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Best Asexual Quotes By Bill Gaede

Lacking medicines and procedures that could do anything for them, the American Psychiatric and Psychological Associations decided to take homosexuality off the list of mental disorders and declare the alarming rise in the tide faggots as normal. — Bill Gaede

Best Asexual Quotes By Keri Hulme

I spent a considerable amount of time when I was, o, adolescent, wondering why I was different, whether there were other people like me. Why, when everyone else was fascinated by their developing sexual nature, I couldn't give a damn. I've never been attracted to men. Or women. Or anything else. It's difficult to explain, but while I have an apparently normal female body, I don't have any sexual urge or appetite. — Keri Hulme

Best Asexual Quotes By Victoria Scott

I decided on classing it up for the party ... If Charlie doesn't dig my get up, I'll expose her for what she is: asexual. — Victoria Scott

Best Asexual Quotes By Susan Sontag

Painters and sculptors under the Nazis often depicted the nude, but they were forbidden to show any bodily imperfections. Their nudes look like pictures in physique magazines: pinups which are both sanctimoniously asexual and (in a technical sense) pornographic, for they have the perfection of a fantasy. — Susan Sontag

Best Asexual Quotes By Margaret Atwood

She has such guileless teeth: asexual teeth, nothing fanged about them. She used to worry about looking so symmetrical, so blond, but she's come to think of this as an asset. Her small teeth alarm no one: bland is good camouflage. - — Margaret Atwood

Best Asexual Quotes By Roberto Bolano

According to Padilla, remembered Amalfitano, all literature could be classified as heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. Novels, in general, were heterosexual. Poetry, on the other hand, was completely homosexual. Within the vast ocean of poetry he identified various currents: faggots, queers, sissies, freaks, butches, fairies, nymphs, and philenes. But the two major currents were faggots and queers. Walt Whitman, for example, was a faggot poet. Pablo Neruda, a queer. William Blake was definitely a faggot. Octavio Paz was a queer. Borges was a philene, or in other words he might be a faggot one minute and simply asexual the next. — Roberto Bolano

Best Asexual Quotes By William Petersen

Grissom is pretty asexual. He's not that interested in anything other than work - except for Lady Heather. She's the closest to getting his heart of anyone. — William Petersen

Best Asexual Quotes By H.L. Mencken

In the superman Nietzsche gave the world a conceivable and possible goal for all human effort. But there still remained a problem and it was this: When the superman at last appears on earth, what then? Will there be another super-superman to follow and another super-super-superman after that? In the end, will man become the equal of the creator of the universe, whoever or whatever He may be? Or will a period of decline come after, with return down the long line, through the superman down to man again, and then on to the anthropoid ape, to the lower mammals, to the asexual cell, and, finally, to mere inert matter, gas, ether, and empty space? — H.L. Mencken

Best Asexual Quotes By Bradford Cox

I am asexual. A-sexual. I read somewhere, maybe on Facebook, where somebody said something like, "I heard Bradford was gay, but then I heard he was bi." Then somebody wrote, "No, I heard he was asexual." And then somebody said, "That's bullshit - he totally hit on my friend after a show." — Bradford Cox

Best Asexual Quotes By Joe Haldeman

Sitting here in a bar with an asexual cyborg who is probably the only other normal person on the whole goddamned planet. — Joe Haldeman

Best Asexual Quotes By Justine Larbalestier

I believe it's incredibly important to write against [racial] stereotypes. If we give in and make sure that all black women characters are asexual, gentle, and kind we wind up with another set of stereotypes. — Justine Larbalestier

Best Asexual Quotes By John Green

Not to sound like a jerk, but Jane isn't really my type. Her hair's kinda disastrously curly and she mostly hangs out with guys. My type's a little girlier. And honestly, I don't even like my type of girl that much, let alone other types. Not that I'm asexual or something - I just find Romance Drama unbearable. — John Green

Best Asexual Quotes By Mark Helprin

I returned to walking up the mountain, and there, in the dim asexual beauty of reddening dawns and skies that firmed to blue, I discovered my real and appropriate strengths. — Mark Helprin

Best Asexual Quotes By Kristen Ashley

Lee on the other hand was not asexual. He might think of me as his little sister and could calmly sleep next to me without his nipples getting hard (or anything else getting hard for that matter) but I was pretty certain I could not do the same. — Kristen Ashley

Best Asexual Quotes By Darrel Ray

Wherever sexually restrictive religions invade, they bring the tools of repression with them - fear of punishment, shame if caught, guilt that the deity watches and terror of punishment. Islam, Christianity and Judaism, with their patriarchal, asexual god, have systemically overcome local sexual ideas throughout the world and infected cultures with sex-negative practices. — Darrel Ray

Best Asexual Quotes By Seanan McGuire

Asexual" and "aromantic" were different things. She liked holding hands and trading kisses. She'd had several boyfriends in elementary school, just like most of the other girls, and she had always found those practice relationships completely satisfying. It wasn't until puberty had come along and changed the rules that she'd started pulling away in confusion and disinterest. — Seanan McGuire

Best Asexual Quotes By Michel Onfray

The three monotheism share a series of identical forms of aversion: hatred of reason and intelligence; hatred of freedom; hatred of all books in the name of one book alone; hatred of sexuality, women,and pleasure; hatred of feminine; hatred of body, of desires, of drives. Instead Judaism, Christianity, and Islam extol faith and belief, obedience and submission, taste for death and longing for the beyond, the asexual angel and chastity, virginity and monogamous love, wife and mother, soul and spirit. In other words, life crucified and nothingness exalted. — Michel Onfray

Best Asexual Quotes By Rad Hourani

Asexual, aseasonal, rectangular, slick palette of blacks, touches of pure grays and intense dark blues. — Rad Hourani

Best Asexual Quotes By Joseph Fink

But babies become children, and they go to elementary schools that indoctrinate them on how to overthrow governments, and they get interested in boys and girls, or they don't, and anyway they change. — Joseph Fink

Best Asexual Quotes By Haruki Murakami

My husband and I see each other only on weekends, and generally get along well. We're like good friends, life partners able to spend some pleasant time together. We talk about all sorts of things, and we trust each other implicitly. Where and how he has a sex life I don't know,and I don't really care. We never make love, though
never even touch each other. I feel bad about it, but I don't want to touch him. I just don't want to. — Haruki Murakami

Best Asexual Quotes By Bel Powley

When I was young, there weren't any teenage girls I could relate to in film. They were all put in boxes: the virginal good girl, the really sarcastic asexual one. I wanted to do something that represented how I felt then. — Bel Powley

Best Asexual Quotes By Bill Gaede

I, faggot Wenqing Kang, Ph. D. in History from UC Santa Cruz, do solemnly swear that homosexual relationships between men are more enjoyable and more harmonious than heterosexual relationships. — Bill Gaede

Best Asexual Quotes By Seanan McGuire

This was always the difficult part, back when she'd been at her old school: explaining that "asexual" and "aromantic" were different things. — Seanan McGuire

Best Asexual Quotes By Erin O'Riordan

...Everything that's not asexual has two sexes, male and female. Most of the time it takes one of each to reproduce. Then there's the whiptail lizard. This is a lizard that lives way the fuck out there in the middle of the desert, and sometimes it's hard to find another lizard to mate with out there. Therefore, what the female whiptail can do is sort of make her eggs start dividing on their own. She makes daughters, clones of herself. It's called parthenogenesis. — Erin O'Riordan

Best Asexual Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Love is something that we don't control. We have to be ourselves. You can be sexual, nonsexual, asexual, bisexual, or trisexual and it really doesn't have a lot to do with enlightenment. — Frederick Lenz

Best Asexual Quotes By Richard J. Borden

Unlike the clonal longevity of asexual organisms, sexually reproduced plants and animals usually have briefer, individual life cycles. In short, the enormous diversity afforded by the evolutionary invention of sexual reproduction came with a price - death of the individual. — Richard J. Borden

Best Asexual Quotes By Volkmar Sigusch

I have the utmost respect for people who are asexual. I didn't believe that they existed at first. But they do exist, and their numbers are growing. — Volkmar Sigusch

Best Asexual Quotes By Ray Comfort

Darwin theorized that mankind (both male and female) evolved alongside each other over millions of years, both reproducing after their own kind before the ability to physically have sex evolved. They did this through "asexuality" ("without sexual desire or activity or lacking any apparent sex or sex organs"). Each of them split in half: "Asexual organisms reproduce by fission (splitting in half). — Ray Comfort

Best Asexual Quotes By Julie Sondra Decker

Asexual people are often told they will one day find "the one" and develop sexual feelings and the values society attaches to them. Many asexual folks have to hear this over and over and over again, which thrusts a perpetual image of immaturity upon them. Asexuality is not a signal that a person is necessarily stunted emotionally or physically, and feeling sexual attraction or inclination is not the line everyone must cross to be treated like an adult. Maturity should not be measured by willingness or inclination to seek out or accept sexual experiences. [p. 7] — Julie Sondra Decker

Best Asexual Quotes By Bill Gaede

Don't ask, don't tell means that World War III will pit the Chinese Red Army against the Pink Army of the United States. — Bill Gaede