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Best Headstone Quotes By Lady Gregory

It was in a stonecutter's house where I went to have a headstone made for Raftery's grave that I found a manuscript book of his poems, written out in the clear beautiful Irish characters. — Lady Gregory

Best Headstone Quotes By Saint Francis De Sales

By giving yourself to God, You not only receive Himself in exchange, but eternal life as well. — Saint Francis De Sales

Best Headstone Quotes By Hannah Tinti

The Harelip had taken off her heavy shawl and draped it over a headstone. The grave was tilted and covered with moss, the name worn away by the weather. The person underneath had been forgotten and was no longer mourned by the world. But for a moment, Ren thought, the small black slate looked warmed, and grateful for being chosen. — Hannah Tinti

Best Headstone Quotes By Juliann Garey

I hate that her headstone has a year on it for when she was born and another for when she died but only a dash for the life she lived in between. — Juliann Garey

Best Headstone Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

When I remember you, Randy, I'm going to smile, not cry. You're a part of me. One of the best parts. I just wanted to tell you that." She stopp up, brushing the headstone once more. "And if you meet someone called Giselda," she whispered, "tell her she's still part of Spade, too. A beautiful part. Please thank her for that. — Jeaniene Frost

Best Headstone Quotes By A.E. Housman

Because I liked you better Than suits a man to say, It irked you, and I promised I'd throw the thought away. To put the world between us We parted stiff and dry: 'Farewell,' said you, 'forget me.' 'Fare well, I will,' said I. If e'er, where clover whitens The dead man's knoll, you pass, And no tall flower to meet you Starts in the trefoiled grass, Halt by the headstone shading The heart you have not stirred, And say the lad that loved you Was one that kept his word. — A.E. Housman

Best Headstone Quotes By Mike Carey

Vanessa Rey chose the words for her own headstone, taking her theme from the Bhagavad Gita. "Certain is death, for the living, certain is life, for the dead." Think about that. — Mike Carey

Best Headstone Quotes By Kazuya Minekura

You look down when you talk to a headstone! When you talk to a live person, you look up!
I'm still alive! So treat me like it!
Look at me! — Kazuya Minekura

Best Headstone Quotes By Halldor Laxness

There is a holy story that tells of a man who was fulfilled by sowing his enemy's field one night. Bjartur's story is the story of a man who sowed his enemy's field all his life, day and night. Such is the story of the most independent man in the country. Moors; more moors. From the ravine there came an eerie echoing rumble as the headstone crashed its way down, and the bitch sprang to the brink, barking wildly. — Halldor Laxness

Best Headstone Quotes By Jean Ingelow

Children bring their own love with them when they come. — Jean Ingelow

Best Headstone Quotes By Randall Robinson

Son, you won't need to talk to my headstone in order to talk to me. I won't be there. I'll be in the air and the Earth. I'll be in the stars that light the African heavens. I'll be watchin' over you and your family. My spirit will always be close enough to touch and protect you all. So, do not grieve for me. My body will die, but my soul will live on. For my soul cannot die. Always remember that my soul is the spark of God in me. — Randall Robinson

Best Headstone Quotes By Jill Abramson

I think a lot about something: Abe Rosenthal was once asked what he wanted on his headstone, and he said he wanted it just to say, 'He kept the paper straight.' And I think about that a lot. — Jill Abramson

Best Headstone Quotes By James Russell Lowell

Safe in the hallowed quiets of the past. — James Russell Lowell

Best Headstone Quotes By Dinah

There never was night that had no morn. — Dinah

Best Headstone Quotes By Victor Bevine

Everything else, everything, is just human vanity, the dash on the headstone between the day we're born and the day we die. — Victor Bevine

Best Headstone Quotes By Juliette De Bairacli Levy

There is an expression-walking with beauty. And I believe that this endless search for beauty in surroundings, in people and one's personal life, is the headstone of travel. — Juliette De Bairacli Levy

Best Headstone Quotes By Francis Beaumont

The greatest attribute of Heaven is mercy. — Francis Beaumont

Best Headstone Quotes By Nora Roberts

A woman doesn't want to be told she looks nice,' Jude nuttered as she sat down beside maud's grave. She wants to be told she's beautiful, sexy. That she looks outrageous. It dosen't matter if its not true.' She sighed and laid the flowers against the headstone. 'Because for the moment, when the words are said and the words are heard, it's perfect truth. — Nora Roberts

Best Headstone Quotes By Kyung-Sook Shin

I walked behind my father on the way to her headstone, he looked like a house that was caving in. — Kyung-Sook Shin

Best Headstone Quotes By Thomas Ligotti

All things considered, the happiest epitaph to have etched on one's headstone is this: 'He never knew what hit him'. — Thomas Ligotti

Best Headstone Quotes By Les Coleman

Headstone: death's bookmark. — Les Coleman

Best Headstone Quotes By Amy Lane

He didn't scream hysterically or stand up and kick the headstone or any of that. He put his face on his knees and listened as the wind from the mountains mercilessly leveled everything in its path. He remembered the person who had helped him fly with the wind instead of being beaten down by it, and he cried quietly into his knees, finally knowing how the big of the sky could make a person feel as alone as a heartbeat in space. — Amy Lane

Best Headstone Quotes By Stephanie Klein

When we die, no one remembers us for what we weighed. Our weight isn't etched into our headstones. — Stephanie Klein

Best Headstone Quotes By Nikki Giovanni

His headstone said
But death is a slave's freedom
We seek the freedom of free men
And the construction of a world
Where Martin Luther King could have lived and
preached non-violence — Nikki Giovanni

Best Headstone Quotes By Rick Bass

I buried her like a pagan. I put deer bones in with her, for her journey; a blanket, for warmth; flowers, cedar fronds, stones from places we'd been, grouse feathers, a tidbit of raw venison hamburger, and a swatch of my own hair. A headstone, a footstone. I planted an aspen tree above the headstone, to give her shade, and to someday provide leaf-music in the breeze. It took a long time before I was worth a damn again. How to measure the eleven years of magic she brought to us? How, now, to say thank you? Too late, as usual, for these sorts of things. — Rick Bass

Best Headstone Quotes By Killah Priest

The first shall be last and the last shall be first, — Killah Priest

Best Headstone Quotes By Marianne Curley

I recall the look in Rhauk's eyes the moment he spotted Kate. It will stay with me forever, carved into my brain like an engraving on a headstone. It's as if he found something he treasured, something he's been looking for all his life. — Marianne Curley

Best Headstone Quotes By Ayana Mathis

But she was gone, and Hattie wanted to give her babies names that weren't already chiseled on a headstone in the family plots in Georgia, so she gave them names of promise and of hope, reaching forward names, not looking back ones. The — Ayana Mathis

Best Headstone Quotes By Michael Chabon

He's writing his name in water," I said. "What's that?" It was the half-regretful term - borrowed from the headstone of John Keats - that Crabtree used to describe his own and others' failure to express a literary gift through any actual writing on paper. Some of them, he said, just told lies; others wove plots out of the gnarls and elf knots of their lives and then followed them through to resolution. That had always been Crabtree's chosen genre - thinking his way into an attractive disaster and then attempting to talk his way out, leaving no record and nothing to show for his efforts but a reckless reputation and a small dossier in the files of the Berkeley and New York City police departments. — Michael Chabon

Best Headstone Quotes By Kevin Williamson

The poets and philosophers I once loved had it wrong. Death does not come to us all, nor does the passage of time dim our memories and reduce our bodies to dust. Because while I was considered dead, and a headstone had been engraved with my name, in truth my life was just beginning. — Kevin Williamson

Best Headstone Quotes By Padraig Harrington

Sleep, my little one, sleep. — Padraig Harrington

Best Headstone Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

like the cover of an old book,
its contents torn out,
and stripped of its lettering and gilding lies here, food for worms;
Yet the work itself shall not be lost,
For it will (as he believed) appear once more,
in a new,
and more beautiful edition,
corrected and amended
By The AUTHOR — Benjamin Franklin