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So you do know!" I shouted. My phone lay there like a genie's bottle, inanimate and yet containing the ability to grant me wishes and knowledge. "Girl, spill before I come over and dye your hair a natural color. — Atom Yang

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His stream lasted so long I thought about throwing a quarter into the toilet bowl to make a wish. — Atom Yang

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My mother was either telepathic or she had secret cameras in my apartment, and I hoped for the latter. — Atom Yang

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Ducking autocorrect! — Atom Yang

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We drove past a small church, and the congregation had abandoned the building to stand outside in a circle with their heads bowed, maybe hoping their prayers would get a better signal on the lawn.

Heaven has notoriously bad reception. — Atom Yang

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Sweet and savory, it was the honey of our existence, DNA with the message: This is who I am. — Atom Yang

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The call-and-response rituals of geeks were a thing of beauty, and allowed said geeks to identify each other across time and space. — Atom Yang

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We never expressed this to each other in Chinese, because it wasn't something said in Chinese culture; the emotions were too strong, the words too coarse, and besides, it was assumed that parents and children loved each other. — Atom Yang

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You slept-on top of the blanket," he said.
"Uh, yeah."
"Were you trying to protect my honor?" He asked, and his smile spread from cheek to cheek. — Atom Yang

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Hey, it's nice of you to show up!" That was a decent start. "What has it been - a year since you flattened my heart by leaving without a word and ignoring all of my texts, messages, and voicemails? — Atom Yang

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Over the years, we had been as cautious as blindfolded men feeling their way around a mysterious beast, trying to extrapolate what was between us without communicating the knowledge that would have illuminated everything. Until that morning, when we took the blindfolds off, and discovered we were face to face with each other. — Atom Yang

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I kept my eyes on the road, and felt tunnel vision setting in. I wanted to talk - I wanted Weaver to explain why he fucking ignored me this past year! And I wanted him to shut up and never say another word to me. — Atom Yang