenues. — Peter Lynch

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Ben Goldacre

There is essentially no difference between the vitamin industry and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries (that — Ben Goldacre

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Jack Welch

Today, all arrows point toward the biotech, nanotech, and information technology industries, and the convergence among them. — Jack Welch

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Luc Montagnier

We are working with a biotech company, Calypte, which has designed a urine test for the HIV antibody. — Luc Montagnier

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Ramez Naam

I support GMOs. And we should label them. We should label them because that is the very best thing we can do for public acceptance of agricultural biotech. And we should label them because there's absolutely nothing to hide. — Ramez Naam

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Dennis Miller

Martha Stewart denied allegations that she had been given inside information to sell 4,000 shares of a stock in a biotech firm about to go under. Stewart then showed her audience how to make a festive, quick-burning yule log out of freshly-shredded financial documents. — Dennis Miller

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Don Williams

It ended up being a great quarter across the country. The national trend was more on the IT (information technology) side of things. When you look at Southern California and San Diego specifically, it's driven largely by the life sciences and biotech side of things. — Don Williams

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Louis Navellier

One of the things that launched the strength in biotech is when the pharmaceutical industry itself got a little slow. — Louis Navellier

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Ellen Goodman

In the biotech revolution, it is the human body, not iron or steel or plastic, that's at the source. Are the biocapitalists going to be allowed to dig without consent into our genetic codes, then market them? — Ellen Goodman

Biotech T-shirt Quotes By Steve Jurvetson

The first generation of biotech physically cut and pasted from one organism to another. You learned that taxol helped cure cancer, then you found the source organism and extracted the genes to make your drug. Now physical science is becoming information science. — Steve Jurvetson