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Best Celebs Quotes By Johnny Rich

Wouldn't a no one do as well as a someone about whom nothing can be said? — Johnny Rich

Best Celebs Quotes By Ross Mathews

I always see celebs in very weird spots. I don't always go to fancy-shmancy places, but I see celebs at coffee shops or random stores, when you're looking for a sweater and turn around like, 'OMG, that's Fred Savage!' — Ross Mathews

Best Celebs Quotes By Rob Sheffield

Sending Paris Hilton to jail for being the most loathed celeprosy lesion in the history of the species seems like a happening idea at first - forty-five days at Century Regional Detention Center is so the new thirty days at Promises Malibu! But it sets a dangerous precedent to jail celebs just because someone hates them. — Rob Sheffield

Best Celebs Quotes By Larry McMurtry

Show business imposes its own strict temporality: no matter how many CDs or DVDs we own, it would still have been better to have been there, to have seen the living performers in the richness of their being and to have participated, however briefly, in the glory of their performance. — Larry McMurtry

Best Celebs Quotes By Peter Andre

Streaking. That's a very stupid young man thing to do. There is something ruder I can't mention. Celebs On Sunday, you're kinda clean, aren't you? Hmm. Maybe we should stick to streaking. — Peter Andre

Best Celebs Quotes By Kangana Ranaut

I feel that we, as Indians, have a knack for loving a stereotypical, sobbing, sympathy-seeking personality. I feel that we need to promote quirky, cool and youthful talent. We have to stop propagating the sob-story angle of celebs, where they try to be larger-than-life. That is very outdated. It is so boring that it puts you to sleep. — Kangana Ranaut

Best Celebs Quotes By Rob Sheffield

God bless America - what other civilization would give Patrick Dempsey another shot to rule as a sex symbol, twenty years after 'Meatballs III: Summer Job?' His reign as Dr. McDreamy on 'Grey's Anatomy' is proof that there's nothing we love more than giving Eighties celebs a heartwarming second stab at life. — Rob Sheffield

Best Celebs Quotes By Stephen Rodrick

Celebs that hit the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills quadrant and places like the Urth Caffe are not exactly trying to keep a low profile; it's sort of like if LeBron James went to an ESPN Zone and then whined about being hounded for autographs. — Stephen Rodrick

Best Celebs Quotes By Janet Fitch

His voice was cloves and nightingales, it took us to spice markets in the Celebs, we drifted with him on a houseboat beyond the Coral Sea. We were like cobras following a reed flute. — Janet Fitch

Best Celebs Quotes By Marissa Jaret Winokur

Every year, there is a new diet that all the celebs or housewives are trying. We all want the perfect diet or the perfect pill. If we surveyed a million women, and they could choose to learn the truth about God or the foolproof diet, I guarantee more women would pick the miracle diet over the miracle of life. — Marissa Jaret Winokur

Best Celebs Quotes By Shilpa Shetty

In focusing towards the outer world, we celebs forget to focus on our inner well-being. We don't lead perfect lives, and only when we learn to have peace with our family members can we have peace in life. — Shilpa Shetty

Best Celebs Quotes By Lily James

I don't like seeing celebs looking too skinny, I love it when they look healthy and comfortable in their bodies and embrace their curves. — Lily James

Best Celebs Quotes By Lauren Weisberger

I admit to subscribing to all the celebrity rags. The best part of being an author is if the celebs aren't being ridiculous enough, you can just make it up. — Lauren Weisberger

Best Celebs Quotes By Ed McCabe

I called all the major network news bureaus, including Public Radio, and reported ozone AIDS cures coming out of Europe. Not a single reporter or show called back for details. I wrote and sent documentation to all the 'household word' TV talk show hosts who make their living acting 'concerned' and I tried all the 'AIDS fund raising spokespeople', show business celebs, even sending proof of their home addresses, but as of yet not one single phone call or inquiry came back for more. — Ed McCabe

Best Celebs Quotes By Martin Shaw

Are there any celebs I'd like to meet? I'd love to meet the Dalai Lama. — Martin Shaw

Best Celebs Quotes By Randeep Hooda

Celebs says we have no time for love, but I wouldn't say that. — Randeep Hooda

Best Celebs Quotes By Harvey Levin

Someone in my office suggested I get my haircut at New Millennium on Wilshire Blvd. It was so different from any place I had ever been; it was like a party. Everyone was laughing and having a good time and I heard the barbers talking about all of the celebs that get their hair cut there. When I went back, they were talking about other celebs that frequent businesses on Pico, Crenshaw and in Inglewood. We had been thinking about doing a game show then we said why not have it centered around all of the places that you don't think celebrities go. — Harvey Levin

Best Celebs Quotes By Shana Alexander

The rich plankton of pop heroes and pop villains on which we Americans are accustomed to feed, the daily media soup of sports figures, ax murderers, politicians, and rock singers, the ever-running river of celebs, heavies, and oddballs that we use to spice up our own relatively humdrum lives has of late become a very watery gruel. Where have all the good guys and bad guys gone? Why does everyone out there look so gray? — Shana Alexander

Best Celebs Quotes By Corey Feldman

Oh, I see people everywhere. Some are celebs, but most of my friends are just regular people. The thing is, even celebs are normal people too. Just people. — Corey Feldman

Best Celebs Quotes By Gabrielle Union

People think that celebs make a lot more money than we do. We look for bargains and we do a lot of stuff on our own. — Gabrielle Union

Best Celebs Quotes By James Lileks

When liberal celebs stammer out a litany of shopworn bleats about the administration's attempt to turn America into a theocratic prison state, people can't help but notice that these buskers and mummers seem unmoved by the horrors of actual prison states. (Saddam commissioned a copy of the Quran written in his own blood - but John Ashcroft is the real religious nut, don't you know.) — James Lileks

Best Celebs Quotes By Amy Schumer

I'm mad because girls as young as eight years old are being shamed about their bodies. Fifth graders go on diets and admire Instagram pics of celebs in waist trainers. Some of the people I'm closest to have struggled with eating disorders. I'm mad at an industry that suggests that painfully thin is the only acceptable way to be. Please don't get on me for skinny shaming. If that's how you are shaped, God bless, but we gotta mix it up, because it's upsetting and confusing to women with other body types. — Amy Schumer