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Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Alice McDermott

And when Mary nodded, Pauline said, "You'd better hurry then, you know how how is," and laughed to show she would not be married to bald John Keane for all the tea in China. In her laugh was every confidence Mary had ever shared with Pauline about her husband's failings, every unguarded criticism, every angry, impromptu, frustrated critique of his personality, his manners, his sometimes morbid, sometimes inscrutable, sometimes impatient ways. A repository, Pauline and her laugh, for every moment in thier marriage when Mary Keane had not loved her husband, when love itself had seemed a misapprehension, a delusion (a stranger standing outside of Schrafft's transformed into an answered prayer), and marriage
which Pauline had had sense enough to spurn
simply an awkward pact with a stranger, any stranger, John or George, Tom, Dick, or Harry.
A repository, Pauline and her laugh, her knowing eye, for all that Mary Keane should have kept to herself. — Alice McDermott

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

God can answer every need. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Flames burn so long as they are fed.
Rivers rage so long as it rains.
The sun rises so long as the earth rotates.
Prayers are answered so long as they are uttered sincerely.
Hope exists so long as there is a new day.
Miracles never cease so long as there is faith.
Love endures so long as kindness rules all actions.
Dreams thrive so long as they are pursued.
Never give up. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Terryl L. Givens

Few - very few - are entirely bereft of at least one solace-giving memory: a childhood prayer answered, a testimony borne long ago, a fleeting moment of perfect peace. And for those few who despairingly insist they have never heard so much as a whisper, then know this: We don't need to look for a burning bush when all we need is to be still and remember that we have known the goodness of love, the rightness of virtue, the nobility of kindness and faithfulness. And as we remember, we can ask if we perceive in such beauties merely the random effects of Darwinian products, or the handwriting of God on our hearts. — Terryl L. Givens

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Gary Chapman

On the plane ride to Ethiopia, doubts had plagued my thoughts. What are you doing leaving your children for two weeks? Why go all the way to Africa to help the poor? Why you? For this exact moment, answered a voice in my spirit. I crossed the room, held her hand, and, bending near, whispered life-giving Scripture. In that moment love was as elemental to life as breath. Love is extending my hand, sharing a prayer, and, sometimes, leaving all I've ever known to find what I truly have to give. — Gary Chapman

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Nike Thaddeus

Miracles have a higher percentage of being permanent than magical solutions. — Nike Thaddeus

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Jann Arden

And every breath I ever took, every tear I ever wept, every star I wished upon seemed nothing until now. Every prayer I ever said seemed strangely answered now. Could it be I'm in love? Could it be I'm in love? — Jann Arden

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Andrew Murray

Answered prayer is the interchange of love between the Father and His child. — Andrew Murray

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Og Mandino

Never will I pray for the material things of the world. I am not calling to a servant to bring me food. I am not ordering an innkeeper to provide me with room. Never will I seek delivery of gold, love, good health, petty victories, fame, success, or happiness. Only for guidance will I pray, that I may be shown the way to acquire these things, and my prayer will always be answered. — Og Mandino

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

God is greatest physician. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Faith Baldwin

What I have learned from the year past is something about miracles
miracles of healing and answered prayer and unexpected happy endings. Each came quietly and simply, on tiptoe, so that I hardly knew it had occurred.
All this makes me realize that miracles are everyday things. Not only the sudden, great good fortune, wafting in on a new wind from the sky. They are almost routine, yet miracles just the same.
Every time something hard becomes easier; every time you adjust to a situation which, last week, you didn't know existed; every time a kindness falls as softly as the dew; or someone you love who was ill grows better; every time a blessing comes, not with trumpet and fanfare, but silently as night, you have witnessed a miracle. — Faith Baldwin

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

You enlighten the light of love in my life. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

If you want your prayers answered, you get off your knees and do the one thing you're praying someone else will do for you. — Shannon L. Alder

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Harold S. Kushner

We can't pray that God make our lives free of problems; this won't happen, and it is probably just as well. We can't ask Him to make us and those we love immune to diseases, because He can't do that. We can't ask Him to weave a magic spell around us so that bad things will only happen to other people, and never to us.
People who pray for miracles usually don't get miracles, any more than children who pray for bicycles, good grades, or good boyfriends get them as a result of praying. But people who pray for courage, for strength to bear the unbearable, for the grace to remember what they have left instead of they have lost, very often find their prayer answered. — Harold S. Kushner

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Jacci Mendelsohn

No one preached to me ... No one had to ... I wouldn't have listened anyway. I became a believer from a direct encounter with an answered prayer. I came face to face with God and all his power in a tiny bathroom in Washington. — Jacci Mendelsohn

Answered Prayer Love Quotes By Andrew Murray

The effective prayer of faith comes from a life given up to the will and the love of God. Not as a result of what I try to be when praying, but because of what I am when I'm not praying, is my prayer answered by God. All — Andrew Murray