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Top Best Pavlov Quotes

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

Perfect as the wing of a bird may be, it will never enable the bird to fly if unsupported by the air. Facts are the air of science. Without them a man of science can never rise. — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

The gastric laboratory uses its protein ferment under an acid reaction. — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By George Carlin

The truth is, Pavlov's dog trained Pavlov to ring this bell just before the dog salivated. — George Carlin

Best Pavlov Quotes By Daniel Keyes

I'm not close to him." He looked at me defiantly. "But he's put his whole life into this. He's no Freud or Jung or Pavlov or Watson, but he's doing something important and I respect his dedication - maybe even more because he's just an ordinary man trying to do a great man's work, while the great men are all busy making bombs. — Daniel Keyes

Best Pavlov Quotes By Patrick H.T. Doyle

If Pavlov tested his cat he would have failed. — Patrick H.T. Doyle

Best Pavlov Quotes By Beth Fantaskey

I must endure, fighting the temptation simply to become slack-jawed like most of my school 'peers' (they wish!), who will themselves into a collective, vacant, trancelike state for the duration of each class. (Although I sometimes secretly envy their ability to empty their minds completely for a full fifty minutes, reanimating only at the sound of a bell, like Pavlov's dogs ... ) — Beth Fantaskey

Best Pavlov Quotes By Gordon Allport

The dog [in Pavlov's experiments] does not continue to salivate whenever it hears a bell unless sometimes at least an edible offering accompanies the bell. But there are innumerable instances in human life where a single association, never reinforced, results in the establishment of a life-long dynamic system. An experience associated only once with a bereavement, an accident, or a battle, may become the center of a permanent phobia or complex, not in the least dependent on a recurrence of the original shock. — Gordon Allport

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ruthie Knox

I didn't know you owned clothes with colors."
"I have a few things that aren't black."
"Of course you do, darling. Only all the ones I've seen are very small, and I get to take them off with my teeth. You've trained me to salivate at the sight of color, like one of Pavlov's dogs. Your top is making me very hungry. — Ruthie Knox

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

Appetite, craving for food, is a constant and powerful stimulator of the gastric glands. — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

The digestive canal is in its task a complete chemical factory. The raw material passes through a long series of institutions in which it is subjected to certain mechanical and, mainly, chemical processing, and then, through innumerable side-streets, it is brought into the depot of the body. Aside from this basic series of institutions, along which the raw material moves, there is a series of lateral chemical manufactories, which prepare certain reagents for the appropriate processing of the raw material. — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By Julian Jaynes

Signal learning (or classical or Pavlovian conditioning) is the simplest example [of leaning without consciousness]. If a light signal immediately followed by a puff of air through a rubber tube is directed at a person's eye about ten times, the eyelid, which previously blinked only to the puff of air, will begin to blink to the light signal alone, and this becomes more and more frequent as trials proceed. Subjects who have undergone this well-known procedure of signal learning report that it has no conscious component whatever. Indeed, consciousness, in this example the intrusion of voluntary eye blinks to try to assist the signal learning, blocks it from occurring. — Julian Jaynes

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

Learn, compare, collect the facts! — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By Charlie Munger

I'd say 3/4 of advertising works on pure Pavlov. Think how association, pure association, works. Take Coca-Cola company (we're the biggest share-holder). They want to be associated with every wonderful image: heroics in the Olympics, wonderful music, you name it. They don't want to be associated with presidents' funerals and so-forth. — Charlie Munger

Best Pavlov Quotes By Morgan Spurlock

Well, even to this day, if I smell a Big Mac, I'm like Pavlov's dog. My mouth starts watering immediately, like, 'Man, that is so good,' but I can't take a bite of it. — Morgan Spurlock

Best Pavlov Quotes By Esther Vilar

Men have been trained and conditioned by women, not unlike the way Pavlov conditioned his dogs, into becoming their slaves. — Esther Vilar

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

Gradualness, gradualness, and gradualness. From the very beginning of your work, school yourself to severe gradualness in the accumulation of knowledge. — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

Only by observing this condition would the results of our work be regarded as fully conclusive and as having elucidated the normal course of the phenomena. — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

From the described experiment it is clear that the mere act of eating, the food even not reaching the stomach, determines the stimulation of the gastric glands. — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

But man has still another powerful resource: natural science with its strictly objective methods. — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

Learn the ABC of science before you try to ascend to its summit. — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By Christopher Moore

Dressed in their red suits and fake beards, they rang their bells like they were going for dog-spit gold at the Pavlov Olympics. — Christopher Moore

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

It is still open to question whether psychology is a natural science, or whether it can be regarded as a science at all. — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By Joost Meerloo

Pavlov's findings were that some animals learned more quickly if rewarded (by affection, by food, by stroking) each time they showed the right response, while others learned more quickly when the penalty for not learning was a painful stimulus. — Joost Meerloo

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

One can truly say that the irresistible progress of natural science since the time of Galileo has made its first halt before the study of the higher parts of the brain, the organ of the most complicated relations of the animal to the external world. And it seems, and not without reason, that now is the really critical moment for natural science; for the brain, in its highest complexity - the human brain - which created and creates natural science, itself becomes the object of this science. — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By Bobby Adair

Whenever you fire a gun, it's like ringing a bell for Pavlov's dog. — Bobby Adair

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

The digestive canal represents a tube passing through the entire organism and communicating with the external world, i.e. as it were the external surface of the body, but turned inwards and thus hidden in the organism. — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

School yourself to demureness and patience. Learn to inure yourself to drudgery in science. Learn, compare, collect the facts. — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By William Stafford

I'll be Pavlov, you be the dog. — William Stafford

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

Mankind will possess incalculable advantages and extraordinary control over human behavior when the scientific investigator will be able to subject his fellow men to the same external analysis he would employ for any natural object, and when the human mind will contemplate itself not from within but from without. — Ivan Pavlov

Best Pavlov Quotes By Ivan Pavlov

While you are experimenting, do not remain content with the surface of things. — Ivan Pavlov