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Best Whiplash Quotes By Sheri L. Dew

There will be days when you feel defeated, exhausted, and plain old beat-up by life's whiplash. People you love will disappoint you - and you will disappoint them. You'll probably struggle with some kind of mortal appetite. Some days it will feel as though the veil between Heaven and Earth is made of reinforced concrete. — Sheri L. Dew

Best Whiplash Quotes By Hugh Bonneville

When you are in the eye of the storm, you are often not aware of the whiplash around you. — Hugh Bonneville

Best Whiplash Quotes By Bill Kauffman

We have a nasty habit of flushing down the memory hole "the people who lost." Or demonizing them. Going back in time and painting Snidely Whiplash mustaches on their luckless countenances. — Bill Kauffman

Best Whiplash Quotes By Damien Chazelle

The greatest thing has been that projects that were pipe dreams before 'Whiplash' are now feeling more realistic. — Damien Chazelle

Best Whiplash Quotes By Donna Tartt

Lyra, Cassiopeia the queen, whiplash Scorpius with the twin stings in his tail, all the friendly childhood patterns that had twinkled me to sleep from the glow-in-the-dark planetarium stars on my bedroom ceiling back in New York. Now, transfigured - cold and glorious like deities with their disguises flung off - it was as if they'd flown through the roof and into the sky to assume their true, celestial homes. — Donna Tartt

Best Whiplash Quotes By Jenika Snow

Warning: This book is short and right to the point - like the kind of story that gives you whiplash. If you enjoy unbelievable plots, and insta-everything going on, you may enjoy this dirty little read. — Jenika Snow

Best Whiplash Quotes By Jaye Wells

What?" my partner asked suddenly.
I jumped, guilty at having been caught staring. But, hell, I thought, might as well ask. "Are you two
you know?" I made a vaguely obscene gesture with my fingers.
He stopped walking so fast I was shocked he didn't get whiplash. "What?"
I waved toward the building. "You and Shandi."
Instead of answering, he threw his head back and brayed like the jackass he was. — Jaye Wells

Best Whiplash Quotes By Emile Hirsch

It was very, very challenging being on this thing called the gimbal. It would throw you around, give you whiplash, and they'd tie you down. — Emile Hirsch

Best Whiplash Quotes By Jonathan Hull

I've always hated Mondays, the whole lot of them. Too much whiplash, snapping the tired masses to attention. God's way, perhaps, of reminding us that we are not masters of our fate, no matter how deluded we became during the weekend respite. — Jonathan Hull

Best Whiplash Quotes By Agatha Christie

There hung about her the restrained energy of a whiplash. — Agatha Christie

Best Whiplash Quotes By Damien Chazelle

As delicate as 'Guy and Madeline' was, it was important that 'Whiplash' come off as more of a fever dream. — Damien Chazelle

Best Whiplash Quotes By Donna McKechnie

I have the oldest whiplash in the business. — Donna McKechnie

Best Whiplash Quotes By Janet Fitch

It was her first book, an indigo cover with a silver moonflower, an art nouveau flower, I traced my finger along the silver line like smoke, whiplash curves ... I touched the pages her hands touched, I pressed them to my lips, the soft thick old paper, yellow now, fragile as skin. I stuck my nose between the bindings and smelled all the readings she had given, the smell of unfiltered cigarettes and the espresso machine, beaches and incense and whispered words in the night. I could hear her voice rising from the pages. The cover curled outward like sails. — Janet Fitch

Best Whiplash Quotes By Franz Kafka

The animal wrests the whip from its master and whips itself in order to become master, not knowing that this is only a fantasy produced by a new knot in the master's whiplash. — Franz Kafka

Best Whiplash Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

Sureness is something like a neck brace, which we clamp around our lives, hoping to somehow protect ourselves from the frightening, constant whiplash of change. Sadly, the brace doesn't always hold. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Best Whiplash Quotes By Scott Turow

I grew up on the north side of Chicago, in West Rogers Park, an overwhelmingly Jewish neighborhood. When I was 13, my parents moved to Winnetka, Illinois, an upper class, WASPy suburb where Jews - as well as Blacks and Catholics - were unwelcome on many blocks. I suffered the spiritual equivalent of whiplash. — Scott Turow

Best Whiplash Quotes By Joey W. Hill

Geez, man, don't give yourself whiplash. You are hurting, if the mention of Victorian underwear will get you worked up. I know a girl ... " - From "Controlled Response — Joey W. Hill

Best Whiplash Quotes By Sarah Dessen

I'd only met him once, at the mall. He was tall, with a big floppy shock of blond hair he was always getting out of his face by jerking his head suddenly to the side, whiplash-style. Rina found this incredibly sexy. It made me nervous. - Caitlin about Jeff — Sarah Dessen

Best Whiplash Quotes By Jill Shalvis

Elle's gaze hadn't left the front door. "But holy cow hotness, Batman, really, you want to see this."


"He's in a suit, that's why. My eyes don't know what to do with themselves."

Will whipped around so fast she gave herself whiplash. — Jill Shalvis

Best Whiplash Quotes By J.M. Darhower

I scrub my hands over my face, groaning, as he makes his way up onto the roof. He's giving me whiplash. Dealing with him is the last thing I expected to be doing tonight, considering I just saw him this morning, but now he's here... well, he's up there... and it kind of just makes me want to be wherever he is. — J.M. Darhower

Best Whiplash Quotes By Sierra Donovan

You don't think I'm Satan, do you?"
"Of course not." She smiled across the table at him. "Snidely Whiplash, maybe. But not Satan. — Sierra Donovan

Best Whiplash Quotes By Katie Ashley

You really have the nerve to stand there and ask me that?" When he didn't respond, I practically growled as I took a step towards him. "You blow so hot and cold with me that I'm not sure which way is up. It's a wonder I don't need a chiropractor from your emotional whiplash. One minute you're telling me you want a girl like me to be interested in you and the next you're coyly asking how I feel about Garrett." Finally toe to toe, I glared up at him. "You're really good at charming the panties off girls at ten paces, but you can't even tell a girl how you really feel when she's up close and personal! — Katie Ashley

Best Whiplash Quotes By Adrienne Rich

Birds and periodic blood.
Old recapitulations.
The fox, panting, fire-eyed,
gone to earth in my chest.
How beautiful we are,
he and I, with our auburn
pelts, our trails of blood,
our miracle escapes,
our whiplash panic flogging us on
to new miracles!
They've supplied us with pills
for bleeding, pills for panic.
Wash them down the sink.
This is truth, then:
dull needle groping for the spinal fluid,
weak acid in the bottom of the cup,
foreboding, foreboding.
No one tells the truth about truth,
that it's what the fox
sees from his scuffled burrow:
dull-jawed, onrushing
killer, being that
inanely single-minded
will have our skins at last. — Adrienne Rich

Best Whiplash Quotes By Damien Chazelle

I remember when I first met Jason Reitman with the 'Whiplash' script; he quickly became a mentor figure who guided me through the process and also protected me and made sure that when it came time to actually make 'Whiplash,' I was able to make exactly the movie I wanted to make. — Damien Chazelle

Best Whiplash Quotes By Pierce Brown

The beautiful Antonia is a thing of the past. The damage she suffered was superficially catastrophic. Left orbital bone pulverized. Nose flattened, crushed so brutally they had to pull it out of her nasal cavity with forceps. Mouth so swollen it makes a hissing sound as air goes between her shattered front teeth. Whiplash and severe concussion. The ship doctors thought she was in a ship crash until they found the imprint of House Jupiter's lightning crest in several places on her face. — Pierce Brown

Best Whiplash Quotes By Damien Chazelle

Before 'Whiplash,' I'd had a string of failed scripts. I'd pour my blood, sweat and tears into them, and no one would like them. — Damien Chazelle

Best Whiplash Quotes By Patrick Suskind

She was one of those languid women, made of dark honey, smooth and sweet, and terribly sticky, who take control of a room with a syrupy gesture, a toss of the hair, a single slow whiplash of the eyes - and all the while remain as still as the centre of a hurricane, apparently unaware of the force of gravity by which they irresistibly attract themselves the yearnings and the souls of both men and women. — Patrick Suskind

Best Whiplash Quotes By D.H. Lawrence

She is my first, great love. She was a wonderful, rare woman - you do not know; as strong, and steadfast, and generous as the sun. She could be as swift as a white whiplash, and as kind and gentle as warm rain, and as steadfast as the irreducible earth beneath us. — D.H. Lawrence

Best Whiplash Quotes By Diriye Osman

As a young gay African, I have been conditioned from an early age to consider my sexuality a dangerous deviation from my true heritage as a Somali by close kin and friends. As a young gay African coming of age in London, there was another whiplash of cultural confusion that one had to recover from again and again: that accepting your sexual identity doesn't necessarily mean that the wider LGBT community, with its own preconceived notions of what constitutes a "valid" queer identity, will embrace you any more welcomingly than your own prejudiced kinsfolk do. — Diriye Osman

Best Whiplash Quotes By Vi Keeland

Forget whiplash, this woman had bitchlash; — Vi Keeland