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Top Best Yachting Quotes

Best Yachting Quotes By Rachel Joyce

I never saw you without a golf club tie.
I never saw you with a golf club.
I never saw you without yachting shoes.
I never saw you in a yacht. — Rachel Joyce

Best Yachting Quotes By Rachel Joyce

In order to succeed he must remain true to the feeling that had inspired him in the first place. It didn't matter that other people would do it in a different way; in fact this was inevitable. He would keep to the roads because, despite the odd fast car, he felt safer there. It didn't matter that he had no mobile phone. It didn't matter that he had not planned his route, or brought a road map. He had a different map, and that was the one in his mind, made up of all the people and places he had passed. He would also stick to his yachting shoes because, despite the wear and tear, they were his. He saw that when a person becomes estranged from the things they know, and is a passerby, strange things take on a new significance. And knowing this, it seemed important to allow himself to be true to the instincts that made him Harold, as opposed to anyone else. — Rachel Joyce

Best Yachting Quotes By Elizabeth Banks

If I ever complain about yachting around the Mediterranean with Madonna, who I just idolized as a child, I should be slapped across the face. — Elizabeth Banks

Best Yachting Quotes By David Cunliffe

I'm a big yachting fan. — David Cunliffe

Best Yachting Quotes By Dennis Conner

While the (America's) Cup is yachting's Holy Grail, it has also come to represent the ultimate test in 'the game of life.' Just as in life, success demands commitment and commitment demands a positive winning attitude. I told all the guys who came into our Cup campaign that if they were going to make the grade they needed three essential ingredients: attitude, attitude and attitude. I wanted commitment to the commitment. When they finally made the crew, some of them joked that they ought to be committed for their commitment to the commitment. — Dennis Conner

Best Yachting Quotes By Rachel Joyce

They believed in him. They had looked at him in his yachting shoes, and listened to what he said, and they had made a decision in their hearts and minds to ignore the evidence and to imagine something bigger and something infinitely more beautiful than the obvious. — Rachel Joyce

Best Yachting Quotes By Hunter S. Thompson

I am not a yachting person, by nature, but I have just enough experience on the sea under sail to feel a certain nostalgia for it when I see a big white racing yacht heeled over at cruising speed on the ocean, and I can still tie a mean bowline knot on just about anything in less than 10 seconds. — Hunter S. Thompson

Best Yachting Quotes By Leonora Carrington

This was most alarming, what sort of terrible toil had deranged the poor woman? Would I also have to work day and night till I couldn't stop talking? Perhaps they made her shovel coal for a huge furnace, probably they kept a private crematorium, old people do keep dying off. Maybe they had a chain gang too and we would have to chop stones and sing sea shanties (this would explain why she wore the yachting cap.) — Leonora Carrington

Best Yachting Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nature never hurries: atom by atom, little by little, she achieves her work. The lesson one learns from yachting or planting is the manners of Nature; patience with the delays of wind and sun, delays of the seasons, bad weather, excess or lack of water. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Best Yachting Quotes By Tom Callahan

The America's Cup, yachting's great and garish grail, is a tumorous tureen no handsomer than a camel. — Tom Callahan

Best Yachting Quotes By Jim Trefethen

The cruising life isn't for all of us. It isn't even for most
of us, but it is for some of us, and for a few of us it is essential to survival. — Jim Trefethen

Best Yachting Quotes By Maeve Binchy

If you write what you know about, you will always be on safe ground. I am very edgy and nervous about going into territories I know nothing about. That's why you don't find much high finance, group sex, or yachting parties in my stories. — Maeve Binchy

Best Yachting Quotes By David James Duncan

When Peter renounced the world he grew up in and the people he grew up with, I believe it was exactly as heroic as that of a person who, finding himself prone to violent seasickness, renounces yachting. Hell, Pete was hardly 'in the world' in the first place. That was just the problem. He knew more about 13th century Sufi Orders and the Ptolemaic Universe than the rivers and hills and sewers and mills in southwestern Washington. — David James Duncan