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Best Hey Arnold Quotes By Jay Leno

Last night, we had the first gubernatorial debate. Some people are criticizing Schwarzenegger for not going. They say Arnold goes around telling people he cares, everything is going to be great, forget about everything he did in the '70s. Hey, it worked for George Bush. — Jay Leno

Best Hey Arnold Quotes By Sherman Alexie

Hey, Arnold," he said. I looked up 'in love with a white girl' on Google and found and article about that white girl named Cynthia who disappeared in Mexico last summer. You remember how her face was all over the papers and everybody said it was such a sad thing?"
"I kinda remember," I said.
"Well this article said that over two hundred Mexican girls have disappeared in the last three years in that same part of the country. And nobody says much about that. And that's racist. The guy who wrote the article says people care more about beautiful white girls than they do about everybody else on the planet. White girls are privileged. They're damsels in distress."
So what does that mean?" I asked.
"I think it means you're just a racist asshole like everybody else. — Sherman Alexie

Best Hey Arnold Quotes By Arnold Schwarzenegger

I'm telling you, if you want to have good advice, never pay any attention to the camera guys because they will tell you over and over something is wrong and let's reshoot it, let's do this and let's do that. Hey, just do it. — Arnold Schwarzenegger

Best Hey Arnold Quotes By Arnold Schwarzenegger

When you see a blonde with great tits and a great ass, you say to yourself, 'Hey, she must be stupid or must have nothing else to offer', which maybe is the case many times. But then again there is the one that is as smart as her breasts look, great as her face looks ... so people are shocked. — Arnold Schwarzenegger

Best Hey Arnold Quotes By Tom Arnold

Hey, Warren, the Raiders signed you to a seven-year deal. I guess Bill Callahan was right - they are the dumbest team in America. — Tom Arnold