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Top Best Photo Editing Quotes

Best Photo Editing Quotes By Jessie J.

Children used to get bullied at school. Now they go home, and that's where the problem starts - because they sit on their phones all night, thinking about who's 'liked' a photo of them, who hates them, who loves them. They don't know what's real and what's not, editing their lives constantly to fit other people's views. — Jessie J.

Best Photo Editing Quotes By Donald Lambert

My wife convinced me to try doing the restorations digitally. I thought I could learn the photo editing software over the Thanksgiving weekend. It took me until May of the next year before I sold anything I did with it. — Donald Lambert

Best Photo Editing Quotes By Rebecca McNutt

Why hoard away so many back-issues of People Magazine? Fashion magazines are just empty promises. You can go bankrupt blowing all your cash on expensive beauty products, but the only way you'll ever look just like the people on those glossy front covers is if you know how to use computer editing software for photographs. Besides, people who think they are ugly, are never really all that ugly anyway. People who think they are pretty, are rarely ever all that pretty. — Rebecca McNutt

Best Photo Editing Quotes By Barbara Degenevieve

You can assume all photo and video is constructed as a fiction controlled by the person holding the camera and the person who is editing ... — Barbara Degenevieve