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Top Best Franklin Clinton Quotes

Best Franklin Clinton Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

The real issue, as far as Democrats are concerned, is the number of people receiving something from the government. This is exactly what Franklin Delano Roosevelt had in mind when he created this monster. And Clinton is planning to expand it beyond Roosevelt's wildest dreams. — Rush Limbaugh

Best Franklin Clinton Quotes By Mort Sahl

There were four million people in the American Colonies and we had Jefferson and Franklin. Now we have over 200 million and the two top guys are Clinton and Dole. What can you draw from this? Darwin was wrong! — Mort Sahl

Best Franklin Clinton Quotes By Hillary Rodham Clinton

Way back in 1755 Benjamin Franklin wrote, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." With — Hillary Rodham Clinton

Best Franklin Clinton Quotes By Hillary Clinton

I think you have to take the man and say to yourself, [Donald Trump] is someone who wants to occupy the Oval Office, where Franklin Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and people who were our president, and I don't think it's just a woman's issue. I think it's an issue that should be of concern to all Americans. — Hillary Clinton