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Best Persuasion Quotes By Jane Odiwe

If I truly loved a man, his fortune or lack of one would not make any difference to me. In any case, we cannot always choose with whom we fall in love. When it happens, it is not something we can just dismiss on a whim or tell to go away. There is no rhyme nor reason in matters of the heart. — Jane Odiwe

Best Persuasion Quotes By Terry Pratchett

Persuasion comes in many forms," said Lord Vetinari. "No, I agree with Archchancellor Ridcully, sending Captain Carrot would be an excellent idea."
"What? Did I say something?" said Ridcully.
"Do you think that sending Captain Carrot would be an excellent idea?"
"What? Oh. Yes. Good lad. Keen. Got a sword."
"Then I agree with you," said Lord Vetinari, who knew how to work a committee. — Terry Pratchett

Best Persuasion Quotes By Lord Chesterfield

The talent of insinuation is more useful than that of persuasion, as everybody is open to insinuation, but scarce any to persuasion. — Lord Chesterfield

Best Persuasion Quotes By Sarah Moore Grimke

I do deeply deplore, of the sake of the cause, the prevalent notion, that the clergy must be had, either by persuasion or by bribery. They will not need persuasion or bribery, if their hearts are with us; if they are not, we are better without them. It is idle to suppose that the kingdom of heaven cannot come on earth, without their cooperation. — Sarah Moore Grimke

Best Persuasion Quotes By Albert Camus

In the world there is, parallel to the force of death and constraint, an enormous force of persuasion that is called culture. — Albert Camus

Best Persuasion Quotes By Immanuel Kant

The usual touchstone of whether what someone asserts is mere persuasion or at least a subjective conviction, i.e., firm belief, is betting. Often someone pronounces his propositions with such confident and inflexible defiance that he seems to have entirely laid aside all concern for error. A bet disconcerts him. Sometimes he reveals that he is persuaded enough for one ducat but not for ten. For he would happily bet one, but at ten he suddenly becomes aware of what he had not previously noticed, namely that it is quite possible that he has erred. — Immanuel Kant

Best Persuasion Quotes By Jeffrey Toobin

He did what good lawyers always do. He shifted his argument in the direction his audience was already going. — Jeffrey Toobin

Best Persuasion Quotes By Drew Eric Whitman

advertising is a subset of communication. Sales is a subset of advertising. Persuasion is a subset of sales. And psychology is a subset of persuasion. — Drew Eric Whitman

Best Persuasion Quotes By Jeremy Bean

It seems too simplistic that just repeating a persuasive message should increase its effect, but that's exactly what psychological research finds (again and again). Repetition is one of the easiest and most widespread methods of persuasion. In fact it's so obvious that we sometimes forget how powerful it is. — Jeremy Bean

Best Persuasion Quotes By Joseph Conrad

Madness alone is truly terrifying, inasmuch as you cannot placate it by threats, persuasion, or bribes. — Joseph Conrad

Best Persuasion Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

The age can be impressed. Anything will be accepted by men if you will but preach it with tremendous enthusiasm, emotion, persuasionnergy and living earnestness. — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Best Persuasion Quotes By Steven Pinker

Downslopes in the curve show that at various times Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Romania, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, and Yugoslavia have pursued nuclear weapons but then thought the better of it - occasionally through the persuasion of an Israeli air strike, but more often by choice. — Steven Pinker

Best Persuasion Quotes By James Neff

as tools of persuasion. He would — James Neff

Best Persuasion Quotes By Eric Metaxas

The battle for our culture must be waged at the level of the imagination. — Eric Metaxas

Best Persuasion Quotes By Clive Barker

There are lives lived for love, and lives lived for art. We, happy band, have chosen the later persuasion. — Clive Barker

Best Persuasion Quotes By Herman Kahn

Authority is not power; that's coercion. Authority is not knowledge; that's persuasion, or seduction. Authority is simply that the author has the right to make a statement and to be heard. — Herman Kahn

Best Persuasion Quotes By William Safire

The new, old, and constantly changing language of politics is a lexicon of conflict and drama?ridicule and reproach?pleading and persuasion. — William Safire

Best Persuasion Quotes By China Mieville

It ain't that he's not interested in, like, persuasiveness, get me? He's interested in it. Like something in a jar. — China Mieville

Best Persuasion Quotes By Everett Dirksen

The mind is no match with the heart in persuasion; constitutionality is no match with compassion. — Everett Dirksen

Best Persuasion Quotes By Amy Neftzger

Words and magic are two powerful forces that can change the world. — Amy Neftzger

Best Persuasion Quotes By Barbara W. Tuchman

The art of oratory was considered part of the equipment of a statesman. — Barbara W. Tuchman

Best Persuasion Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

In a republican nation, whose citizens are to be led by reason and persuasion and not by force, the art of reasoning becomes of first importance — Thomas Jefferson

Best Persuasion Quotes By George F. Will

Our hatred of government is not caused mainly by government's goals, whatever their wisdom, but by government's techniques. Philip Howard — George F. Will

Best Persuasion Quotes By Stella Gibbons

Well, when I am fifty-three or so I would like to write a novel as good as Persuasion but with a modern setting, of course. For the next thirty years or so I shall be collecting material for it. If anyone asks me what I work at, I shall say, 'Collecting material'. No one can object to that. — Stella Gibbons

Best Persuasion Quotes By Bella Abzug

We need laws that protect everyone - men and women, straights and gays, regardless of sexual perversion ... ah, persuasion. — Bella Abzug

Best Persuasion Quotes By Robin Hobb

A wise old man taught me that diplomacy is the velvet glove that cloaks the fist of power. Persuasion, not force, works best and lasts longest. — Robin Hobb

Best Persuasion Quotes By Virginia Postrel

Persuasion has become a kind of force. The more the advertiser knows about what consumers want, and the more desires the product and packaging seek to fulfill, the more coercive the force. — Virginia Postrel

Best Persuasion Quotes By Aristotle.

It is no part of a physician's business to use either persuasion or compulsion upon the patients. — Aristotle.

Best Persuasion Quotes By Ali Smith

The power of the artform is stronger than stone, the poet says, and chooses the sonnet, a form concerned with argument and persuasion, to say so. This sonnet, he says, will last longer than any gravestone-and you'll be made shinier, brighter, by it. In this form it will-and therefore you will-avoid destruction by war, history, time generally; it'll even keep you alive after death; in fact it'll form a place for you to live, not die, where you'll be seen in the eyes of and the context of this love right to the end of time. — Ali Smith

Best Persuasion Quotes By Andrew Pettegree

Although Martin Luther's theological message was couched as an exhortation to all Christian people, his frame of reference, the human experiences on which he drew and his emotional sympathies, or almost entirely German. — Andrew Pettegree

Best Persuasion Quotes By Oscar Wilde

We have quite the same ideas. No; I think our ideas are quite different. But he has been most pleasant. — Oscar Wilde

Best Persuasion Quotes By Elisabeth Harnois

Whether it's a blessing or a curse, I have always played someone like 10 years younger. When I was 23 or 24, I was playing 15 opposite Evan Rachel Wood in a movie called 'Pretty Persuasion.' She was 16 and nobody in a million years would have thought I was that much older than her. — Elisabeth Harnois

Best Persuasion Quotes By Hilary Mantel

When the cardinal came to a closed door he would flatter it
oh beautiful yielding door! Then he would try tricking it open. And you are just the same, just the same." He pours himself some of the duke's present. "But in the last resort, you just kick it in. — Hilary Mantel

Best Persuasion Quotes By Nawal El Saadawi

I discovered that all these rulers were men. What they had in common was an avaricious and distorted personality, a never-ending appetite for money, sex and unlimited power. They were men who sowed corruption on the earth, and plundered their peoples, men endowed with loud voices, a capacity for persuasion, for choosing sweet words and shooting poisoned arrows. Thus, the truth about them was revealed only after their death, and as a result I discovered that history tended to repeat itself with a foolish obstinacy. — Nawal El Saadawi

Best Persuasion Quotes By Antonio Gramsci

Ideas and opinions are not spontaneously "born" in each individual brain: they have had a centre of formation, or irradiation, of dissemination, of persuasion-a group of men, or a single individual even, which has developed them and presented them in the political form of current reality. — Antonio Gramsci

Best Persuasion Quotes By Aristotle.

Of the modes of persuasion furnished by the spoken word there are three kinds. The first kind depends on the personal character ofthe speaker; the second on putting the audience into a certain frame of mind; the third on the proof, provided by the words of the speech itself. — Aristotle.

Best Persuasion Quotes By William Osler

In science, the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not to the man to whom the idea first occurs. — William Osler

Best Persuasion Quotes By H.G.Wells

For that moment I touched an emotion beyond the common range of men, yet one the poor brutes we dominate know only too well. I felt as a rabbit might feel returning to his burrow, and suddenly confronted by the work of a dozen busy navvies digging the foundations of a house. I felt the first inkling of a thing that presently grew quite clear in my mind, that oppressed me for many days, a sense of dethronement, a persuasion that I was no longer master, but an animal among animals; under the Martian heel. — H.G.Wells

Best Persuasion Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

Culturally, though not theologically, I'm a Christian. I was born a Protestant of the white Anglo-Saxon persuasion. And while I do love that great teacher of peace who was called Jesus, and while I do reserve the right to ask myself in certain trying situations what indeed He would do, I can't swallow that one fixed rule of Christianity insisting that Christ is the only path to God. Strictly speaking, then, I cannot call myself a Christian. Most of the Christians I know accept my feelings on this with grace and open-mindedness. Then again, most of the Christians I know don't speak very strictly. To those who do speak (and think) strictly, all I can do here is offer my regrets for any hurt feelings and now excuse myself from their business. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Best Persuasion Quotes By Jane Austen

Anne could do no more; but her heart prophesied some mischance to damp the perfection of her felicity. — Jane Austen

Best Persuasion Quotes By Barry Goldwater

Social and cultural change, however desirable, should not be effected by the engines of national power. Let us, through persuasion and education, seek to improve institutions we deem defective. But let us, in doing so, respect the orderly processes of the law. Any other course enthrones tyrants and dooms freedom. — Barry Goldwater

Best Persuasion Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

If we cannot prevail with men for God, we will at least endeavor to prevail with God for men. — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Best Persuasion Quotes By Andrew Pettegree

A long list of propositions does not necessarily make a coherent argument — Andrew Pettegree

Best Persuasion Quotes By Desmond Tutu

Don't raise your voice, improve your argument.
[Address at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Houghton, Johannesburg, South Africa, 23 November 2004] — Desmond Tutu

Best Persuasion Quotes By Russell D. Moore

We are to hold accountable those on the inside, and speak to those on the outside with persuasion and mission.
We tend to do the exact reverse. We rail against the culture outside, and speak in muted and ambiguous terms about what is common among us. We lambaste political and cultural heresies on the outside, but sit silently in the face of doctrinal heresies in the inside. That's because we are seeing the wrong kingdom first. — Russell D. Moore

Best Persuasion Quotes By Jane Austen

Colonel Brandon was now as happy, as all those who best loved him, believed he deserved to be; - in Marianne he was consoled for every past affliction; - her regard and her society restored his mind to animation, and his spirits to cheerfulness; and that Marianne found her own happiness in forming his, was equally the persuasion and delight of each observing friend. Marianne could never love by halves; and her whole heart became, in time, as much devoted to her husband, as it had once been to Willoughby. — Jane Austen

Best Persuasion Quotes By David Whyte

I love the best of all the traditions. My discipline is the take-no-prisoners language of good poetry, but a language that actually frees us from prejudice, no matter what religion or political persuasion they are. I try to create a river-like discourse. The river is not political, it's not on your side or against you. It's an invitation into the onward flow. — David Whyte

Best Persuasion Quotes By Jane Austen

Such a letter was not to be soon recovered from ... Every moment rather brought fresh agitation. It was an overpowering happiness. — Jane Austen

Best Persuasion Quotes By Samuel Johnson

Truth, like beauty, varies its fashions, and is best recommended by different dresses to different minds; and he that recalls the attention of mankind to any part of learning which time has left behind it, may be truly said to advance the literatures of his own age. As the manners of nations vary, new topicks of persuasion become necessary, and new combinations of imagery are produced; and he that can accommodate himself to the reigning taste, may always have readers who perhaps would not have looked upon better performances. — Samuel Johnson

Best Persuasion Quotes By Peter Thiel

Like acting, sales works best when hidden. — Peter Thiel

Best Persuasion Quotes By Rene Descartes

My third maxim was to endeavor always to conquer myself rather than fortune, and change my desires rather than the order of the world, and in general, accustom myself to the persuasion that, except our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power; so that when we have done our best in things external to us, all wherein we fail of success is to be held, as regards us, absolutely impossible: and this single principle seemed to me sufficient to prevent me from desiring for the future anything which I could not obtain, and thus render me contented — Rene Descartes

Best Persuasion Quotes By Robert B. Cialdini

There's a critical insight in all this for those of us who want to learn to be more influential. The best persuaders become the best through pre-suasion - the process of arranging for recipients to be receptive to a message before they encounter it. To persuade optimally, then, it's necessary to pre-suade optimally. But how?

In part, the answer involves an essential but poorly appreciated tenet of all communication: what we present first changes the way people experience what we present to them next. — Robert B. Cialdini

Best Persuasion Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

A good cause is often injured more by ill-timed efforts of its friends than by the arguments of its enemies. Persuasion, perseverance and patience are the best advocates on questions depending on the will of others. — Thomas Jefferson

Best Persuasion Quotes By Cato The Younger

This is my firm persuasion, that since the human soul exerts itself with so great activity, since it has such a remembrance of the best, such a concern for the future, since it is enriched with so many arts, sciences, and discoveries, it is impossible but the being which contains all these must be immortal. — Cato The Younger

Best Persuasion Quotes By Mohsin Hamid

most powerful military in the world is sent to do a task best accomplished by schoolteachers, police forces, persuasion, and time. — Mohsin Hamid

Best Persuasion Quotes By Os Guinness

This combination of the abandonment of evangelism, the divorce between evangelism, apologetics and discipleship, and the failure to appreciate true human diversity is deeply serious. It is probably behind the fact that many Christians, realizing the ineffectiveness of many current approaches and sensing the unpopularity and implausibility of much Christian witness, have simply fallen silent and given up evangelism altogether, sometimes relieved to mask their evasion under a newfound passion for social justice that can forget the gaucheness of evangelism. At best, many of us who take the good news of Jesus seriously are eager and ready to share the good news when we meet people who are open, interested or in need of what we have to share. But we are less effective when we encounter people who are not open, not interested or not needy - in other words, people who are closed, indifferent, hostile, skeptical or apathetic, and therefore require persuasion. — Os Guinness

Best Persuasion Quotes By Alister E. McGrath

Lewis at his best is about trying on ways of looking at the world. — Alister E. McGrath

Best Persuasion Quotes By Frances Trollope

A single word indicative of doubt, that any thing, or every thing, in that country is not the very best in the world, produces an effect which must be seen and felt to be understood. If the citizens of the United States were indeed the devoted patriots they call themselves, they would surely not thus encrust themselves in the hard, dry, stubborn persuasion, that they are the first and best of the human race, that nothing is to be learnt, but what they are able to teach, and that nothing is worth having, which they do not possess. — Frances Trollope

Best Persuasion Quotes By Steven Pinker

Also, even if technocrats provide reasonable estimates of a risk, which itself is an iffy enterprise, they cannot dictate what level of risk people ought to accept. People might object to a nuclear power plant that has a minuscule risk of a meltdown not because they overestimate the risk, but because they feel that the cost of a catastrophe, no matter how remote, are too dreadful. And of course any of these trade-offs may be unacceptable if people perceive that the benefits would go to the wealthy and powerful while they themselves absorb the risks. Nonetheless, understanding the difference between our best science and our ancient ways of thinking can only make our individual and collective decisions better informed. It can help scientists and journalists explain a new technology in the face of the most common misunderstandings. And it can help all of us understand the technology so that we can accept or reject it on grounds that we can justify to ourselves and to others. — Steven Pinker

Best Persuasion Quotes By Max Barry

Good words were the difference between Emily eating well and not. And what she had found worked best were not facts or arguments but words that tickled people's brains for some reason, that just amused them. Puns, and exaggerations, and things that were true and not at the same time. — Max Barry