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Top Best Elephants Quotes

Best Elephants Quotes By Clarence Day

Elephants suffer from too much patience. Their exhibitions of it may seem superb,-such power and such restraint, combined, are noble,-but a quality carried to excess defeats itself. — Clarence Day

Best Elephants Quotes By Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

When the elephant decides to walk through the village, all the dogs come out and bark. — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Best Elephants Quotes By Jacqueline E. Smith

Showmen's Rest was truly something to behold. Throughout the entire yard, statues and carvings of elephants, clowns, and tight-rope walkers danced on the gray and white surfaces of tombstones and grave-markers. For the first time, Michael got the feeling that the men and women who'd been buried there were probably really happy with their final resting place. It was a touching tribute, one that honored their passion in life and that had been constructed out of love and respect. — Jacqueline E. Smith

Best Elephants Quotes By Lindsey Graham

Well, the big elephant in the whole system is the baby boomer generation that marches through like a herd of elephants. And we begin to retire in 2008. — Lindsey Graham

Best Elephants Quotes By Saadi

If thou art of elephant-strength or of lion-claw, still peace is, in my opinion, better than strife. — Saadi

Best Elephants Quotes By Betty White

I don't know where I learned elephants like their tongues slapped. Whatever turns you on. — Betty White

Best Elephants Quotes By John D. MacDonald

It's no good telling somebody they're trying too hard. It's very much like ordering a child to go stand in a corner for a half hour and never once think about elephants. — John D. MacDonald

Best Elephants Quotes By Rawi Hage

I drove through the suburbs, where all the houses looked identical, one variation of another of the same thing. I said to myself, I'd rather fire myself from a cannon, pick up the shit of elephants and eat it, suffocate inside Houdini's water tank, lie beneath the running horses, or sodomise a big cat in a cage and pay the consequences than get trapped in these suburbs of cardboard, gossip, and conformity. — Rawi Hage

Best Elephants Quotes By Megan Crewe

Spoilers follow
I started reading the third act of Hamlet, and I got about two pages in when I realized there's no point.
I am never going back to school.
I am never going to the university.
I am never going to watch wolves stalk through the northern forests or elephants graze on the savanna. I am never going to have sex or get married or raise a family. I'm never going to have a first apartment, a first house, a first car. I'm never — Megan Crewe

Best Elephants Quotes By Bill Maher

Time magazine put Chris Christie on the cover with the caption, 'The Elephant in the Room.' And People magazine named him 'Sexiest Garbage Truck in a Suit.' — Bill Maher

Best Elephants Quotes By Nicholas Kristof

Maybe our best family trip started at Victoria Falls, which drenches you with spray and is so vast that it makes Niagara Falls seem like a backyard creek. Then we rented a car and made our way to Hwange National Park, which was empty of people but crowded with zebras, giraffes, elephants and more. — Nicholas Kristof

Best Elephants Quotes By Gregory Colbert

Letter 1
To the princess of the elephants,
I disappeared exactly one year ago. On that day I received a letter. It called me back to the place where my life with the elephants began
Please forgive me, for the silence between us has been unbroken for one year.
I will never be more of myself than in these letters.
They are my maps of the bird path, and they are all that I know to be true. — Gregory Colbert

Best Elephants Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

The shrewd hunt foxes,
the strong hunt lions,
but the mighty hunt elephants. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Best Elephants Quotes By Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Either we have an immortal soul, or we have not. If we have not, we are beasts,
the first and the wisest of beasts, it may be, but still true beasts. We shall only differ in degree and not in kind,
just as the elephant differs from the slug. But by the concession of the materialists of all the schools, or almost all, we are not of the same kind as beasts, and this also we say from our own consciousness. Therefore, methinks, it must be the possession of the soul within us that makes the difference. — Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Best Elephants Quotes By John Dewey

To be born, to live and to die is merely to change forms ... And what does one form matter any more than another? ... Each form has its own sort of happiness and unhappiness. From the elephant down to the flea ... from the flea down to the sensitive and living molecule which is the origin of all, there is not a speck in the whole of nature that does not feel pain or pleasure. — John Dewey

Best Elephants Quotes By Christopher Nicholson

Greatly excited, and making little squeals and rumbles of pleasure, the Elephants grazed through the blue-bells, their trunks flying out to latch on to hazel branches, which they dragged and tore down and stuffed into their mouths. — Christopher Nicholson

Best Elephants Quotes By Patrik Baboumian

The world's strongest animals are plant eaters. Gorillas, Buffaloes, Elephants and me. — Patrik Baboumian

Best Elephants Quotes By Winkie Pratney

Our problem with limited resources is not primarily overpopulation; it is greed. Our problem with pollution is not the invention of fluorocarbons or mass transport; it is irresponsibility. The loss of an acre of forest every second, the mass slaughter of elephants for their ivory, the extinction of entire species of plants, insects and animals all over the world is not something that "just happens" because there are more of us human beings. It happens because the race of ruling beings put in charge has almost wholly lost its sense of stewardship. We have turned away from God. — Winkie Pratney

Best Elephants Quotes By Vin Diesel

It's really bizarre because no one knows this, but elephants have killed more animal trainers than any other animal. — Vin Diesel

Best Elephants Quotes By K.A. Applegate

We know about the socially complex lives of elephants: how they communicate, how they bond, how they even seem to grieve. We have ethologists in the field and activists on the ground to thank for that knowledge. — K.A. Applegate

Best Elephants Quotes By Paul Chambers

Were we to be engaged in a war . . we should become absolutely destitute of elephants. . .What would our children do without elephants to amuse them? What would the sick do without the sight of elephants to invigorate them? — Paul Chambers

Best Elephants Quotes By Ugo Monye

The safari was amazing, to actually see the elephants and the Lions up close and then right at the end to actually get in the cage with the Lion was one of the best moments of the tour. — Ugo Monye

Best Elephants Quotes By Richard Price

I love Israel, I go back all the time. I just love New York a little more. My workers are Arabs, my best friend is a black man from Alabama, my girlfriend's a Puerto Rican, and my landlord is a half-Jew bastard. You know what I did this morning? I read in the paper yesterday that the circus is setting up in the Madison Square Garden, they said the elephants would be walking through the Holland Tunnel at dawn. I'm a photographer a little too, you know? So I get up at five o'clock, bike over to the tunnel, and wait. It turns out the paper got it wrong, they came through the Lincoln, but still, you know? This is a hell of a place. — Richard Price

Best Elephants Quotes By Sara Gruen

I am further back, surrounded on all sides by wailing men, their faces shiny with tears. Uncle Al promised three dollars and a bottle of Canadian whiskey to the man who puts on the best show. You've never seen such grief
even the dogs were howling. — Sara Gruen

Best Elephants Quotes By Marcus Tullius Cicero

I do not now so much as wish to have the Strength of Youth again that I wish'd in Youth for the Strength of an Ox or Elephant. For it is our Business only to make the best Use we can of the Powers granted us by Nature. — Marcus Tullius Cicero

Best Elephants Quotes By Margaret Cho

It's not the best between my family and me. There are so many crimes left unpunished, debts unpaid, white elephants in the middle of the room that no one will even offer a peanut to. We are in the red, emotionally speaking. — Margaret Cho

Best Elephants Quotes By Daphne Kalotay

A man's voice was saying, "Odette seems a little off tonight."
"You think?" answered a woman.
"Less confident than last night's," said the man. "I wonder if she's injured." A loud put-upon sigh. "Not to mention that the swans sound more like a herd of elephants."
Oh, come on, Grigori wanted to say: You spoiled, spoiled people. The dancer was wonderful, just like the swan-girls, doing their best to deliver them magnificence. If she was "slightly off", it was nothing Grigori had been able to notice. These people - himself included - were all so thoroughly indulged, could they not simply accept the wonder of it, sitting in this lush, gilded theater while a live orchestra accompanied so much physical exquisiteness? And this man thought he had the right to be disappointed! That these people expected so much, that they could expect that much, and not be ashamed of their petty disappointments. — Daphne Kalotay

Best Elephants Quotes By Gregory Colbert

The stars you see at night are the unblinking eyes of sleeping elephants, who sleep with one eye open to best keep watch over us. — Gregory Colbert

Best Elephants Quotes By Pliny The Elder

At the same distance from it is the city of Sala, situate on a river which bears the same name, a place which stands upon the very verge of the desert, and though infested by troops of elephants, is much more exposed to the attacks of the nation of the Autololes, through whose country lies the road to Mount Atlas, the most fabulous locality even in Africa.
[ ... ] There formerly existed some Commentaries written by Hanno, a Carthaginian general, who was commanded, in the most flourishing times of the Punic state, to explore the sea-coast of Africa. The greater part of the Greek and Roman writers have followed him, and have related, among other fabulous stories, that many cities there were founded by him, of which no remembrance, nor yet the slightest vestige, now exists. [V,1] — Pliny The Elder

Best Elephants Quotes By Seth MacFarlane

The two symbols of the Republican Party: an elephant, and a big fat white guy who is threatened by change. — Seth MacFarlane

Best Elephants Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Wallowing was for elephants, depressing people and depressing elephants — Cassandra Clare

Best Elephants Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Needless to say, the manufacture of elephants is no easy matter. — Haruki Murakami

Best Elephants Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

I believe in miracles, I believe in the Law of Attraction, but even I don't think I'm big enough to manifest five Asian elephants cloaked in gold ... — Elizabeth Gilbert

Best Elephants Quotes By Geraldine Brooks

We are not the only animal that mourns; apes do, and elephants, and dogs. Yet we are the only one that tortures. — Geraldine Brooks

Best Elephants Quotes By Rick Riordan

Mythologically speaking, if there's anything I hate worse than trios of old ladies, it's bulls. Last summer, I fought the Minotaur on top of Half-Blood Hill. This time what I saw up there was even worse: two bulls. And not just regular bulls - bronze ones the size of elephants. And even that wasn't bad enough. Naturally they had to breathe fire, too. — Rick Riordan

Best Elephants Quotes By George Bernard Shaw

It is the tame elephants who enjoy capturing the wild ones. — George Bernard Shaw

Best Elephants Quotes By Ambrose Bierce

PROBOSCIS, n. The rudimentary organ of an elephant which serves him in place of the knife-and-fork that Evolution has as yet denied him. For purposes of humor it is popularly called a trunk. — Ambrose Bierce

Best Elephants Quotes By T. Boone Pickens

The older I get, the more I see a straight path where I want to go. If you're going to hunt elephants, don't get off the trail for a rabbit. — T. Boone Pickens

Best Elephants Quotes By John F. Kennedy

We have all seen these circus elephants complete with tusks, ivory in their head and thick skins, who move around the circus ring and grab the tail of the elephant ahead of them. — John F. Kennedy

Best Elephants Quotes By 'Little' Jimmy Dickens

May the bird of paradise fly up your nose, may an elephant caress you with his toes, may your wife be plagued with runners in her hose. — 'Little' Jimmy Dickens

Best Elephants Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

We came here for a quiet, small, informal meeting - strictly business. We find you've turned it into a circus. Well, if you're going to have a circus, you've got to have elephants and there's no two ways about it. — Robert A. Heinlein

Best Elephants Quotes By Richard Leakey

The problem is that during the 1980s, a decade of heavy poaching, the elephants retreated to safer areas. And now people have moved into the corridors once used by the elephants. — Richard Leakey

Best Elephants Quotes By John F. Kennedy

I know my Republican friends were glad to see my wife feeding an elephant in India. She gave him sugar and nuts. But of course the elephant wasn't satisfied. — John F. Kennedy

Best Elephants Quotes By Terry Pratchett

They want dancing girls! They want thrills! They want elephants! They want people falling off roofs! They want dreams! The world is full of little people with big dreams! — Terry Pratchett

Best Elephants Quotes By James Patterson

Just in case you thought elephants were all sweetness, I can attest to the fact that this one had the time of her life scaring the bejeezus out of those dudes. — James Patterson

Best Elephants Quotes By Terry Pratchett

When millions of tons of angry elephant come spinning through the sky, and there was no one there to hear it, does it - philosopically speaking - make a noise — Terry Pratchett