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Best Duke Silver Quotes By John Richard Stephens

Did you know? Duke Kahanamoku competed in four Olympics from 1912 to 1932 setting three world-records, while winning three gold medals, two silver, and one bronze. — John Richard Stephens

Best Duke Silver Quotes By George Villiers, 1st Duke Of Buckingham

Kisses are like grains of gold or silver found upon the ground, of no value themselves, but precious as showing that a mine is near. — George Villiers, 1st Duke Of Buckingham

Best Duke Silver Quotes By Frank Herbert

THE DUKE Leto Atreides leaned against a parapet of the landing control tower outside Arrakeen. The night's first moon, an oblate silver coin, hung well above the southern horizon. Beneath it, the jagged cliffs of the Shield Wall shone like parched icing through a dust haze. To his left, the lights of Arrakeen glowed in the haze - yellow ... white ... blue. — Frank Herbert

Best Duke Silver Quotes By Philippa Gregory

He may make me feel like a fool, and like a woman who can do nothing, but what I can do I will. In my jewellery box is a dark locket of black tarnished silver and inside it locked in the darkness, I have his name: Richard Neville and that of George, Duke of Clarence, written in my blood on a piece of paper from the corner of my father's last letter. These are my enemies, I have cursed them. I will see them dead at my feet. — Philippa Gregory