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Top Best Murray Hewitt Quotes

Best Murray Hewitt Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

I do not regard flesh-food as necessary for us at any stage and under any clime in which it is possible for human beings ordinarily to live, I hold flesh-food to be unsuited to our species. — Mahatma Gandhi

Best Murray Hewitt Quotes By Aldo Leopold

Your woodlot is, in fact, an historical document which faithfully records your personal philosophy. — Aldo Leopold

Best Murray Hewitt Quotes By Sri Chinmoy

A moment of self-giving lifecan conquer the sorrowsof many long years — Sri Chinmoy

Best Murray Hewitt Quotes By D.W. Winnicott

Nevertheless, with reference to the natural process of childbirth one thing can seldom be forgotten, the fact that the human infant has an absurdly big head. — D.W. Winnicott

Best Murray Hewitt Quotes By Iain Banks

I just come up with the stories and write them as well as I can. There's not really a great deal of strokey-beard thinking going on. — Iain Banks

Best Murray Hewitt Quotes By Theodore Roethke

The Mistake
He left his pants upon a chair:
She was a widow, so she said:
But he was apprehended, bare,
By one who rose up from the dead. — Theodore Roethke

Best Murray Hewitt Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Beauty is the virtue of the body as virtue is the beauty of the soul — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Best Murray Hewitt Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

It must be observed that our revenues are raised almost wholly on imported goods. — Thomas Jefferson

Best Murray Hewitt Quotes By Francine Prose

The truth is that grammar is always interesting, always useful. Mastering the logic of grammar contributes, in a mysterious way that again evokes some process of osmosis, to the logic of thought. — Francine Prose

Best Murray Hewitt Quotes By Alice Walker

We'll, you know how nigger is. Can't nobody tell 'em nothing even today. Can't be rule. Every nigger you see got a kingdom in his head. — Alice Walker

Best Murray Hewitt Quotes By Dan Hill

When I'm not running, I cycle about 30 miles a day. I use the biking as cross training. I'm kind of a maniac. I race everybody. — Dan Hill

Best Murray Hewitt Quotes By Lauren Bowles

When your playing drama, and you're in the moment, and you can nail the emotion that is called for, it just feels like a smooth thing. It's so great. There is nothing like getting a laugh, though. — Lauren Bowles

Best Murray Hewitt Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

Who can go beyond the mind? The one who has conquered the mind. — Dada Bhagwan